Janitors Wiped Out By Discord Defacement

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – With new armies forming and old armies returning, CP Army Hub sees a variety of people flowing in and out of the community. Unfortunately, one such army was struck by a defacement of their Discord server: the Janitors.

In June, two Janitors leaders, Laura and Aliya, formed a plan to deface their army’s Discord server and start a brand new army of their own.

How were they able to pull this off? Aliya was given a role above her leader role, which gave her full administrator permissions. As a trusted veteran of the army, this likely wasn’t expected to cause problems. She distributed the server’s leader roles to troops in the server, including Laura. Regarding the defacement and addition of leadership roles and permissions to troops, Janitors leader Da Best stated this.

After the defacement, we demoted some leaders as they were made leaders by Aliya and Laura. They only used janitors as a joke giving random people leader.

The defacement plot was carried out under the plan to delete channels in the server and ban various members. While deleting channels, Aliya made no move to disguise her involvement, using her name freely.

Aliya deleting every channel

Meanwhile, Laura attempted to cover her tracks. She created a role called ‘Janitor’ disguised as the role given to members, but it had administrative powers. She joined the server on a fake account named ‘Da best alt’ and gave it this powerful role. It didn’t end there — she went onto another account called ‘Da best’ and yet again added the fake role.

Laura trying to cover her tracks

With this ‘Da Best’ account, she continued with the defacement. Despite her use of alternate accounts, Laura later confessed to her actions in a Janitors staff chat.

In spite of the damage to their Discord server, Da Best announced that Janitors will continue. To start, their plan is to regain their 70 members and continue with their planned events. The army was able to regain 50 of its members within mere hours of the defacement. At the time of this post, the current Janitors leaders are Da Best, Dizzy, and Mae. The trio plans to keep their army thriving.

CP Army Hub was able to receive a statement from Da Best about the future of Janitors. Da Best stated:


We are planning to regain the members we lost and hopefully get more then go back to doing what we were doing before which I won’t say as it might draw attention to bigger armies to come and ruin it but other from that we will move on like nothing ever happened with new bots and better security.


The leaders of Janitors as well as their troops have shown great strength despite the defacement. Where will they go from here?

What do YOU think of this defacement? Will Janitors make an extraordinary return or will their mops fall to the floor?
Let us know in the comments below!

CP Army Hub Reporter

CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief



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  1. How dare you deface a top large army like this. Such a despicable action


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