Top 50 Armies Of All Time: #50-41

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The debate surrounding the ‘greatest armies of all time’ is one of the most contested topics in the history of CP and CPPS Armies. Of course, many base the answer to this question on their own experiences and biases. However, at CPAH, we will now try to objectively list the best fifty armies of all time, from 2006-2020, in what is the first part of an exciting five-part series.

This is obviously the first part of the series, so I will start with outlining how this will work and how we came up with the final list that you will see. This series of posts will follow an almost identical format to the Top 30 Armies Of All Time series ran by former CPA Central CEO Zakdude in 2015, where we count down from 50 and work down to the most significant army of all time. The list order is defined by a mixture of three main factors: 1.) the peak sizes that the army reached, 2.) how sustained the size was over a period of time and 3.) the influence and impact that they had on the wider community.

An initial draft list was put together by myself, largely through my extensive knowledge of the community from 2009-2017. I then put this forward to the panel of CP Army Hub advisors, which includes people from across the spectrum of our community, who then suggested alterations to the list (predominately for armies from 2017-2020 of which I personally have less knowledge in). The list you see was largely then agreed by this panel, who considered the three factors that I previously mentioned above.

This list will, of course, not be without its controversy. Many of you will feel that armies are far too low, too high, or even missing from the list all together. What one person deems as ‘influential’ could differ far from another person’s perception. We encourage the debate and disagreements, and would love to hear some of your opinions. There are some notable armies that miss out on the Top 50, including: Tubas, Pizza Federation, Federation, Aqua Vikings, Black Bandits, Cobras, Crystal Warriors, IMAF, Night Rebels, Pink Ice, Sky Troops and Sun Troops. Without further adieu, I give you the 50th-41st most significant armies of all time.

50. Blue Miners Army


The Blue Miners Army were created on August 28th, 2010 by Ioioluk and were later rebranded as the legendary army that we know as the Light Troops. Before moving to the Light Troops, the initial generation was the dominant medium army and peaked at sizes of 20+. While they may be simply known as an army Ioioluk, Waterkid and DrMatt moved to when they got bored of the Light Troops name, they did make some moves as an army in their own right. They were recreated on May 27th, 2015, under the leadership of Cargo, Tylund, DrMatt and Aqua – initially reaching sizes of 30+.


In this second generation they quickly managed to reach sizes of up to 50 and were a staple of the Top Five, becoming a major player in the army community. They managed to surprise the community when they defied the odds to reach the Semi-Finals of the Legends Cup V, where they were defeated by the Water Vikings. Following this defeat, the Blue Miners Army eventually folded once more and many of their leadership and owners moved to a new generation of the Light Troops. However, their run to the Legends Cup final four will not be forgotten, as they became a considerable force in their own right.

49. Black Panthers

Created on January 30th, 2009 by S/M Army Legend, Supperz1, the Black Panthers were known as a medium army powerhouse for several  years. The army began when Supperz1 tried to get his friend in real life, UMA Legend Lots of Pie, to create an army with him. After he then gave in to these requests, the army began. Supperz started with a recruiting session on the server of White House, which was precious territory of the Nachos. At this recruiting session, Supperz reported a total size of over 30 troops. It seemed that the Black Panthers would become a force.

It took a while, but in July 2009, the Black Panthers received recognition for their efforts by placing in ACP’s Top Ten Armies (this was before CPAC formally established what is now known as the media Top Ten) at 7th. From there, they continued to be a presence in the Major Army world. From tying with ACP’s Echo Division, which was a great accomplishment at that time, to defeating other armies such as the Shadow Troops or the Impossible Mission Army Force, they spread their influence far and wide. Throughout 2009, however, they were plagued with struggle and inner conflict, which nearly led to their closure several times. The Black Panthers, after falling, became a strong medium army presence from early 2010 until their death in mid-2011, marking the end of a more than 2 year run for the formidable Black Panthers.

noodles of club penguin | Just another weblog

Although the Black Panthers never achieved true army-wide dominance, they did have a lasting impact on the wider community. They produced many influential figures in CP Armies such as the aforementioned Supperz1, Nachos Legend King Kinz 10, RF Creator Reacon and SWAT Creator Ganger90, who is still around today.

48. Global Defenders

The Global Defenders of CP were created on February 11th, 2011 by Pungy1234, and were originally named the Penguin Militia Army. The Penguin Militia Army could not sustain themselves as a powerful army for many reasons, most notably the word “Militia” does not show on Club Penguin. While recruiting, only the words ” Penguin Army” could be seen. Also at this time, leaders were heavily inactive. After a consultation, the leaders decided to change their name to Global Defenders.

On February 13th, 2011, the Golden Defenders were officially created. As a new army, Pungy and fellow leaders created a senate and a constitution. After completing this, the Global Defenders had their eyes set on claiming Outback as the capital of the army. Believing the server was unowned, the Global Defenders went on to outback to find the owners of the server, the Fort Ghost Reacon army. GB successfully invaded outback and Bonza from FGR, resulting in the Global Defenders gaining 2 servers, whilst also managing to reach the S/M Top Ten.

