Los Facheros Merge With Lime Green Army

FIESTA, Los Facheros Army Empire – On Thursday afternoon, Amelia, Los Facheros Army leader, announced their shutdown and merge with Lime Green Army due to both her and the army’s discord becoming inactive.

Los Facheros Army was created in November 2019, originally being named the Poke Warriors Army. When Amelia took over the army, she decided to rename it to Los Facheros Army. LFA has had success as they placed several times in the S/M Top 10 and even went as high as placing 11th on the Universal Top Twenty Armies on June 28, 2020. Despite the recent success, LFA ultimately decided to close its doors and merge with Lime Green Army. Amelia stated that the server has not been very active and admits that she had been inactive as well.

In the announcement, Amelia thanked her allies and the people that helped her during the war against RFCP. She stated that the reason for the shutdown is the inactivity of both her and the army’s discord. She believes that merging into LGA will benefit her and the whole army. She ended her statement by remembering some of the things that happened during her time as a leader and stated that she’d receive the rank of 2ic in LGA.

Before the merge, LFA’s largest max had been about two weeks ago, where they maxed 36 penguins for a battle against RFCP. They also invaded Canoe to add on to their capital of Fiesta. Finally, as a last hurrah, LFA had their final event that took place at 8 pm EST. They added one more server, Yeti, and were able to max 11 penguins.

Final LFA Event – Invasion of Yeti

CP Army Hub was able to get an exclusive interview with Los Facheros leader, Amelia, to speak more about LFA and its future.

The original interview was conducted in Spanish and has been translated into English. None of the content has been altered.

How are you going to adjust from being a Spanish-speaking server to a primarily English Speaking server?

Well, Karma [LGA leader] speaks English and Spanish, we also sometimes practiced saying tactics in English in PB’s and other events, but for now I already see that the members are getting used to LGA server and getting along with LGA even if they are English speaking. There is also a Spanish channel, which is being used by Spanish members and by LFA members. In addition to this, I decided that Karma and I will help Spanish users, so that’s why I don’t see much of a problem.

What is your favorite memory in Los Facheros Army?

Well, it was actually with LGA, in 2019 when they did everything to defend a server for us (Yeti SCPPS). Or it could also be when Resetbn gave me 3 servers when at that time they were Artic Ops. To be honest, they seemed very kind to me.

Do you think LFA will ever return?

Well, while I’m busy I won’t be able to keep an eye on LFA, which is why I decided to do the merge. In the future, if I decide it will come back, it will be when I feel it has good potential and activity. In that case yes, it will come back. I don’t know when, but it will come back.

Do you have anything else to add or tell the members of LFA?

Of course! Well, thank you for supporting LFA, we managed to be top 11 in Top Twenty Major,  and to be in S/M. This seems impressive to me, I also want to thank RPF, LGA, ACP, DCP, Templars, WV and other armies who helped me in the RFCP war. This greatly helped the army – really thanks. On the other hand I want to add that I did the merge with LGA because I feel that they are very good people and it is a friendly community which I want to achieve more than LFA has, that’s why I did this.

It is evident that Los Facheros Army has had some good history and is going into this merge with high hopes and positivity. CPAH wishes LFA luck on this new chapter and looks forward to seeing what is to come and perhaps the eventual return of Los Facheros.

What do YOU think about Los Facheros Army’s merge? Will they be able to successfully stay merged with LGA or perhaps make another return soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee



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