Know Your Meme – Army of Club Penguin


ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Associate Producer Rocket is here to give all the latest insight on meme culture across the army community as well as explaining a few classics!

In our first ever issue of Know Your Army Meme, I reached out to several ACP members, including Robot, Kailey, Koloway, Funky, and Max about their meme culture and inside jokes they enjoyed throughout their time in ACP!

What’s one of your favorite memes?

Max: For me, my favorite meme is the RENEGADE meme because everyone knows I love TikTok and we joke about me being famous on TikTok… I actually invented the RENEGADE x5 tactic which ACP uses in every battle, and many armies recognize us for that as well.

Robot: I believe “Hold Bugs :redface:” originated outside of the ACP Discord involving some ACP troops and a mod, Sarahah, and it kinda grew and people started switching it up doing everything from “Hold Minecraft :redface:” to “Hold ACP :redface:“. I think Sarahah saw a bug and started talking about it in a Discord and some ACP troop told her to hold it or something.

Kailey the Clover Queen: Okay so, we have a currency system that troops can use to earn promotions, and the currency is clovers. People would say “gib clobr” to whoever was giving clovers (it used to be Mchappy). One day someone said “Gib clobr” and Mchappy said “Gibben.” so I made them emotes and the joke stuck. I think Sarahah saw a bug and started talking about it in a Discord, and some ACP troop told her to hold it or something.

Kailey the Clown: The turtle thing started with Zelly and I. We were just talking to Orange one day, and then we started calling him a turtle in French (ornate le tortue), and from then on Zelly decided to make turtles for everyone, so we were all turtles and had a turtle takeover.

What is the context of the infamous “CSY Smells”?

Kailey the Clown: It was during the practice battle against the Chaos Army that he called a basket in the Ski Lodge a bath tub, and during the battle Orange, the Chaos Leader started a tactic “CSY Smells”, and ever since then that’s just been used.

Who is “Oofman”?

Robot: Basically, we recruited Oofman off of Roblox, and he was obsessed with that thing. He would legit talk about Roblox like 24/7 and would just come on ACP to say “I am a Roblox warlord”, and it kinda stuck, and now we all are Roblox warlords because of Oofman :pray:.

What was the origin of the Turnage Penguin Army?

Koloway: Turnage is literally just Turnage saying his name before everything he says, and he started his army because he was bored.

Max: He only communicates with sentences beginning with the word “turnage”, an example being: turnage hi. This caught on, and it turned into a tactic we would use regularly. Evantually, Turnage became involved in the army community, and he created his own army out of it.

Why does Zelly sock?

Kailey the Clown: She was the only HCOM on during Spec Ops (ACP’s late night events held at 3am EST), and she was tired and wanted to sleep but had to lead it, so the mods just took over that event while she was on and just clowned that whole event, and kept doing “zelly socks” as a tactic.

Who is Jayce the APC Leader?

Kailey the Clown: It was a little child, he was so adorable.

Funky: It was a random eight year old, and we gave him leader. He kept saying we needed to press a “save” button.

Any other memes or images you wanna share?

Funky: The time Bschar made a treaty about my mother with Pookie on CPAM main.

Kailey the Clover Queen: This image here is my favorite!

Thank you to both Kaileys, Koloway, Funky, Max, and Robot for answering these questions about your meme culture!

We’ve covered quite a lot of ground with ACP‘s memes in this first issue, and the context and history behind these jokes goes incredibly deep! It allows people in the CPA Community to get a glimpse into a world unlike their own.

What do YOU think of this new series? What armies’ memes do YOU want to see covered next? Comment YOUR opinion down below!


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