British Army Opens With Vengeance For Irish Republican Army

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, The British Army – Recently a new army has been brought into the community, but they appear to have unexpected plans in comparison to most armies, with the army created to target another army.

Earlier this week, the British Army signed up for CP Army Hub to become an official army. The army was created not too long ago by Flav and was created as a response to some comments made by the Irish Republican Army.  However, it wasn’t until today that they held their first event. Their opening event took place on Saturday, July 11th and they were able to easily max 10 troops. While the event only lasted for 20 minutes, their numbers fell to 8 penguins quickly.

The British Army’s First Event

The British Army isn’t the only army based on a nation, the Irish Republican Army also entered the community recently. They became an official army in CP Army Hub on July 6th. As a result of an increase in “joke armies” recently, it is unclear as to if BA and IRA will soon just become “joke armies” or if they will be successful in their aims. However, it is clear that the British Army is coming for the IRA and do not plan on giving up.

During the last event IRA had, they were able to max 13 troops but since then, they have fallen into an inactive period. For BA to determine success, they will need to gain a lot more support to overpower their opponent. Currently, IRA is inactive as many events that were scheduled have been canceled due to inactivity. However, with the support from many large armies, such as the Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors, as well as the other members of the community, has proven themselves to be a force to not be reckoned with.

IRA at a recent event.

The British Army’s current leadership consists of Flav, Noa, Spotty, and Kris. Flav is an ex-DW member, now leading Coup Crusaders in addition to BA, Noa is a current DW leader, Spotty is a leader-in-training at DW, and Kris is holding a 3ic position at DW. Many of the army’s leaders seem to be in DW’s high commanding ranks. Does this army stand a chance at being a standalone army? It seems that only time will tell.

The CP Army Hub team was able to speak exclusively with the current leader of the British Army, Flav, to learn a bit more about the British Army!

What made you create the British Army?

I saw the leaders trying to flex saying they’re better than the United Kingdom because we don’t have an army… even though they’re a little island, quite a dangerous move. So, I and some of my friends discussed about an army that could take on the Irish Republican Army, we thought why not the British Army. We thought a war between the UK and Republic of Ireland, would be something very cool to do

Is your main priority to take down the IRA? How do you plan on doing this?

Our main priority is to take down the IRA, yes. We plan on doing this by getting ourselves known, I’m sure everyone from the UK would want to take down the IRA, since they think they’re better. So simply, we want all the UK Residents to join us and help us take them down.

Recently, there has been the arrival of many joke armies. Are you one of these? If not, what makes you different from them?

We’re not a joke army. Joke armies usually say or do stuff a normal army wouldn’t. For example the IRA raid battles which is fun, but we’re not here to do that. We’re here to strive and grow, not to create enemies and be looked at as a meme.

Since BA’s only objective is to take down IRA. If BA claimed any land, what would happen to it once you close? Or do you aim to keep BA open for as long as you can?

If British Army were to close, we would give any land to the respective armies. For example we got some Dark Warriors, Ice Warriors and even Help Force in our staff line. But if I had to choose one, it would be Dark Warriors, since 3 leaders are from Dark Warriors. We do plan to keep British Army open for as long as we can but we have no idea if this army will even succeed, IRA will be put up a tough fight, therefore we must prepare.

One final question. Both IRA and BA have DW and IW members in it, to onlookers, it may look like a division war. Can you assure us that this is not the case? Do you plan to go against any other armies?

I wouldn’t say it’s just Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors because we have got others like Tistle who is Help Force. So far I and the leaders have only asked friends to join and it’s just coincidence that our friends are DW and IW but that will soon change as we look into other ways of recruiting. On behalf of Irish Republican Army, I don’t think their army is all Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors, they for sure have a mix of armies, as well as strong leadership. We’re not sure about other armies since we wouldn’t want to attack an army that has our residents in it but we may have practice battles with a couple of small armies.

Anything else to add?

I wish the best of luck to the Irish Republican Army and we definitely respect them, but we will be in contact soon 😉 If any British residents would like to join feel free to. Also, I hope that someone makes a Royal Navy and Royal Air Force armies so we can get that sea and aerial support. Thank you for the interview Coolguy.


While the British Army has only just started hosting events, they seem to have the upper hand as the IRA has not held an event for quite some time. Regardless of having his plate full with leading another army, Flav seems to be confident that BA will be able to take down IRA. For now, we can expect some high tensions coming from both armies. 

What do YOU think? Will the British Army be able to fight of IRA? Or will both slowly drift off in a state of inactivity? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


CP Army Media Reporter



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