Pookie437 and Maroon Promoted to Doritos Leadership

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital – After the shocking departure of leader-in-trainings Louis and Becky yesterday, the Doritos leadership have chosen to promote Maroon and Pookie437 to the position of Main Leader.

News of their promotion broke yesterday, when leader 32op announced their new roles on the Doritos Discord. CP Army Hub spoke exclusively to 32op about his decision to promote them:

Pookie and Maroon have been stepping up for the past few weeks now in DCP and have definitely earned their leader spot. As Meer and I become less active with IRL stuff, these two stood out alongside with other LiTs such as Possum, Marie & Wassim who have been working tremendously hard to keep DCP on top. The DCP leadership looks forward to working with them and we hope with this new leadership, we can continue to make an amazing and fun community.

Pookie437 started his army career with the Rebel Penguin Federation, working his way up to second-in-command, before departing and joining the Doritos. Likewise, Maroon is a former Special Weapons and Tactics leader who joined the Doritos through the merger that took place earlier this year.

The Doritos most recent event was a battle with the Water Vikings, at which they peaked with a size of 60 penguins. With the addition of these two new leaders, there is no doubt they will want to push for higher sizes.

The Army Hub was able to bag an interview with Pookie437, to chat about his promotion.

Were you surprised by the promotion?

Well, I was approached right before my promotion and I was told that I would be getting leader very soon, so the actual promotion itself wasn’t surprising. The part that did surprise me was when I was approached and told that I would be promoted.

Do you have any major goals for the Doritos now that you’re a leader?

Well, as some in the community have noticed, DCP has seen a bit of a slip in their Top Ten placement as of late. As a leader, I would like to bring DCP back to the number one spot and also strengthen the relationship between the leaders and our staff team.

You are now a CPAH Chief Executive Officer and Leader in the Doritos. Do you have any concerns about juggling responsibilities/the amount of work?

Even before leading DCP and running CPAH, I have been running some teams and divisions over in the RF (Rebel Federation), so a heavy workload is nothing new for me. I’m sure having the responsibility of leading DCP on top of managing my other responsibilities will be hard work, but it’s nothing I can’t handle.

Any tips/tricks for up and coming troops in armies?

Don’t overwork yourself, sometimes it takes time to get where you want to be. Trust the process and things will work out.

After a rocky day in which the Doritos lost two members of their high command, some good news came about in the promotions of Pookie and Maroon. With 6 leaders in total, how will this affect the army’s future performance? CP Army Hub wishes Pookie and Maroon the best of luck with their Dorito endeavours.

What do YOU think? Do you think the Doritos will achieve their goal of number one on the Top Twenty? Or will their goals pose too big? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 


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