Mass Invasions Occur As The Server Map Opens

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Within a few hours of the official opening of CP Army Hub’s server map, invasion announcements in army servers piled up as armies scattered around to gain some land.

Servers are one of the main things armies rely on and need for their survival; from capitals to expanding onto other servers to acquire territory, servers show the strength of an army. With the recent opening of the server map by CP Army Hub, several armies took it upon themselves to get all the territory they could. Many armies choose to gain as much territory they can since having more territory does indeed make you seem bigger.

Other reasons armies love to have territory is so they can host wonderful events for their own army with no interruption from other armies whatsoever during events as the server is solely theirs. A few of the major armies acquired servers included:

Dark Warriors – Invasion of Snowy River

Help Force – Invasion of Outback

Ice Warriors – Invasion of Fjord

Doritos – Invasion of Rocky Road

unknown (4)

But it wasn’t just the major armies that invaded free land, as numerous armies in the small-medium community set their own invasions to claim some unoccupied territory.

  • Army of Orient Seas – Invasion of Parka
  • Pizza Federation – Invasion of Southern Lights
  • Water Vikings – Invasion of Jackhammer
  • Golden Troops – Invasion of Rainbow
  • Elites – Invasion of Hibernate
  • Lime Green Army – Invasion of Beanie
  • Black Order – Invasion of Ice Cave
  • Templars – Invasion Of Oyster
  • Alberto Warriors – Invasion of Cloudy
  • Los Facheros  – Invasion of Magic
  • Fighter Pilots – Invasion of Mountain
  • Da Best Army – Invasion of Christmas
  • Red Ravagers – Invasion of Below Zero
  • Mango Corps – Invasion of Bunny Hill
  • Superstars – Invasion of Cozy

A total of 19 servers have been confirmed to be invaded on the first day. With this rise of invasions, we expect the server map to be a very colourful one with loads of armies holding at least one server under their name. As we see the servers being taken up pretty quickly we may also see armies invading other armies’ servers in an attempt to gain land. We wish all the armies involved in the invasions the best of luck for getting themselves some servers as the server map opens in CP Army Hub.

What do YOU think? How long do you think before we see other armies invading each other for territory? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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