Administration Statement On Recent Private Server Events

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Earlier today, CP Army Hub received some concerns from army leaders over the recent happenings involving certain private servers. 

The drama unfolded when a Twitter account began leaking information of users involved in private servers, but there was no clarity on where they got this information from. This caused significant concern of a database breach, with many people anxious that their personal information could be shared online without their consent. 

Following this drama, the Army Hub administration released the following announcement, urging all armies to adopt their own safety precautions:

It has come to the attention of the CP Army Hub administration that there is a group of individuals spreading real life information of NewCP and Blizzard Island users. While we cannot confirm the validity of this information or the source of the leaks, we can say that users of both games are being targeted. It is unknown right now if these leaks are being spread from the NewCP/Blizz Island databases, or if they are from past database leaks. We advise you to take your own safety measures when playing these games.

In the hours after this statement was released, more information and clarity surrounding the events have become available. We reached out to the administration teams of both New Club Penguin and Blizzard Island, and they provided us with the following: 

Hawk, Blizzard Island Administrator: 

I’m not going in depth in the whole situation as it’s a mess, and I’m not going to speak on NewCP’s behalf. Blizzard Island is NOT involved in the whole twitter doxing, yes some staff members were threatened, and yes we do take it very seriously. I am currently working with some of the staff members on NewCP to investigate the situation as well as some who are not in the community anymore. We have come to the possibility of the accounts that were compromised had been from the Club Penguin Rewritten breach in 2018 and 2019, as we have used the emails from the accounts leaked to view that. I have been in close contact with the developer of NewCP and he has stated that the information compromised is not the same data that has been entered into the NewCP database, nor is the information the same in the Blizzard Island database. We care about our staff members safety, as well as our users safety, which is the most important. Myself and Snipe another Administrator/Developer of Blizzard Island are the only ones with database access at the moment. Not even the owner, DarthPalm doesn’t have access nor do we tend on giving it to him in the future. DarthPalm has also refused to get database access even when asked if he wanted it.

We have hardened our SSH server with the following improvements:

 – New port, not the default.
 – Root SSH login disabled, new username/password have been added
 – I am currently planning on adding SSH Keys due to the whole twitter incident as a better security precaution.
 – Fail2Ban has been installed onto our server which limits brute force authentication attempts.
– I will also be adding IP authentication on our SSH server so that whitelisted IPs can access it, which will only be mine and Snipe’s.
– Last login IP address, so we can identify who has accessed our servers.
– We have secured our shared memory
– Prevented IP spoofing
– Firewall
– DDOS (Denial of Service) protection has also been installed on our servers
– Intrustion Detection
– Ports closed

Jonas, NewCP Administrator:

I mean in my opinion it’s their choice and they can do events on some small CPPS to avoid this but that small CPPS they decide to go to has a way bigger chance of getting their database leaked and other breaches happening. We spent most of the month we were making NewCP on security and one hacker doesn’t change anything, they have no reason to attack the army communityThey are more than likely trying to scare users away and mostly attacking staff. NewCP is the safest CPPS out there right now. My CPPS CPOnline had 0 breaches and I intend to keep NewCP the same. 

Both platforms have verified that no database breaches have occurred. CP Army Hub would like to make it clear that we are continuing our partnerships with both Blizzard Island and New Club Penguin. Having said that, above all else, we value the safety of our community members and will keep looking out for your best interests. We encourage army leaders to evaluate the information and make their own decisions on the platforms they host events on.


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


CP Army Hub Vice President

3 Responses

  1. It’s great to see CP Army Hub giving importance to Safety First. Glad to be working with a responsible organisation.


  2. did cpo not get breached early this year or last year


  3. Honestly, it breaks my heart to see the fact that hackers try to breach into CPPSes to get personal info. I would never think this would happen but it did, which somewhat tainted newCP’s release, and possibly their reputation as a whole. However, I will say one thing, it wasn’t as severe as the times CPR got hacked twice, but still, people had their personal info leaked.

    But, the great thing is that CPAH is trying to give us info about the situation, so if it does happen again, we can take the proper precautions.


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