Leader Life Stories: Noa, Dark Warriors Leader

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – Since the opening of Dark Warriors, we have seen many leaders come and go. Some being more prominent and successful than others, these leaders have been able to lead Dark Warriors over their tenure to become one of the most successful armies that Club Penguin Armies has ever seen. Today we will speak to one of these leaders, Noa.

Noa came into the Club Penguin Army community in November of 2019, first joining the Redemption Force. Although not spending a long time there due to Redemption Force being shut down, she did end up falling in love with the army community and has stuck around ever since. Following the shut down of Redemption Force, many of the former RF troops decided that it was best for them to take their skills to the Doritos of Club Penguin. Noa shortly followed the others and decided to join the Doritos as well. She made her big break in Doritos and it is where she began making a name for herself in the community. She was able to rank up from a member rank up to third-in-command in Doritos before she decided that her time in Doritos was up. Following her departure from Doritos, she decided to take her talents and what she learned from her time in DCP and went to the Dark Warriors. She joined for the high rank of Third-In-Command and quickly rose the ranks to become a Dark Warriors Supreme Commander.

Dark Warriors making a quite impressive infinity under Noa’s leadership.

Although her time in armies has not been as long as a lot of us would have expected, Noa has done a lot of things to lead Dark Warriors to success and make them as well known as they are today. This includes making it to the semi-finals of the most recent Legends Cup alongside reaching the finals of the March Madness tournament. She also helped lead to DW to a size of 135 which is the army’s record size along with many other things.

We had the chance to catch up with Noa and learn more about her history in CP armies along with a few things about her life outside of this community!

Thank you Noa for being the first feature in Leader Life Stories! My first question is, what made you want to join Club Penguin Armies?

I was just bored one day and I decided to play Club Penguin (CPO), and I saw an admin recruiting for Redemption Force and it seemed fun, so I joined it

Very interesting, my next question is through all that Dark Warriors has had to overcome, (lots of HCOM changes, the departure of Freezie from leadership), what is the key to the success of Dark Warriors?

I’d say dedication. Everyone in DW very focused, and we all look for what’s best for the army. Our high command and staff help us in everything they can, which is something we’re extremely grateful for, and my co-leaders are amazing people to work with too. It’s something all of us have achieved together.

That’s awesome! Although your time in armies has been rather short, what has been your favorite memory leading up to this point?

Everyone is so much fun all the time there’s not a day that I don’t burst out laughing lolololol. Once I got my own funeral

Dark Warriors attending a joke funeral for their beloved leader, Noa.

Oh wow! Glad there’s a fun side to Dark Warriors! Other than armies, what are some of your hobbies in your personal life?

I’ve dancing ever since I was like 3 or so, but I took a break from it for a while. I was supposed to get back on it soon but then the corona outbreak happened so I’ll probably have to wait a while more. I also play tennis and I’m trying to learn how to play the piano. Psa, I suck.
As you can see, Noa has quite an interesting life, both within and outside of armies. She has done an incredible amount of work to get Dark Warriors to the elite status that they have maintained throughout recent history. Let’s hope that they can continue on this run that they are on and achieve even greater things than they already have.

What do YOU think? Would you have ever suspected Noa to be as successful as she has been thus far? What do you anticipate is the future of Dark Warriors under Noa’s leadership? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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