Thomas83514 Steps Down to Second-in-Command

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire: Thomas83514 is considered to be one of the best leaders of the Water Vikings, but today he has decided to abdicate from this throne. Thomas is a person who is considered as one of the harbingers of Water Viking’s CPPS era, and also is credited as the creator of the first CPPS army ever. Why did he step down, and what was his significance to the army?

Thomas83514 was a commander who contributed greatly towards WV’s dominance as a major army. The leadership in this generation of the Water Vikings has been a revolving door, with many additions and distressing farewells. Thomas’s resignation is the most recent example relating to the analogy. Other than being apart of the powerhouse leadership consisting of WV Legends, hardworking troops, and even a CPA Legend, his army experience is quite impressive. While he remains enlisted as a second-in-command, his skill in leadership will be a loss lamented upon by the Water Vikings. In this post published on the WV site by the former leader, he outlines his history in armies, as well as what led to his retirement.

The beginning of Thomas’s retirement post where begins by admitting he didn’t expect to return to the army community. 

In response to Thomas’s plan to retire, the Water Vikings held an event to bid adieu to their leader on July 5th, 2020. To pay their respects, the WV saw a solid max of 25 for this event.

An insider view from current Viking Commander KingFunks4 provides a whole new aspect to the way Water Vikings will be affected by Thomas’s leave:

The Water Vikings have gone through some notable changes to the leadership in recent weeks, but we were expecting Thomas to step down imminently (which is why Blueysib6 was promoted last weekend). It will of course not be the same to have Thomas as part of the leadership, but we hope he can continue to make a positive contribution as 2ic and be a valuable part of our Higher Command. We do, however, have an exciting person who is set to come back into the fold – so expect more changes soon!

-KingFunks4, Water Vikings Leader.

Considering the presence of quite a lot of successful ex-leaders and veterans in the army, this statement is bound to send the Vikings’ hearts racing. But as he said, it does not fill the gap that Thomas83514 has left. To inquire about his intentions on why he stepped down midst WV’s peak, CP Army Hub sat down with Thomas for an interview.

What was the reason for your retirement from leadership? Will you return soon or is this a long-term call?

I am returning to my job since the lock down has ended, and I won’t have as much time to spend on Club Penguin anymore, since I only came back here due to having enough time to do so at the beginning. I can’t say for sure, but right now I believe my retirement is going to be long-term.

How are you feeling after bowing out from leading the Water Vikings?

It has it’s pros and cons, I’m still going to stay on as a 2ic since I’ll be able to attend most events and help the new leaders out. I’m happy about what I’ve managed to achieve during my time leading and that’s the most important thing.

What is your favorite memory from leading Water Vikings?

Probably the day the Water Vikings went up against the Dark Warriors. I was happy to see the Water Vikings back in the tournament after such disgraceful judging seen at the previous battle where WV faced Elites.

Do you think that the new leaders of the army, both present, and future, can lead WV to the top spot?

I think that they are all in with a good chance. I’ve worked with them all and I know if they can keep their motivation, activity and recruiting going strong then of course they can reach the top spot.
The army community has seen many people enter and depart. However, history will remember strong leaders like Thomas83514 because of their strong presence and unmatched efforts for their army during their leadership. With his departure, the Water Vikings do not let his effort go to waste as they draw inspiration from him to work their way to the top.
What do YOU think? Who will the new leader be? Will Water Vikings stay consistent without Thomas? Let us know in the comments section!
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