The Climber, Chapter Two: Family Forever

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Original Stories Office – The second chapter of the Original Story, The Climber, is here.

Chapter One

Chapter Two: Family Forever

“No, please. You’re wrong I can do it – AHHHHH”

I wake up with a jolt from my sleep. I feel sweat dripping from my hair and sigh. Another nightmare, since I was young I have had chronic nightmares. It is unknown why I have them, mostly because I can’t even remember what they are about. I just wake up in a cold sweat and feel afraid, shivering with a tight feeling in my chest.

I pick up my phone to look at the time and feel a paper on the back of it. Pulling it off, I remember the group of people on club penguin and writing down the phrase that the guy, Max, had told me. “Clover Defenders…” I whisper, thinking.

Am I really the type of person to play club penguin at 16 years old? I mean, why not? There isn’t a set age for enjoying things… plus I can just stop whenever I want if I’m not into it.

I exhale as I look up ‘Clover Defenders’ on my phone and hit the first link. A penguin in a green outfit and a red Viking helmet is looking back at me. I scroll down a little and see that they use discord. I’m not very comfortable using my normal discord as the user name on it is Ellie Mae and the profile picture is an actual image of me. So, I go and make a new discord account under the name “EllieElefant”, and make my profile picture a cute cartoony drawing of an elephant. Once I’m all set up I make my way back to the website and take a deep breath before joining the server.

The server loads in and I’m in a welcome channel. Someone says, “Welcome!” and compliments my profile picture before directing me to the main channel. I come in and suddenly feel a lot shyer as I see a chain of welcomes.

Uh, hi!” I say trying to seem energetic and someone sends a beginner’s guide to what the group does. I bookmark the page for later and tell the person thanks.

I think for a moment for what to say next, and decide on explaining how I got here, “Some guy named Max told me to look you up after the event a few hours ago.

They tell me that he is offline currently. Still not 100% sure what this group is I find the beginner’s page that I bookmarked and scan over it. It is surprisingly wholesome and the parts talking about the family aspect of the community may be causing my eyes to tear up, just a little though. I forgot how much I missed being around my friends, maybe this is just what I need right now.

I ask when the next event is, and they tell me tomorrow at 8 pm est they have one. Checking my schedule, I tell them I’ll be there and get a chorus of ‘yays’ in reply. Feeling excited for tomorrow, I log off of discord with a smile on my face and go back to living my normal life.

*time skip next day, July 1st, 7 pm est*

I hear a few pings from my phone, and I pick it up and look at my notifications. I see a discord notification at the top of my screen that says “@everyone LOG ON BLIZZARD TOWN NOW FOR OUR CANADA DAY EVENT“, I think for a moment before deciding to attend it. I throw open my laptop and go to discord in one tab and CPR in another tab. I log onto my account on CPR and after hitting blizzard I get stuck in the queue for a minute, while in there I ask the chat on discord what we are wearing, and they tell me it is a Canada Day event, so they are wearing red and white. I load into the game and buy the color red, a red wig, and a cute red dress with white polka-dots.

About the same time I finish getting my outfit, I hear a ping saying to go to #event-chat, I head over to the chat and see people hyping like crazy there as well. Someone in the event chat says to split-screen, and I ask what that means exactly. They explain in more detail, and I ask why we do it. In response, they explain that it helps us do faster tactics than if we were swapping between two tabs. I nod in real life as I start realizing how they managed to be so fast. I split my screen as the person said to. The event starts and I find it even more fun now that I’m not feeling rushed to type out all the word tactics. I’m even able to enjoy the jokes made properly and laugh. We move from town to forts after ten minutes and get into an infinity formation. I’m impressed that a bunch of strangers online have this much coordination and are able to pull off something like this.

Finally, we go to the iceberg for the last ten minutes. In the middle of a so-called, “bomb tactic”, one penguin’s outfit piques my interest, to be more specific the hair they have on looks really cool to me. I absent-mindedly send them a buddy request and continue with the event. After the event ends everyone is celebrating and I see I have a buddy notification. I click it and see the words: “MermaidBri is now your buddy“. Penguins start leaving the iceberg one by one until there aren’t many left. One catches my eye as she walks on the water using the glitch caused by the game “aqua grabber”. She is yelling things like “BRO LOOK IM ON THE WATER”, “I SCOFF AT THOSE ON LAND”, “BRO CHECK ME OUT IM CHILLING ON THE WATER”, and “WATER VIBES WATER VIBES WATER VIBES”. It makes me laugh, and I walk over to them. I join in and yell, “WE ARE WATER WALKERS!!” and she starts to yell it as well. We laugh and joke around about being Water Walkers and how we scoff in the face of the Land Walkers for a few minutes. Afterward, she tells me she’s gonna head off now and I reply saying, “Same.” I log off and set my computer down and get onto discord on my phone.

I sigh and smile reading the messages of the people in the chat.

They really do seem like a family. Could I really become a part of something like this? Will they want me?

Come back next Friday for Chapter Three.

What did YOU think of Chapter Two? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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18 Responses

  1. 11/10 would read again


  2. WATER WALKERS FTW. Lol, I loved this so much I’m so proud of you Bailey and look how HOT your signature is. I vibed so hard with EllieElefant that day, you really finnessed me haha. Great story, keep it up I’m so excited for chapter 3!!!!


  3. Good job!its sugary but good.


  4. dope


  5. i loved it, 10/10.


  6. looking forward to my debut as a character 😉



  7. Made me remember my own first event, really liked reading it.


  8. Girl, if there’s someone that lives, breathes and loves ACP is me, i’m telling the truth


  9. Girl, if there’s someone that lives, breathes and loves ACP is me, i’m telling the truth


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