Ice Warriors Form Numerous Treaties With The Small-Medium Community

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors’ Territory – In an unexpected turn of events, the Ice Warriors have been making treaties with a handful of armies for unknown reasons.

In the release of the CP Army Hub map, many armies, including the Ice Warriors, have been rapidly invading the new territories. However, despite most armies wanting to gain as much land as possible, IW has taken a different approach. They have been making alliance treaties with small/medium armies. In these, IW have agreed to ally with the army involved and created peace between them and IW’s colonies/brother allies.

The treaty made between Ice Warriors and Special Weapons And Tactics.

On CP Army Hub’s discord, the first army that IW made a deal with was Red Ravagers, on July 7th. In comparison, RR is considerably smaller than Ice Warriors so this treaty was a shock to all. While this seemed to be the only treaty to be made, the next day, 4 more alliance treaties were made. The alliance treaties that were made were proposed by IW with Flighter Pilots, Marines of CP, Crimson Guardians and SWAT agreed to their separate alliance treaties with IW.

Similarly, The Doritos of Club Penguin also made a treaty. However, unlike IW’s treaties, DCP’s treaty was not unexpected and dissimilar to IW’s treaties, DCP made a new treaty with Help Force. This treaty, however, was a simple peace treaty between the 2 armies stating that neither army shall participate in invasions/defenses against the opposing army.

CP Army Hub got in touch with Ice Warriors’ leader Ben and quizzed him about the current situation.

You have been making a lot of alliance/peace treaties recently, right now 4 have been made. Will you be able to throw some light into this?

A blizzard is coming

From what we’ve seen so far, IW has only made treaties with s/m armies. Do you plan to make a treaty with a major army?

We want a closer relationship with the small/medium army community

CP Army Hub attempted to reach out for additional information regarding the land transfers but the leadership did not wish to disclose further details.

While the Ice Warriors’ arrangements might be obscure, we can accept that something will occur shortly. Will these settlements add up to nothing or would they say they are an indication of what is to happen quickly?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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