S/M Top Ten Armies [7/5/20-7/11/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters — Find out where the small/medium armies of this community ranked in this weeks listings.

1. Fighter Pilots [42.03]

2. Lime Green Army [41.60]

3. Black Order [40.00]

4. Golden Troops [38.23]

↓ 5. Red Ravagers [35.3]

6. Mango Corps [34.00]

[NEW!] 7. Alberto Warriors [30.50]

8T. Crimson Guardians [30.00]

8T. Los Facheros [30.00]

[NEW!] 10. One Direction Army [28.00]

Close to Top Ten:

↓ 11. Turnage Penguin Army [25.50]

 12. Lava Troops [24.80]

[NEW!] 13. Superstars [22.50]

↓ 14. Sorcerers [20.83] 

[NEW!] 15. Janitors [18.50] 

↓ 16. Water Troops [15.20]

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1. Fighter PilotsPilot’s week was rather high-flying with five total events. They kick-off with an invasion of Polar South maxing 8, and max higher for each event. After an Invasion of Mountain, a Shark Takeover, and invasion of Freezer, FP was able to max 17 at their AUSIA invasion of Aurora. It may have started out slow for them, but they picked up the pace by the end of the week.

2. Lime Green ArmyLGA had an invasion packed week, starting off with their Monday invasion of Belly Slide, reaching 7 penguins online. They then invaded Beanie on Tuesday with 11 people logged on. After a break on Wednesday, they were back at it invading Bobsled on Thursday with their best size of the week, 13. Following this, they invaded Ascent with a max of 12. Finally, they invaded the server Antarctic with a size of 10.

3. Black Order: The Black Order kicked off their week on Monday with a Watermelon event where they maxed 14! Their next event was the following day which they had a successful invasion of Ice Cave, which maxed 12. On Thursday they had another successful invasion, where they invaded Sardine with a total of 17 troops! Their final event of the week was on Saturday where they held a U-Lead event which maxed 12.

4. Golden TroopsThe Golden Troops began their successful week with an invasion of the server Rainbow, at which they peaked 12 troops. An AUSIA invasion of server Sabertooth witnessed a fantastic maximum of 19, and they took server Ice Palace with 15 penguins.

5. Red RavagersThe Red Ravagers had 4 events this week! To start off their week on Tuesday on the new CPAH Map, they invaded Below Zero on CPArmies with a max of 10, and they established Snow Bound as their capital. Next, they invaded Hockey the next day, maxing 10 troops! On Thursday, they claimed White Out in yet another invasion, maxing 11! Finally, they hit a max of 16 at their US Uniform Training Event on Friday to wrap up the week of busy invasions!

6. Mango CorpsMangoes had three events this week. They invaded Bunny Hill, Down Under, and Snow Angel. Each maxing 14, 10, and 15. Mango Corps ended up having a slow, but successful week.

7. Alberto WarriorsAlberto Warriors had just 2 events this week, both being invasions. Their first was an invasion of Husky where they maxed 14. Their second invasion and final event of the week was an invasion of Sherbet where they maxed 12!

8T. Crimson Guardians: They kicked off their week with a practice battle vs the Black Order, they had 7 guardians online. They then had a Knight Takeover maxing 15 and then a Wizard Takeover maxing 13. Their final event of the week was a 4-way battle against the ACP branches and PZF, they maxed 6.

8T.  Los Facheros: The Los Facheros Army held 2 events this week. Starting on Thursday, they invaded a Super Club Penguin server, maxing 11. The next day, they held their final event, they invaded a Super Club Penguin Server again, maxing 11. The Los Facheros Army then merged into the Lime Green Army.

10. One Direction ArmyThe One Directioners only hold three events this week. Beginning with a lively U-Lead event maxing 13 and then a belated Independence Day Party where they also max 13. 1D’s ending event was a simple tactics training with a max of 11.

11. Turnage Penguin ArmyThe Turnage Army started out their week on Sunday with a practice battle against the Ice Warriors, and brought a max of 23 troops! The following day they had a successful invasion of Misty where they brought together 10 troops!

12. Lava TroopsThe Lava Troops started off their week on Monday with a battle against the AquaBoard Nation, where they maxed 5. Their next event was on Wednesday where they held an unscheduled event with a max of 3. The same day they had a regular event where they also maxed 3! Their final event was on Friday where they held a EU/US event and brought 4 troops!

13. SuperstarsThe Superstars had a pretty simple week. They first started off with a successful invasion of Cozy, maxing 6 troops. They then ended the week with a successful invasion on Yukon, peaking at 9 troops.

14. SorcerersThe Sorcerers of Club Penguin held 2 events this week. Starting on Monday, they held their first Ausia event, maxed 6. Then on Friday, they attempted to invade cozy, in which they were unsuccessful, maxed 6.

15. JanitorsThe Janitors kicked off their week with a successful invasion of SnowBomb where they maxed 6 troops! Their second and final event of the week was a practice event on Friday where they maxed 6.

16. Water TroopsWT had a slow week, with their first event on Wednesday with a max of 2 and their next event on Friday with 3 penguins logging on. Their third and final event of the week was held on Saturday with them maxing 2 penguins.


What do YOU think of this week’s small-medium Top Ten Armies? Comment below with your thoughts!


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