How They Began: Ambrosha and the Dark Warriors

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Welcome to How They Began! A weekly segment here at CP Army Hub that puts one army under the microscope, looking at their foundations and interviewing their creator. This week’s edition will take a look at the Dark Warriors, which includes an interview with Dark Warriors legend, Freezie66.

The Dark Warriors were first introduced to the community by Ambrosha in early 2007. Since then they have gone through many stages of failures and success. Since their return at the beginning of December 2019, they have definitely been noticed in the community by being featured on CP Army Media’s top ten charts to maxing sizes of 80+ during the Legends Cup. But where did the Dark Warriors come from? Who are they? Let’s find out.

The Beginning

The main foundations of Dark Warriors were laid down by DW Creator, Ambrosha and Co-Creator Elite. They set up a website, xat chat, and recruited many soldiers which would one day lead this army, without these two DW Legends this army would never have been born. Throughout 2007 Dark Warriors remained as a small army but always strived as a strong army that always put up a good fight. For the next 5 years, the Dark Warriors went through timed success and inevitable failure, with failed merges, several leadership changes. It wasn’t until 2012 when xiunknown and SaW stepped up, that Dark Warriors would successfully sustain themselves.

Dark Warriors battle against Watex Warriors in 2010

Dark Warriors’ Problems

While Dark Warriors is a successful army they definitely had many problems.

Leadership Changes

One of the problems they had was leader hopping. As many of you will know, retirement is someone steps down from their position to either leave the army for another or to retire from Club Penguin Armies as a whole. However, Dark Warriors’ retirements were never taken seriously as many leaders would retire, to only come back the next day and then retire again. This made it very hard for Dark Warriors to grow since leaders would come and go and the members were happy with some leaders and unhappy with others.


In 2009, Dark Warriors’ site was hacked and deleted. Losing a website in 2009 is compared to losing a discord server today.  They lost all their troops and the leaders gave up on the army and went elsewhere. Many people tried to revive Dark Warriors but every time it was a failure. It wasn’t until 2010 that ‘Videogamer57’, ‘TheKid18’ and ‘Donut67890’ stepped up to the challenge and attempted to revive the Dark Warriors which was successful which lead to their short golden age.

The Golden Age

The Dark Warriors have had several Golden Ages. But the most iconic golden age was during 2014. In 2014, Dark Warriors were very successful they won 2 tournaments, 2 biggest army awards and 2 biggest rises awards, which were well deserved and are apart of their history. After some controversy at the beginning of 2014 with disagreement within leadership, it was clear Dark Warriors needed something huge to bring them back. After a month-long transition period, the well-known ‘Dark Warrior Revolution’ began. By the time June came around, Dark Warriors were at their best. The Dark Warriors were ranked first for the whole summer and destroyed many strong major armies like Doritos, Rebel Penguin Federation and the Light Troops. The Dark Warriors will never forget summer 2014.

In October, the Dark Warriors successfully won the Champions Cup III. By the end of the year, Dark Warriors Legends Spi and Silverburg returned to lead Dark Warriors through the Christmas Chaos IV tournament. This leads to them defeating the Light Troops and winning the Christmas Chaos IV tournament. Xxtoysoldier transformed Dark Warriors to Night Warriors behind the whole leadership’s back at the end of 2014. Which resulted to Dark Warriors’ closure.

Christmas Chaos IV Final

The Return of Dark Warriors

There were several attempts to revive the Dark Warriors since their closure in 2014. In 2019, the growth of one Club Penguin Private Server was unforeseen; Club Penguin Online. While armies had many options to choose from out of the Club Penguin Private Servers available to them, Club Penguin Online seemed like one of the best options at the time as it supported armies and armies supported it. Some major armies had already joined Club Penguin Online during 2017, such as Pirates. However, because of the change in applications used (the switch from Xat to Discord), many armies didn’t follow Pirates. There was a number of armies that did join Pirates in joining Club Penguin Online and continued operating their armies there.

This Club Penguin Private Server gave an opportunity for one of the oldest alliances in Club Penguin Army History to make a return. The Warrior Alliance, which involved Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors. The Dark Warriors made a tremendous return under the leadership of Epic101, Twaseen, Spi101 and Freezie66. During the first week of their return, they quickly had sizes of 80+. This sparked the second generation for the Dark Warriors, giving restoration and faith to the army, after being left to die.

