Operation: Snowstorm, Chapter Two: Dreams and Aspirations


ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Original Stories Office–  The Army Hub presents to you the second chapter of the original story written by Scorpion Demon: Operation Snowstorm.

Chapter Two: Dreams and Aspirations

The forest was silent as the young evening washed over it. In the northern forest, this silence was broken by the footfall of a penguin moving quickly but stealthily. It was Ian, sporting a pair of sneakers. He ducked behind a large boulder as the two suspects he was targeting came within range of vision. He reached below and fashioned two round missiles with the snow.

Ian felt his breath quicken as the sound of feet crunching the grass grew closer, and adrenaline coursed through his body. He was well hidden behind three large boulders that also allowed him a pinprick view of the approaching penguins. One of them was peach-colored and wore a khaki outfit while the other one was a light blue penguin in a black hoodie, a red baseball cap, and carrying a tuba. He could hear their conversation, though the evening wind kept snatching bits of it away. “…deep into the forest”, “…must find them”. Then they turned to go around a cluster of trees and Ian couldn’t see them anymore. He realized that he would have to execute this with perfect timing, too early and he might miss them, too late and he may put his own self in danger. It was a tip his instructor had given to him during training.

Suddenly a footstep sounded right behind the boulder. Ian effortlessly jumped out of his hiding place, two snowballs ready in both flippers, and hit them point blank in the face. The duo had barely recovered from their surprise when two more hit them with even more force, making them fall. Magnus strode out quickly from behind the trees and walked up to the penguins.


Blaine scanned the faces of the three penguins standing before him, against the coffee brown walls of the room. A strong fire burned in the corner, and the room was quite cozy. He spoke, “What do you mean they escaped?” Riya, the blue penguin replied, “They ran into the forest, and only twelve of our troops could follow them. The others got lost. Those twelve haven’t returned yet.” Blaine felt his temper rise, and he screamed, “Fifty of you and you let them escape!!!” Riya cowered in fright. Beck strode forward and said,” We are patrolling the perimeters from all sides. The area in which they are hiding will be-“. Blaine retorted, “I know that, you fool. Don’t try to be too smart. Once my master plan is complete, I will have an army, and they will be only a handful. Even the Forest won’t be enough to hide them when that happens.”

He paced to the left wall and pressed a button hidden there. A cabinet opened, and out came the same device that he had used to addle with the penguin’s minds. Except, now it lay dismantled, while beside it were three eyepieces. “You three will wear these whenever you venture outdoors. If you see any penguin suspiciously behaving, or not a part of my army, it is your job to make them join.” DT, the third penguin, asked, “Do these work in the same way as your device?” Blaine replied, “No, that pathetic Gary had installed a security key that prevents me from accessing the working of that device. But this can help you with hypnotizing one penguin, if you make eye contact even for a second.”

Soon they’ll be begging me for mercy, Blaine thought. They treated me like I was nothing, now I’ll make them into nothing.


Ian picked up a fresh lump of snow, but the blue penguin cried out, “Stop, we’re not your enemies, we’ve come to help you!” Magnus stepped up to them and helped them both up. He asked, “You weren’t hypnotized?” The blue penguin replied, “No, I was in the boiler room when this happened, so I got out through the Dance Club entrance and was behind that weird guy when he did that. I saw you escape towards the Forest. But I got lost almost as soon as I came in.”

The peach penguin continued, “I was on the Ski Hill with Yukon, using our telescope to search for places to explore, when I saw what was happening in the Town. We kept spying on them, but then they sneaked upon us. I escaped through Ridge Run into the east Forest, where I found Daniel. I’m Alaska, by the way!” Ian blurted out, “You’re actually Alaska and Daniel?” Magnus asked, “Do you know them, Ian?” “Yes,” he replied, “Daniel was the guy who helped unravel the mystery of the Keeper of the Boiler room, and Alaska is a famous explorer who searches for rare puffles.”

In the time that they had spent in the Forest, Ian had located a much secure location to set up camp in- it had only two ways to get into, so no one could sneak upon them.

They settled around a campfire Bruce had built, and Magnus introduced the new people. Bruce and Larry Days (Gerry’s brother) had volunteered to keep watch now, and the others gathered around to hear what Alaska and Daniel had to say. Ian remembered the campfire from the day before. Everyone had been so scared and didn’t know what was going on. Magnus had quickly assured them that they were safe now, and explained what had happened in a straight-to-the-point manner. He convinced all of them to join him to fight against Blaine, but they had no plan on how to do that.

Alaska said, “Yukon and I saw them taking the EPF agents, as well as Cadence and DJ Maxx to the Everyday Phoning Facility. But where they went after that I couldn’t see. Cadence and DJ Maxx escaped to the Plaza. They must be hiding in a room over there.” Zebra took notes on her pad the whole time Alaska was speaking.

Daniel put in, “I had left the Boiler Room unlocked, so if they have any sense they’ll lock themselves in there and wait for help.” ” Hey, don’t be so mean.” “It’s common sense.” “STOP Fighting!” Zebra thundered. “Please continue, Alaska.” “I don’t think they managed to breach the Dojo. Sensei himself led the Fire Ninjas, they melted all the snow and the Water Ninjas made it hit anyone who tried to climb the stairs. The hypnotized penguins keep patrolling places like Cove, Plaza, and the Mine, to make sure you don’t escape the Forest.” She stopped there as she sensed that the campers were starting to lose hope.

“They won’t last a chance against us if they’ve split up.” Magnus spoke up, standing on his feet. “If we attack one of their ‘patrols’, we can free the penguins and get information from them about what Blaine is really up to. From what Ian told me about him, I don’t believe he will stop and be satisfied with what he has now.” “He also instructed the penguins to wear a uniform. He really is making an army, isn’t he?” Daniel asked. “That might work to our advantage.” Magnus said, almost smiling. “Gather around closer, I have a plan.”


Bruce staggered back to the camp, as Zebra and Gerry reported to their guard positions. He fell onto his bed, exhausted, and almost immediately started dreaming.

He was in a dark room, it had no windows or a source of light except for a door that was slightly open. He could see a work table near the wall, but there was nothing on it. A blue penguin was sitting against the wall. With a shock, Bruce recognized Gary, though he looked like he had been starving. The door opened wider and Blaine walked into the room. Bruce felt anger course through his veins, and he tried to punch him but he couldn’t move.

“Does your current predicament not instill fear into you, old friend? How long are you going to hold on? Like I said, your friends who escaped aren’t going to rescue you, they need rescuing themselves.” “I’ll never give the key to you Blaine. I know your plans, and I won’t allow it to happen no matter what.” “You think I didn’t anticipate your refusal? Don’t underestimate me, Gary.” A new penguin was pushed inside flanked closely by two penguins, their eyes blue. Horror coursed through Bruce as he saw Dot, locked up in a metal handcuff.

“N-no, don’t hurt her, please don’t.” Dot mumbled, “Don’t worry Gary, I can bear this. After all, I was trained to beat all odds.” “We’ll see how long you keep your security when your favorite agents are being captured in front of you. I’ll see you soon, old friend. You better change your mind until then.” Gary chuckled and called after him, “What about your own brother, who stands against you?” Bruce awoke with a start as Blaine slammed the door in rage and Gary slumped against the floor, tired.

What is the plan Magnus has devised? How can they even hope to fight against Blaine without being overpowered? Is Bruce’s dream a true nightmare or just a figment of his imagination?

Come back next week for Chapter Three.

What did YOU think of Chapter Two? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Story Writer


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  1. Omg I’m loving the storyyyy!!! ❤ Can't wait to see what happens next!


  2. Dang,great story!


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