Practice Battle Review: Ice Warriors vs Turnage Penguin Army

KLONDIKE, Battle Ground– Today, the Ice Warriors and Turnage Penguin Army logged on for a friendly practice battle! Both sides performed really well with great tactics and formations, but let’s take a closer look at what occurred during this practice battle.

On July 5th, 2020, the Ice Warriors and the Turnage Penguin Army squared off in a friendly practice battle. The practice battle began at 4:00 pm EST, with the Ice Warriors and Turnage Penguin Army peaking at sizes of 53 and 18 respectively. The judges for this significant battle were Rah, Haiden, and Coolbean12. With both the armies displaying great skills throughout, let’s see what the result was.

[Inside Mine]

The armies started off their battle inside mine where both armies kicked off with tactic bombs. IW quickly moved into a clean plus formation, whilst TPA managed to pull off an impressive waterfall bomb. TPA continued with a diagonal line formation, whilst IW showcased an exciting E9 wipe followed by circling the whole room to cover TPA. Both sides were able to demonstrate great tactics and formations but the IW was able to take this room since their max was much higher than TPA.


Room 1: Inside Mine

[Snow Forts]

After an impressive performance in the first room, armies went to the Snow Forts to begin round 2. Ice Warriors entered the room with a huge word tactic covering the TPA. IW hurriedly got into a perfect plus formation, whilst TPA surrounded the room with gaps in-between. The armies exchanged an array of humorous tactics followed by E8 and E9 wipes. IW quickly surrounded the room with TPA struggling to perfect their formation in the middle. IW was able to quickly take over this room, resulting in this room is once again won by IW.

Room 2: Snow Forts


The Iceberg was decided to be the last room for this battle, IW entered first into the room with a emote bomb, whilst TPA bombed “TURNAGE” around the room. IW rapidly moved into a plus formation but TPA continued with a wipe. IW defended themselves with a “WATCH AND LEARN” followed by EK and E5 wipe mocking TPA’s wipe. Both armies performed a wide range of emotes and word tactics but it was decided between the judges that IW won this room.

Room 3: Iceberg

Turnage Penguin Army and Ice Warriors had an intense showdown, but due to faster tactics, bigger formations, and overall bigger size, the judges announced it was Ice Warriors who took the victory home!

Winners of each round


After an interesting battle, The Ice Warriors were able to emerge victorious with a score of 3-0. There is no doubt that both the armies had put up a good fight while training for their future invasions and defenses.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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