The Night Warriors merged into Dark Warriors which gave the Dark Warriors a semi-final placement in the Christmas Chaos 2019 tournament. Against all odds, the Dark Warriors were victorious after defeating the Doritos, just 6 days after their return. Following the victory, Epic101 retired leaving Twaseen, Spi101 and Freezie66 to lead. This was one of the greatest army returns in Club Penguin Army history, these 4 leaders will always be remembered and will be marked down in Dark Warriors history. From their return to the end of January, Dark Warriors were doing very well with maxing 60 warriors at their events. But due to the inactivity of Spi101 and Freezie66, Dark Warriors shut down on February 1st as they were beginning to fall. They were closed for 4 weeks.

The previous leaders alongside Freezie66 and Spi101 told Spi101 that they wish to revive the Dark Warriors. Spi101 accepted which lead to Romeo and Bee leading Dark Warriors and Noa and Myra soon after. Dark Warriors has been continuously growing since. Recently Myra retired, Myra was a big part of building Dark Warriors back up and she has been declared as a Dark Warriors Legend. At this current time, Dark Warriors is under the leadership of Megan, Noa, Julia and Alea and CP Army Hub is excited to see what this leadership can bring to the table.

Christmas Chaos 2019 Final

Unfortunately, Ambrosha declined an interview. Instead, CP Army Hub decided to interview Freezie66, a respected Dark Warrior Legend.

Your well-known for saving Ambrosha’s creation from death multiple times. What inspired you to do this?

To be honest, I never considered it saving. I just led because I knew the army and the people wanted me there. There isn’t any point in doing this if you don’t feel a connection with the people involved. Armies fall and die all the time and what transcends it is the friends and you meet through the way. However, Dark Warriors has been the army I always want to be associated with and for me, it’s the only army I ever truly cared about.

You took the reigns of Dark Warriors in 2011 but by then Ambrosha had retired. Did you ever get to lead with, or get advice from Ambrosha and how did this or the lack of this, affect you?

I first led Dark Warriors with SaW, who to this day is still the best leader I have led within the community. Not only did he led Dark Warriors to massive sizes, but he basically recruited the core of our legends and made them all into army legends themselves. I can’t think of another leader who has done that before. After 2011, I retired for a bit and came back in 2013. From there until 2015, I never really got advice from anybody and led in my own style. Many great leaders came and went in DW and I suppose you could say I learned of them when leading alongside. What makes a leader great is their ability to be innovative and learn from their mistakes, which I believe I have done time and time again. Although it would’ve been nice to have a helping hand, I think I benefitted most from being alone.

What do you think of Ambrosha?

I respect him for creating the army I spent the most time in. Other than that, there’s not much to say. We’ve had a lot of issues, but I am happy I was able to come back after 5 years and allow him the opportunity to see Dark Warriors thriving once more.

How would you compare Dark Warriors from your time to now?

The landscape is way different. People are generally much friendlier and although scandals still exist, they are much more sparse in the modern era. The other major difference being the absence of Xat and replaced by Discord, which then has a knock-on effect on websites being semi-redundant. Discord connects the community – you can join multiple servers. On Xat, you had to manually go to the chat to join it each time. Back then people connected through WordPress comments on Club Penguin Army Central, but now Discord negates this and makes it easier for the community to come together.

Will you ever return to Dark Warriors leadership?

Most likely not. I returned to armies after a 5-year break to lead Doritos to great heights. Then I wanted to revive Dark Warriors, given we hadn’t had a generation since 2015. Thanks to the coronavirus, I was able to be active like I was when I was a kid and along with my amazing leadership, we led Dark Warriors to #1 again and won many memorable battles. It was a very nostalgic experience. Back in the day, Dark Warriors were not stable without my presence. However, it’s been two months since I retired and the army is still getting consistent sizes and remaining in the top 5 of the universal top 20. However, I guess you can never say never. I personally did not think I would ever return to armies after many years of being retired, but I did anyway near the end of 2019. So who really knows! All I can say is I am very proud of what DW has achieved since the revival in December and even more so of the current leaders.


That’s the history of Dark Warriors and an interview with a Dark Warriors Legend Freezie 66. While Dark Warriors was an army failing for many years, they finally pulled it back in 2014 and had an extraordinary return last December. They continue to battle today under the leadership of Megann, Noa, Julia and Alea.

Stay tuned for next week for ‘How They Began: Ayan and the Help Force’

What do YOU think? Will Dark Warriors continue their path of success or will they fall? 
Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


CP Army Hub Reporter

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