Jenn Flies Away From Fighter Pilots Staff

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Fighter Pilots A shocking announcement from one of the current leaders of the Fighter Pilots, Ana, leaves the army in despair. One of the original creators had stepped down from leadership a few weeks ago, but most recently they’ve stepped down from their staff team all-together. 

Semi and Jenn created the Fighter Pilots earlier this year on May 5th, becoming official in both Club Penguin Army Media and Club Penguin Army League on the 30th. At their first event, they maxed 20+, and currently, they’ve been reaching averages of 10-15. They’ve grown extremely popular within CPAH, being known as one of the strongest Small Armies.

After soaring into the community, the Fighter Pilots have been making a name for themselves in CPAH, however just last night Ana made a shocking announcement. Jenn, Fighter Pilots’ creator and staff member, would be retiring from the army so soon after stepping down from leadership. This sudden turn of events has the whole army in a stir, not expecting Jenn to leave so soon. 

Ana announcement of Jenn’s departure

Jenn originally started in Fighter Pilots as a leader with Semi. Along the road, however, she decided to take a staff position instead, in hopes of calming some tensions that had been rising. In the end, however, it looks like she needed to retire. Through all this, Jenn’s made a huge impact on the Fighter Pilots. Even though they may have had some internal issues, she’s still greatly respected by her former staff members and leaders. Jenn had originally stepped down from leadership on June 12th, making a heartfelt announcement regarding her stepdown being due to future career:

Jenn’s step down from leadership on June 12.

The CP Army Hub team was able to catch a quick statement from Semi, the current leader of the Fighter Pilots, with their thoughts on Jenn’s retirement.

Jenn was someone who you might not expect to create or lead an army. She was very involved in the late Golds, but never truly got a staff position. I knew that I was going to make an army and was telling Jenn about it, and she came up with the idea of pilots. We made a discord and invited people that we knew. It was a lot of work but together we made FP what it is today. Jenn and I did admittedly have a rocky road in our time together, with issues inevitably sparking up. It’s a shame that it has to happen but it’s just how it goes sometimes. I really respect her for the effort and care she put into FP, and leading with her was a great pleasure.

When all’s said and done, it’s clear no amount of drama or difficulties can break the bonds that these pilots have created. FP will miss Jenn on their staff, but as Ana stated earlier, she won’t ever truly leave them. 

Keeping all this in mind, CPAH decided to interview Jenn to see why she’s made this decision, and to see if we could get a clearer picture of the issues Semi mentioned!

What would you say ultimately drove you to retirement?

I ultimately made this decision because of my work schedule and also partly due to some internal affairs that were happening. Semi and I are great friends and he is one of my closest friends and sometimes leadership disagrees on certain decisions and that was happening with us. I originally stepped down from leadership because my work hours began full time again so I wouldn’t be able to attend most events and I stepped into a staff position. I found we were still budding heads a lot as staff and I value our friendship and the army so much that I didn’t want to bring the negativity between us into the army or around staff, so I decided by not being directly involved this would be our best chance at getting to a better place for each other, and for the army.

In Ana’s announcement she mentioned you would still attend events and be as active as possible- does this mean you may eventually return to the army as a staff member in the future?

Not for a few months at least, however, I’m still very active and loved helping the army out in any way I could, so that’s always a future possibility.

What would you say is your favorite memory from Fighter Pilots, one that always sticks in your mind?

I would say our first event. It was amazing seeing how much people turned up just to get us verified. The support we’ve received from our members and allies when Semi and I started this army was incredible.

Do you think your army will continue to thrive without you?

Yes, I believe so. Pilots have an amazing set of leaders and an incredible staff team. The family that has been created within this army is amazing and they will continue doing amazing things with or without me in a leadership or staff role!


As you can see from this interview, she Jenn-uinely has faith in the Fighter Pilots current staff team. What really makes this army strong isn’t numbers or winning every battle, it’s how no obstacle (internal or external) can stop them from flying high. We, at the CP Army Hub, hope the best for Jenn and all of her future endeavors. 


What do YOU think? Will this be the last time we hear from Jenn? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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