Beach Brawl: The Clash of the Summer

ALASKA, CP Army Hub HQ – With the release of Summer 2020 @ CPAH: Still to Come comes various events we hope the community will enjoy. To kick it all off, we decided to invite the S/M Army Community to compete in the inaugural Beach Brawl. The Tournament will begin on Saturday, July 18th.

The first installment of Beach Brawl will have 16 armies pitted against each other in a four-round tournament. Armies will be seeded based on their recent size averages on the Top Ten. Any army which does not wish to participate must inform Pookie437 immediately. As the first tournament hosted under CPAH, this year’s Beach Brawl will certainly be one to remember. Invited armies and seeds are as follows:

Invited Armies

1. Coup Crusaders [Accepted]

2. Marines [Accepted]

3. Special Weapons and Tactics [Accepted]

4. Golden Troops [Accepted]

5. Army of the Orient Seas [Accepted]

6. Templars [Accepted]

7. Fighter Pilots [Accepted]

8. The Black Order [Accepted]

9. One Direction Army [Accepted]

10. Pizza Federation [Accepted]

11. Crimson Guardians [Accepted]

12. Red Ravagers [Accepted]

13. Lime Green Army [Accepted]

14. Silver Empire [Accepted]

15. Superstars [Accepted]

16. Sorcerers [Accepted]

Army Representatives for these armies will be approached by the administration within the next 24 hours. If your army is not invited and you would like a chance to participate in the tournament, please message LemmeGetUhhh#8568 on Discord. Please try your best to reply before Thursday, July 16th, as that is when the tournament schedule will be finalized and posted. Predictions and Meet the Judges posts are aimed to be posted on Friday, July 17th, so make sure to check back in to CP Army Hub for more info!

What do YOU think? Who will win the first-ever Beach Brawl? Will a low seed underdog win it all? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


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