Following the top 10 milestone, the Global Defenders continued to grow into a bigger army. The Global Defenders hitting in the top 5 in the top 10 and the senate activity increasing daily, the Global Defenders seemed “unstoppable.” At a tournament battle with the Cold Warriors, GD successfully managed to hit sizes of 20+. Following this, GD became involved in many one day wars while gaining more servers. Global Defenders following the wars hit 1st on the Medium top 10. For following years, Global Defenders continued to be a dominating army in the community, occasionally reached the major ranks. The Global Defenders were declared dead on July 5th, 2014.

47. Blizzard Warriors

Named after their creator, the Blizzard Warriors (BW) were created on June 27, 2011, by Blizzard880. They were largely known as a small/medium army through their existence and on July 20, 2011, Small/Medium Army Central reporter Splasher99 reported about the new flourishing army, entitling his post, “Blizzard Warriors – The Rising Medium Army“. They gained much wider attention when they broke into the CPA Central Top Five towards the end of 2011. Placing just below the Ice Warriors, and above the Light Troops, Army Republic and Water Vikings, the Blizzard Warriors had asserted their presence on the community.

The Blizzard Warriors showed their ability to win battles as well through this generation, as they came third in the inaugural CPA Central Scary Showdown tournament, beating the Sun Troops in the third-placed playoff, hitting a maximum size of 20 troops. The size of the community was undoubtedly smaller when the Blizzard Warriors rose to prominence, but they managed to go from an unknown Small/Medium Army to a major player in the community. Ever since closure in 2011, many have tried to revive the army, but Blizzard880 always refused to accept another generation.

There was a notable CPPS generation, however, as the army was recreated by Xing, Cobra, Andrewplayz and Tophattea. The army did not last long and disbanded, as they had sizes of around 10 in their war with Club Penguin Crew.

46. CP Police Department

The CP Police Department was created in March of 2012 by Superjay99. The CPPD remained a constant S/M army until they broke out in 2013, making it into the CPAC Top Ten listings. Shortly after making it into CPAC, UMA declared war and this war ultimately led to the first downfall of CPPD.

After the war with UMA, CPPD would move in and out of generations. Some generations getting small numbers at events while other got numbers of around 15. CPPD would go through a series of new leaders before finally entering their last generation where they were able to leave their mark on the CPA community.

Club Penguin Police Department Roll Back Into Action | SM Army Press
In March 2016, CPPD made its final comeback under the leadership of creator Superjay99, Nick32228A, Ganger90, Wenny, Domsamillion and Flen. CPPD was able to reach sizes in one week that they struggled to achieve in years before. CPPD was able to be listed on the CPAC Top Ten and was an upcoming major force. However, CPPD experienced some controversy. The Golds army declared war on CPPD, accusing them of chat recruiting, multilogging, and defacing their site. The war would rage for a few weeks before peace was settled and CPPD died shortly after due to the resignation of multiple leaders.

45. Ice Vikings

The Ice Vikings were created in June, 2008, by real life friends Bottlefanta and former ACP Leader and Legend, Bobcatboy10. The army existed through much of 2008-2011, and in that time the army managed to become a staple of the Top Ten listings (particularly through January and February of 2011, peaking at 5th position). A highlight of their existence is when they beat the Romans in a big war in the summer of 2008. The army often peaked at sizes of 30+, a strong showing for an army of this stature.

The army was eventually ended by leadership issues, and not even ACP creator Oagalthorp coming in could save the army from its drop. Despite an attempt to revive the army for a third generation by Bottlefanta and Bobcatboy, the army would eventually end in 2011.

44. Mopia

Mopia was an army founded on June 8th, 2019, by MorganicProduce and SagaSage, making a lasting impact on the CPR Army community. The origins of Mopia have ties to a previous RPF flash event, as they had existed as rogues before the actual army was created. However, the conception of the army picks itself up after morganicproduce created what would be the official Mopia Discord server, and the army was later transformed into a more official army after they were invited to join the CPA League. They then surged in size, exceeding 30+, and quickly invaded land on the CPA Server map.

Although Mopia started off strong, they were soon faced with a new enemy, the Elite Guardians. Upon registering with CPA, the Elite Guardians scheduled many invasions, three of these being all of Mopia’s territories on CPATG. Sage had recently made an alliance with the Rebel Penguin Federation, another large and historical army that had also just recently joined CPA. The two armies overwhelmed the Elite Guardians, maxing over 50 troops. However, this did not spell the end of the conflict between Mopia and EGCP. Though EGCP’s invasion of Marshmallow had failed, their assaults on Mopia’s CPATG territories, Snowy River and Fiesta, were a success.

Elite Guardians Invades Mopia (CP Rewritten) - YouTube

Without RPF assistance, Mopia sizes fell back to being relative compared to the EGCP. Due to EGCP’s vast experience and size they managed to win both servers and put an end to the conflict, as well as claiming Fiesta as their new capital on CPATG. Later on, however, Mopia managed to shock the army community as they topped Group B in the Summer Circuit Tournament, beating the likes of the Pizza Federation and Elite Guardians.

