News Digest [July 4th – July 10th]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, News Digest Desk – Welcome to the second edition of CP Army Hub’s Weekly News Digest, where we round up the main talking points of the last seven days! This week we’ve divided the news into the following sections: retirements/rank updates, wars and battles, army openings/closings, and finally the significant news that doesn’t fall under the other categories. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Retirements/Rank Updates

Pookie437 and Maroon Promoted to Doritos Leadership After Internal Issues

After some issues occurred within the DCP high command including multiple members defecting to the Dark Warriors, Pookie437 and Maroon were promoted to the rank of leader. Both of them are veterans in the community with a large amount of experience in multiple armies as Pookie is a former Rebel Penguin Federation Second-in-Command while Maroon was a SWAT leader that joined DCP when the two armies merged earlier this year. We wish Pookie and Maroon the best of luck leading DCP.

Beanpea Becomes Crimson Guardians’ Newest Flame Commander

The Crimson Guardians have become a somewhat staple S/M army in the community. They have remained around for a while under the leadership of Tsanami. According to Tsanami, Bean has proved time and time again that she’s worthy of the leader role and that this promotion has been a long time coming. We wish Beanpea the best of luck in her new role as a leader!

Water Vikings Leader Thomas83514 Steps Down to Second-In-Command

Thomas has lead Water Vikings since their reopening and was a leader for a long time. He decided to leave the army due to the lockdown lifting where he is and he has returned to work therefore he can’t give as much time to CPA as he could before. He is still part of the army as a second-in-command.

Jenn Flies Away From Fighter Pilots’ Staff

Fighter Pilots creator Jenn recently stepped down from the leadership role in FP but remained as part of the staff. In a shocking announcement made by FP leader Ana, it was announced that Jenn is fully retiring from the army. We wish her all the best and that she enjoys her retirement!

Wars and Battles

Ice Warriors Battle Turnage Penguin Army

This battle was surprising as Ice Warriors are a lot larger than the new Turnage Penguin Army. However, the battle was still interesting as Ice Warriors managed to bring an impressive force of 53 troops while Turnage Penguin Army peaked at 18. The battle was one-sided, as expected, and the Ice Warriors walked away with a 3-0 win.

Golden Troops and Fighter Pilots Engage In a Practice Battle

These S/M armies faced off in an intense battle with extremely close sizes as the Pilots maxed a size of 11 while the Golden Troops maxed 10. The battle was fought in the Pet Shop, Inside Mine, and Docks. Despite the close sizes, the battle was won by FP with a score of 2-1-0.

Black Order Snaps Crimson Guardians

Surprisingly, this battle wasn’t as close as expected with the Black Order being double the size of the Crimson Guardians. The Black Order managed to peak at 14 while the Guardians only managed to achieve a size of 6. Both armies performed an array of impressive tactics and formations but the size difference was too big and it ended in favor of the Black Order.

Army Openings/Closings

Los Facheros Army’s Run In The Community Ends With a Merge

Los Facheros is a Spanish-speaking army that has been a part of the community since November of 2019. Led by Amelia, the army became a staple in the S/M community and even rose to a top ten spot during its final days. The reason for the army’s shutdown was due to inactivity from both Amelia and the other troops in the army. This occurred after a failed merge into Recon Federation that was followed by war. In an emotional announcement, Amelia announced that the army would merge into the Lime Green Army and that Amelia would become a Second-in-Command there.

Other News

Tensions Grow Between Water Vikings and SWAT

These two legendary armies saw tensions grow between them over troop-stealing allegations. Water Vikings’ leaders released a post with proof that SWAT leader Ganger90 was troop-stealing from them and a bunch of their allies. However, this situation has since de-escalated as Ganger90 said that he had no idea that these people he was attempting to recruit were part of other armies.

Mass Invasions Occur As The Server Map Opens; Ice Warriors Dominate

During this past week we saw a lot of invasions occurring as the server map is now open. Armies scrambled to invade as much free land as they could but one army has come out on top during this race. The Ice Warriors now have the most servers on the map and are far ahead of any other army. They achieved this by having their colonies invade servers and transfer them to the Ice Warriors as a way to bypass the “one invasion per day” rule.

Ice Warriors Form Numerous Treaties With the S/M Community

Ice Warriors have been attempting to gain the support of the S/M community by forming a bunch of alliances with S/M armies including Fighter Pilots, SWAT, Crimson Guardians, Marines, and Red Ravagers. When interviewed about the reason behind these alliances, Ice Warriors leader Ben simply stated that “A blizzard is coming.”

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