Top 50 Armies Of All Time: #40-31

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The debate surrounding the ‘greatest armies of all time’ is one of the most contested topics in the history of CP and CPPS Armies. Of course, many base the answer to this question on their own experiences and biases. However, at CPAH, we will now try to objectively list the best fifty armies of all time, from 2006-2020, in what is the second part of an exciting five-part series.



40-31 [YOU ARE HERE]

In the last edition we introduced the first ten armies to be entered into the top fifty, and it certainly encouraged some discussions. Numerous armies missed out on the Top 50 all-together, including recent CPPS Armies such as the Pizza Federation, Royals and Tubas. The list in the first part of the Top 50 mainly saw older, more historical, armies from the original CP Armies. This included the Ice Vikings and Team Gold in 45th and 43rd respectively, a founding army in the Air Force in 42nd and the first non-english army to rise to prominence in the Metal Warriors in at 41st. The only CPPS Army to be included in the 50th-41st list were Mopia  who, despite only being alive for a few months, left a lasting impact on the landscape of the modern generation.

In this edition of the Top 50 we move onto the 40th-31st most significant armies of all time.  The list order is defined by a mixture of three main factors: 1.) the peak sizes that the army reached, 2.) how sustained the size was over a period of time and 3.) the influence and impact that they had on the wider community. We see a mixture of CPPS and original CP Armies in this edition, including a founding CPPS Army, two Legends Cup finalists and a former top 2 army in 2015-16. I now present you the 40th-31st top armies of all time:

40. Teutons

The Teutons were created in August 2014 by Earthing and Brigade3. The Teutons of Club Penguin were considered a dominant force amongst major armies through their existence in original CP Armies. Their AUSIA division was feared and used to consistently max sizes between 15-20. The Teutons managed to climb through the S/M Top Ten, before then successfully achieving a consistent rank of 6-7th on the CPAC Top Ten. Their unique recruiting styles of having their own Club Penguin Private Server and getting Twitter recruits worked successfully.

The First Generation of Teutons declared war on Toast Army and eliminated them from existence. They regularly organized practice battles with the AUSIA division against armies such as Army of Club Penguin, Ice Warriors, and Rebel Penguin Federation. They had a solid AUSIA division lead by Earthing, and a well developed UK division lead by Brigade3. Both the AUSIA and UK division maxed and averaged sizes of 15-20, while their US division lead by Bobrules101 and Carson maxed sizes of 10-15. The Teutons were involved in many wars with major armies most notably the Golds and Teutons war against Nachos and New Penguin Republic, and the Teutons and Vikings war against Chaos. Teutons and their allies succeeded in winning both the wars, but due to the Retirement of Leaders such as Earthing,Brigade3 and Llewelyn and a bitter conflict with the Light Troops, the First Generation of Teutons merged into Rebel Penguin Federation.

39. Fort Ghost Reacon

Created in mid-2007 by CP Army Legend, Elitesof, also known as Korn, the army was a generally medium army through most of their time. They were well known as being one of the four main armies to participate in the Tundra Wars alongside RPF, BB, and WW. It was mainly a bunch of random skirmishes, but all these skirmishes led to more armies like the ACP and Nachos getting involved. Even though RPF was the largest army involved, FGR played an important part and had many battles when it was just them against one of the other armies. The army held a pivotal role in their involvement in the early colour wars, and then the first World War, and without their influence the army landscape could have been very different.

It wasn’t until the summer 2011, their fourth generation, where they peaked under the leadership of Elitesof, Fido1625, Coolster114, and Shad. They maxed sizes of approximately 20+ and entered CPAC’s Top 10 at the time. Throughout 2011 they had a war with the Watex Warriors, were part of the Pink Alliance against PR, and even went to war with the Nachos. They stayed consistent for sometime, until they were announced dead by Chrisblule in 2012 and he stated that any attempt to recreate them would be invalid.

Fort Ghost Recon | The official site of Fort Ghost Recon of Club ...

The FGR were never the largest army to wreak havoc, but they did participate in a good amount of wars in the early days and later on. On top of all that, they had some of the most influential members of the community be a part of the army. They evolved throughout the years and they were one of the armies that proved they could pull their weight when it was the right time.