After a few months of high impact on the community, Mopia collapsed as they announced they would no longer use CP Rewritten, due to data breaches and the hard stance moderators had taken on armies. This would spell the swift end of Mopia, but their impact on the current generation was a memorable one.

43. Team Gold

Team Gold appeared at a time when several armies were being created, and appeared on May 7th, 2009. From there they managed to slowly grow and gain attention in the CP Army Community. Their creators, Spice Ice116 and Ice Mixed, the latter of which retired not even two months into its existence, had the goal of becoming a dominant army. While they never managed to reach the top spot, they did indeed make their presence known.

After about six months, Team Gold was able to hit the ground running in November of 2009 by provoking war with the legendary Watex Warriors. They soon became a consistent Top Ten contender in CPAC through 2010, finding themselves inside the Top 3 armies on several occasions. They also found themselves in conflict with the indisputable Number 1 army, ACP, several times, as well as other armies, including the Crystal Warriors and Night Warriors. They reached sizes as high as 35, at the time a huge accomplishment. As the year turned, Team Gold joined in what would become WWV, facing the Nachos and Night Warriors in several battles. A grudge with the Ice Vikings spurred a war between the two that ended in a stalemate.

Their combative nature continued, as they sparked wars with the Underground Mafias Army, the Rebel Penguin Federation, and many others, as well as joining the Black Alliance which formed against the ACP in 2011 and 2012. Although they maintained a presence in 2011, they did not match their overall performance from 2010. Although they hoped 2012 would bring more success, . it would prove to be their final year, as the army unofficially ended that May. Several revivals were attempted, but none came close to the dominance that Team Gold had from 2009-2012.

42. Air Force

Air Force of CP | Club Penguin Army Wiki | Fandom

Created in February 2007 by CP Army Legend Db Penguin, the Club Penguin Air Force launched as a fairly insignificant small army. However, they grew at a quick and consistent pace. In May, 2007, Oagalthorp, ACP creator and then leader, regarded them as “the third largest army in warfare” and “nearly the size of ACP”. Due to this, Oagalthorp sent a request to the Air Force to ally them with the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation in their war against the Underground Mafias Army in WWIII. This war had been dragging on for a couple of months. The Air Force accepted, and became the army that finally tipped the balance in ACP’s favour, effectively ending the war in late May. Alongside the ACP and RPF, the Air Force delivered the Underground Mafias Army one final blow at the Battle of Breeze, a blow so devastating that it forced Pink Mafias into retirement and plunged UMA into chaos. Shortly after, they ceded victory to the ACP, RPF, and the Air Force.

After their monumental victory in WWIII, Db Penguin retired from the army through the summer. Upon her return, she found the Air Force in shambles and she was left with no choice but to shut them down. In February 2008, the CPAF was restarted. However, after a few months, inactivity lead to their death. It was reopened for the last time in November 2008. Like the last revival, it was unable to replicate the success that the first generation had.

A spin off generation of the Air Force was be created in 2011 by Seer. To distinct themselves from the original CPAF, they called themselves “The Air Force of Club Penguin” (AFCP). Further more, they changed their uniform from the colours blue and orange to red. They achieved some limited success, reaching as high as 6th on CPA Central on several occasions. However, they did not come close to the historical imprint that Db Penguin’s Air Force of 2007 made, an imprint that likely will seldom ever be matched.

41. Metal Warriors

The Metal Warriors were created by Lenčo and Pahi8 on August 3rd, 2010. The Croatian army created history as they became the most significant, and arguably founding, non-english army  The first official month of the Metal Warriors was September and it started out with a war with an army called the Finns. On the 10th of September, they had their first war battle with the Finns on Klondike. The two armies began to argue with each other because they were supposed to ally with each other and defeat the Army of Club Penguin.

However, in the Winter of 2011/2012, the Metal Warriors suffered a massive fall following by a decline in troops. They had lost many soldiers and they were being threatened by hackers. After the time of the Metal Warriors’ fall and decline, they entered the CPAC Champions Cup and achieved a respectable fourth place losing to the Ninjas army – defeating the Ice Warriors in the Semi-Final. By this time, the Metal Warriors were rising and hoped to be gain wider attention.

In the Winter of 2012/2013, the Metal Warriors were continuing their rise and they believed everything was going right for them and they thought it was perfect. They were reaching around 20+ troops at events constantly. But after December, the Metal Warriors’ pride went downhill. The Pirates army began taking away their servers making them earn them all over again. By March, they entered SMAC’s tournament and stayed towards the top of the Top Ten.

The Metal Warriors made appearances in 2020 with special battles led by creator Lenco, making a mark in the CPPS community as they managed to expand knowledge of their history.

That brings to the end the first ten armies to be included in the Top Fifty Armies of All Time, with the Metal Warriors the top of this bunch of armies. Make sure you keep an eye out for the next instalment, where we name the 40th-31st most significant armies of all time. What do YOU think about this list? Were some armies missing that should’ve been included, are some too low? Comment YOUR opinion on the Top Fifty Armies of All Time.


CPAH Advisor & Army Legend


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