Battle of the Warriors: Dark Warriors vs Ice Warriors

SUMMIT, Battle Ground – Today, the brother allies Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors logged on to a nice friendly practice battle. Both sides had fast tactics and neat formations, but let’s really take a look at this intense battle.

On Saturday, July 11th, 2020, the Ice Warriors and the Dark Warriors logged on at 3:00 PM EST for a very close battle. The Ice Warriors peaked at 45, and the Dark Warriors peaked at 44. Judging this dramatic battle was Honda, Sarahah, and Emcee. Both of the armies were experienced with fast tactics and great formations, but only one can come out on top.


The Ice Warriors began the room with an “NOA SMELLS” bomb, and the Dark Warriors entered with a “DARK DARK DARK DARK.” DW got into an upside-down V, and the IW a plus. After an impressive waterfall and bomb, both armies switched formations into Ice Warriors with a circle, and Dark Warriors into an x. Dark Warriors received a max of 44 in the room, and Ice Warriors 42. The last formations were IW with an upside-down T and DW with a V. With the small size advantage and cleaner formations, Dark Warriors took this room.

Room 1: Inside Mine


The Ice Warriors entered this room with a “DORK WARRIORS” bomb, and Dark Warriors with a joke bomb. This room, the DW lost their small size advantage, with 39 troops compared to IW’s 45.  As IW came into a circle, DW made a plus. After advanced bombs from both armies, the DW got into a circle while IW formed an X. Soon after, the Dark Warriors moved to partially cover Ice Warriors with an upside-down V once again. But in this room, Ice Warriors had the size and cleaned up their formations, gaining them a win for this room.

Room 2: Iceberg


The Dark Warriors entered the room with a Puffle emoji bomb, (E + P) into an X, while Ice Warriors entered with a joke bomb into a plus. DW once again lost size, going down to a 37 max and IW staying up at 43. After joke and emote bombs, IW entered a circle and DW entered an upside-down V. After multiple bombs, the Dark Warriors entered a plus, and Ice Warriors into a V. This room was very much a tie because no army had the true upper hand for the entire room.

Room 3: Stadium


The Dark Warriors entered this room with a “DARK WARRIORS” bomb, and Ice Warriors with “DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOM.” Dark Warriors entered an upside-down T, with IW making a plus. After two considerable bombs, the DW got into a V, rivaling Ice Warriors’ circle. With frequent formation changes in this room, DW made an X with IW in an upside-down T. Another joke bomb later, IW sat on DW with another X. To ensure their tactics being seen, DW moved into an upside-down V. In the last minutes of the battle, IW entered a V. But since Dark Warriors was able to cover Ice Warriors more that in the end, got the win of this room, and the PB.

Overtime Room: Pirate’s Hold

This battle was very intense for both sides, scrambling to cover each other’s tactics. Bombs happening every 2 minutes and intense formation changes made the battle close, but the Dark Warriors managed to pull it together and defeat Ice Warriors 2-1-1.

Judges Results


This battle was admittedly surprising for many. Dark Warriors hit their typical max of around 40, but Ice Warriors’ had a surprisingly lower max than normal. This may have just been a bad day for Ice Warriors, or maybe a good amount of their max comes from their brother allies Dark Warriors. Both armies fought very hard during the entirety of the battle but with DW pulling out with better coverage and tactics, they’ve come out victorious!


What do YOU think about this Practice Battle? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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  1. GG


  2. Looked like an awesome battle!


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