38. Elite Trackers and Activities 

On the 6th of July 2018, Malcom officially announced that, with founding of CPO’s original army league, ETA (then called CPO Mascot Tracker) would become an army. ETA had a strong and unprecedented showing in the first army league tournament, the Legends Cup IX, going all the way to the finals where they were ultimately defeated by the RPF.

After the tournament ETA stopped army related activities, though briefly maintained an alliance with RPF, mainly for stamp based activities. This relationship was severed when RPF were banned from CPO. Due to rising conflicts with the newly reformed  Pirates, ETA began fully scaling back on army activities as they believed the toxicity and necessary drama in the army community was incompatible with ETA. With the beginning of CPO’s second army league, Queen Badger publicly announced on the 2nd of November 2018 that ETA was not an army anymore and had withdrawn from the league.

While ETA were around for a short time, they had a big impact on the army community and showed their strength, with a unique run in the most legendary army tournament.

37. Thugs

The Thugs of CP rocketed their way into this community in late 2016 around the beginning of October, created by Nacho Veteran Poseidon112. Starting off as a S/M army, they had numerous conflicts and wars with surrounding armies quickly earning respect among the Small/Medium Army community. Poseidon, alongside other veterans, managed to push the Thugs towards the top end of the major community, as they became a considerable player in CP Armies. Thugs kept on gradually increasing hold in CPAC’s Top Tens since just around the end of 2016 and 2017, consistently reaching the top two/three. The Thugs had a strong AUSIA division, which meant they held a significant advantage during wars.They also had proven themselves in tournaments making it to numerous quarter finals and constantly beating the odds. They also had many notable flame wars against other armies & the media (CPAC).


While some may argue that Thugs were merely just a ‘troll army’, this can be seen other wise with their constant activity, nearly always maxing out their event quality. What is definitely most interesting is the Thugs had always pushed to always speak out against those who they believe had wronged them, no matter who it was. People who have been hit by these posts include CPAC, Zing King To, Blue Warriors, Army Republic, ACP and numerous others. The Thugs will always be seen as one of the last active armies nearing Club Penguin’s end, finishing third in the last ever CPA Central Top Ten.

The Thugs caused a huge upset in the final stages of CP Army history by reaching the Legends Cup VIII Final. Unfortunately, they could not win as they lost to the Light Troops and Nachos in a three-way final, who had superior sizes which swayed the judges vote in their favour. The Thugs run to the final was historic, and put them forever in CP Army History. Thugs were also one of the few armies to join RPF from transferring from CP to CPR in 2017 and, while their run as a CPR army was short lived, they were one of the founding armies for the new community.

36. People’s Republic Army

Founded October 6, 2007, by CP Army Legend Collinzfresh, the army came to power on the Australian servers of Club Penguin. They first started in the war against the Gugu Penguin Romans, and falling GPR’s death, PRA came to power. They later allied again with the ACP and IW and fought alongside them in a war against Golds. After this, PRA grew rapidly and reached major army status, but most importantly they had one of the most well organized government any army has ever had.

NewNation.jpg picture by Collinzfrsh

Collin became known as a “military mastermind”, by Legends such as Oagalthorp, and it is believed that without him armies might have never had their Golden Age. Even though they were very isolated from armies, due to their occupations of the Australian servers, they did play their part amongst armies and did follow with the early day “rouge warfare”. They also participated in a war against UMA, even though which war it was is still very sketchy and uncertain and there is the possibility of other unknown wars they took part in.

Following Collin’s retirement on February 20, 2008, the PRA fell into a depression and began to struggle and after several years of struggle, they would die away. They were recreated a few times with medium army success, but outside of this, there are little to no pictures of the original army (the picture above is from a 2013 remake). Even though they aren’t here today, Collin and the PRA set a new standard for armies to follow and changed the course of army history as we know it.

