Behind The Lens: Suck It! Jesters Crude Comment

ALASKA, CP Army Hub’s Headquarters – Since the time Club Penguin armies began, to Disney’s initial shutdown, to present-day, this new original column, Behind the Lens will examine past events through media such as screenshots, trophies, battle pictures, etc. What better way can this column begin by reminiscing over a rivalry that made its impact on CPA for years: Doritos vs. Ice Warriors. The wars emerging on both sides resulted in a few individuals standing out as valiant leaders, malicious activities, and famously, rage posts fired by leader rivalries. How did Jester and Andrew24’s rivalry begin, and how did it affect the tensions between their respective armies?

Disclaimer: The following post contains strong language and sexual themes.

Jester’s post in retaliation against Andrew24’s callout; one of the posts signifying the rivalry between the two rising leaders.

After consulting Jester about the context behind the image, it’s true history lies years before the post was made.  Jester’s induction into the celebrated list of Legends compiled by CPA Central’s Legends Board and revival of Doritos into a world power would come years after the roots of the image, as it dates back to his leadership in the Light Troops. In 2015, the Light Troops were spearheaded by individuals who later received CPA Legend status for their contributions: Elmikey, notable for his work at RPF, Waterkid101, a “godfather” to the Light Troops, Jester, a vanguard to the rising Doritos, and Andrew24, head of the “Drew Crew”. A testimony to the powerhouse leadership was their dominance over the Top Ten against a few other top armies. One of which was the Dark Warriors, led by XxToysoldier, Spi101, PufPuf103, and Drake.

Christmas Chaos 2014’s Finals, where Light Troops and Dark Warriors clashed. Dark Warriors may have won, but Light Troop leaders Andrew24 and Jester claim to have been experiencing a DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack.

Following the end of Christmas Chaos, Light Troops managed to stay at the top of the leaderboards, but their oligarchy saw changes. Several leaders entered and left the Light Troops leadership, particularly Andrew24, Elmikey and Jester. The three were removed by Waterkid and replaced by new leaders Mustapha10 and Badboy. Andrew24, his crew, and Jester headed to the Ice Warriors along Albcoolio, Hulk, and IW’s creator Iceyfeet. Behind the scenes, both Jester and Mustapha planned for Doritos’s upcoming revival, which began in January. In a post titled IM BRINGING SEXY BACK which can be found here, Jester’s statement is brief but states DCP’s intention on returning.

A day before Christmas Chaos, Jester published a post that sounded the trumpet of Doritos’s revival.

By March of 2015, Doritos was the top army, but their biggest competition was the Ice Warriors. Both armies alternated between first and second, maxing sizes between 30 to 50. Although DCP fought their first war against Water Vikings upon returning, a blizzard was brewing. Tensions between the superpowers rose with each side raiding the other’s capital. Hell broke loose as leaders of Doritos declared war first, Mustapha proclaiming their declaration of war over Xat and Jester writing a formal post.

Because the original post could not be found, here is Jester’s declaration of war against the Ice Warriors shown on CPA Central’s report. To refer to the original post, click on the image.

The war between the former allies and former Light Troops leaders began the prolonging rivalry between both Andrew24 and Jester. As the armies dealt with invasions from each other, the posts from leaders were swayed to boost the morale of each army. The Doritos and Ice Warriors heavily propagandized their posts to either boost their own pride or put down the other army, while refusing to admit defeat.

Andrew24, leader of Ice Warriors, made a post titled “Lol @ DCP”, and said:

Hello Ice Warriors,

The Doritos of CP are allowing us to invade their Capital Summit on Monday without them coming. DCP being the little weak army has decided that they will be re-invading it in ausia times.  (who lets an army invade their capital, what a noob leadership)

The minute we are finished invading Summit, it will be transfered to one of our Allies so they cannot re-invade it back.

Stop being so scared Jester and Mustapha.

On the other hand, Mustapha’s response shown here was towards the course of the war, as he reported:

Hello, Troops!

IW has either not shown up or has surrendered to many battles. After one of their leaders left, they started maxing a little over 10, even at their USA events. This led to them making excuses and claimed that the “war is ending” but in reality, it isn’t anywhere near over. We didn’t make an agreements with them to end the war, at all. Either IW surrenders to DCP or we continue to invade all of their servers. Doritos is currently open and this is the perfect opportunity to put it to use. We can take your nation in a single day.

Once the war came to an end, the Doritos and Ice Warriors continued dominating but had several historic clashes. Each clash led to leaders from both armies taking shots at each other, and leading to the picture shown above. Jester continued to work in favor of Doritos, and his achievements were recognized by the community and CPA Central’s Legends Board in 2016. Andrew24 was a candidate too for becoming a legend but received 5 Yeses and 12 Noes. To express his resentment towards Jester being given the position over himself, Andrew took it to Ice Warriors’ site and wrote a “rage post”, where he said here that his leadership during Light Troops was far better, and how in his absence from being booted offline, both Elmikey and Jester couldn’t keep up.

Andrew’s rage post titled “Jester The Nobody”, where he brags about his accomplishments being far greater than Jester done.

Returning to the beginning of the post where Jester quickly replied a day afterward with his reply. Three years since the bad blood began, yet both sides have shown no sign of peace. The armies may sign treaties, but the aggression never ended. Light Troops began with two pups, who’ve shown their strength and have since grown up into fiercer dogs. One went a path where he built his power from the dirt, whereas the other used his group to leverage the state of the army. Peace remained a temporary option, as both sides continued barking endlessly. They’ve ended once both lost their territory, and returned back home.

Before signing off on his post, Jester gloats on Andrew24’s failed induction and reminds him that he is “Jester”, who is implied to be better than Andrew.

What do YOU think? Did Jester have the final laugh? Did Andrew24 deserve winning legend in 2016? Was Ice Warriors and Doritos one of the more notable rivalries? What other events should this series encompass in the near future? Let US know YOUR thoughts BELOW!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer

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  1. IW vs DCP is a classic man. It cant end. Btw Andrew > Jester


  2. Zamb, you did amazing writing this!! It was so interesting, and you can ask Bri because I had a flashback and started going off!! lmao


  3. Ayyyyyyyee pipipi


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