Ice Warriors Dominate in Latest Server Invasions

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Empire – Today marks the third day since invasions started, and already there is one army that has begun taking over the map. While most armies currently have two to three servers, at the time of writing, Ice Warriors own nine servers. It’s more than apparent that Ice Warriors are making sure their blue color is visible on all parts of the map. But how exactly are they doing it? 

Ice Warriors have held two of their scheduled invasions this past week. The other eight servers they currently have are a result of transfers from their colonies. Three servers were transferred from Alberto Warriors, another three from Da Best Army, and one from Coup Crusaders. This means that they have gotten the majority of their servers from their colonies with 7 while the main army has only invaded 2. Ice Warriors are using their colonies as a way to bypass the “one invasion per day” rule. 

Coup Crusaders’ Invasion of Grizzly

Ice Warriors’ most recent invasion was held on Tuesday where they obtained Fjord. They still have two invasions scheduled for the rest of the week – one on Thursday for Matterhorn and another on Friday for Cabin. Ice Warrior’s colonies also have invasions scheduled for upcoming days.

Ice Warriors’ Invasion of Fjord

Below is a list of the invasions scheduled for July 8th. Of the thirteen scheduled invasions, three of them, highlighted in blue, are from Ice Warrior’s colonies.

Help Force – Invasion of Cold Front

Simps of CP’s – Invasion of Blizzard

Water Vikings – Invasion of Snow Fort

Pizza Federation – Invasion of Fog

Coup Crusaders – Invasion of Grizzly

Elites – Invasion of Winterland

Templars – Invasion of Hypothermia

Rebel Penguin Federation – Invasion of Blizzard

Los Facheros Army – Invasion of Vanilla

Alberto Warriors – Invasion of Tundra

Los Facheros Army – Invasion of Canoe

Da Best Army’s – Invasion of Adventure 

Red Ravagers – Invasion of Hockey

The server map as of July 8th

The Ice Warriors have been doing well recently with many events maxing sizes over 60. The army seems to be focusing a lot on the new server map and they’re currently undisputed at the top. However, it is still possible for other armies to catch up as there have been no wars since the server map was established. We were able to exclusively interview Ice Warriors leader Regan to get more information on the army’s next moves in regards to the server map.

Do you guys plan to keep going with the same plan in regards to the server map?

At the moment we have gathered as much free land as we could. We’re yet to discuss what our next steps are.

Were the Ice Warriors colonies set up solely for this map or will they also continue once all the free land is taken?

All the free land is taken right now so I guess time will tell.

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