35. Lime Green Army

The Lime Green Army was created on April 5th, 2013, by Greeny15390 after defecting from his original army, the Barbarian Empire. During the summer of 2016, after years as a medium army, the first version of the CPA server map was introduced by RPF creator, Commando717. LGA took advantage of their ability to have multiple invasions a day and ended up leaving a big impact on the map. This caused tensions to brew and eventually led to LGA engaging in war with multiple armies. Because of what they felt like was an impossible situation to get out of, they ended up merging into the RPF on August 7th, 2016 after achieving 5th place two weeks in a row on then primary news/media outlet, CP Army Central. However, this merge would not last. A video on the youtube channel of then RPF leader Elmikey announcing the merge also says in the comments section that the merge had been cancelled and Greeny fired.

It wouldn’t be until CPR Armies that LGA would be recreated in April 2019. Being brought back by veteran Memmaw and creator Greeny, who also happened to be the founders of CPA, the army was passed off to entirely new leadership. It began with two unfamiliar faces Paulina and Emilianiio who, despite their best efforts, didn’t do much for the army. Chainpro would later join the leadership demoting the current leaders to divisional and taking the position of main leader. This would go on until Chain left his leadership and promoted Zeke to the leader to run it, after which other army Invaders merged into the LGA and as a result, their leader, Fresh, became new co-leader to LGA. It was during this time that, in July 2019, Karma joined the LGA, quickly rising among the ranks. On August 16th, Zeke would step-down to an advisory role after not having the time to fulfill his leader one. It was after this that, in August of 2019, that Karma rose to the position of leader of the LGA.

The LGA fought various wars across its revival within the new CPA community with armies such as the RFCP and Pretzels, among others. In their peak towards the end of 2019, the Lime Green Army were one of the largest armies in the community, hitting sizes above 30+ and consistently being ranked in the top three. Since 2020, the LGA have not been as dominant and have struggled to hit the same sizes as they did in the previous year.

34. Tacos

The 36th best army of all time was one that showed the true influence of Club Penguin Cheat Sites on armies. While figures from these cheat sites, like Thumbee and Jeepkid7, went on to provide extreme sparks in any army they created or joined, it was not until Riffy8888 revived the Tacos in 2009 that they were able to make a mark. Though they were initially created in 2007 by Army Legend Pringle64 and Pdiddyguin, Riffy8888’s revival of the Tacos is what truly made them famous. Created in April of 2009, the Tacos were able to take off relatively fast, hitting 25+ at their first event. They did not find true consistency until late July, however, where they began to have events more often. At the end of August, they found themselves in conflict with the Underground Mafias Army, marking the first war that the Tacos had ever held.

Some weeks after this, however, tensions arose between the Tacos and Jeepkid7’s Club Penguin Crew, which eventually led to them being included in the alliance against the aforementioned CP Crew. After their victory against them, they moved on into the year and finished 2009 strong. 2010 brought promise, as the Tacos started the year with a bang. As the year progressed, however, the Tacos suffered a devastating blow with the loss of their creator, Riffy8888, as he was removed from power by several owners in the army. His animosity towards his former creation resulted in a defacing of the Tacos site, which wiped out all posts from January to June 2010. The Tacos had hope to remain strong, but after the usurping of Riffy8888, the army became a lost cause.


After the Tacos’ death in November 2010, several revivals were attempted, the most notable of them being Mount Rainy’s revival in 2011, which reached 9th on CPA Central, and Np3000’s revival in 2011-2012, which reached as high as 3rd and maintained itself as a prominent power for several months, being a considerable force in the community. However, these generations were unable to match Riffy’s Tacos, who, for a while, seemed to be one of the strongest forces in warfare, a title that was well deserved.

33. Club Penguin Crew

Clubpenguin Crew | Clubpenguin Crew Army, Join and Recieve Your Rank!

CPC was created on the 11th of September 2009 by Jeepkid7, a famous blogger for Club Penguin. The leaders of 2009 were Jeepkid7 himself, along with Droopako and Monkeydude. The Club Penguin Crew were going strong, effortlessly growing and becoming the strongest army, but around a month later there was a conflict between other armies such as the ACP and IW. An alliance was formed by the ACP and lots of other armies came together to defeat the Club Penguin Crew. The other armies also thought that Jeepkid7 had no respect for other armies and he wasn’t doing things right to be a real army.

After some time of being defeated by these other armies, Jeepkid surrendered and retired from the army on the 1st of November 2009, he left Droopako in charge of the crew. Jeepkid returned a short time later and decided to invade many small armies until the Crew owned all the servers in Club Penguin, declaring war on the whole of the Top Ten. Another alliance was formed, the biggest alliance in CP Army History, with even more armies when ACP continued the war against the CP Crew, Jeepkid surrendered again on the 11th of November 2009 and then closed down the army on the next day. He closed his website and gave it to Monkeydude who ran a cheats/news site called Penguin Expert.

Several attempts at new generations were attempted, with varied success. On 12th of December 2010, a new generation of the Club Penguin Crew was created by Flames181 with Andre and they invaded FW’s server Hypothermia. Flames later quit the army.In 2011, another generation of the CP Crew was created by Iceberry089 and Tymatt. The CPC started to become a popular army again. In 2012, Iceberry started raiding the old CPC’s servers to get them back, on the other CP Crew website, which is to this day owned by Iceberry.


The CPC was revived in November 2017 by Thomas83514. He and several other leaders led the army to sizes of 10+ and in December rose to 20+ and became a world power army. Later in December they hired more iconic leaders and rose to 25+ and got 2nd in the 2017 Christmas Chaos. They were in a war with the Romans where the Crew was defeated, after that they were taken over and died. The Club Penguin Crew will be forever remembered for their early influence in CP Armies, being taken down by multiple major armies.

32. Wild Ninjas

Screenshot 51-0

The Wild Ninjas are a Spanish speaking army that were created on February 12, 2016 by Alex42152, Legiso, Felixstuard, Mythes (Mysyery89) and Danpengui. The idea of creating this army, started after Alex42152 had been in the Ice Warriors for two months, gaining experience, before being removed from the rank. In early 2016, Alex proposed to make an entirely Spanish speaking with some well-known bloggers from the community to carry out this project in order to unite the community and demonstrate that Spanish armies can succeed as much as English speaking armies.


Before switching from CP to CPR, the Wild Ninjas were an ever present in the CPA Central top ten towards the end and were listed in the top five armies of 2017. The Wild Ninjas are also recognised, alongside the Rebel Penguin Federation, as one of the two founding armies for the new CPPS community, as they were the only two armies to remain through the switch. The Wild Ninjas continued to be a major presence in the community in the early stages of the switch, and were key for establishing the modern CP Armies that we see today.

31. Recon Federation

The Recon Federation first arose on Club Penguin Rewritten, created by Prior Bumble, a veteran from the year of 2008, who had yet to see how warfare had evolved. RFCP’s opening weeks coincided with the rise of Mopia, a clan that turned into an army under the command of SagaSage. Prior did not take to kindly to Mopia’s heavy presence on CPR, especially the Iceberg, and started conflict with the army, but was quickly resolved with a treaty. Upon registry for Club Penguin Armies, the Recon Federation made a promising entrance, claiming the land of the fallen Tuba Army on CPR. Prior Bumble experienced a rude awakening when his army faced a battle with the Pizza Federation, and the battle was declared a victory for PZF.

The most notable event, which can be seen below, is an event for a former RFCP Leader Colonel Boi, who reportedly died in a car crash. The Recon Federation stated that 150 people attended this event.

The most notable war was in 2019 when the Recon Federation joined the Elite Guardians to war against the Rebel Penguin Federation and Lime Green Army. The war eventually ended in a ceasefire. The RFCP are known for their controversial style, which saw calls for them to be banned from the CP Army Media league. This included a video of a RFCP Higher Command urinating on an enemy flag, sparking outrage in the community. RFCP and Prior Bumble have been accused by other armies, most notably the Water Vikings, of inappropriate sexual behaviour through 2020, while the discord chat remains unopen for outsiders.

That brings to the end the second lot of ten armies to be included in the Top Fifty Armies of All Time, with the Recon Federation just missing out on the Top 30 Armies of All Time. Make sure you keep an eye out for the next instalment, where we name the 30th-21st most significant armies of all time. What do YOU think about this list? Were some armies too high on the list, or are some too low? Comment YOUR opinion on the Top Fifty Armies of All Time.


CPAH Advisor & Army Legend

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