Templars Removed From The NDA Following CPG Defacement

YETI, New Dawn Alliance Empire – Not too long ago, the New Dawn Alliance has risen once again and has come back stronger than ever. Members of the newly resurrected alliance being the Army of Club Penguin, Doritos, Elites, Lime Green Army, and Templars. However, little over a day after, the Templars have been removed from the alliance, immediately.

Along with the reformation of the New Dawn Alliance, news broke out earlier about Templars’ leaders receiving access to the Club Penguin Galaxy discord, a private server in the making. After obtaining access, the leaders defaced the server and banned several members. Read more about the details of the defacement here.

After hearing about the sudden defacement, ACP, one of the armies apart of the alliance, felt they no longer wanted to be apart of it. They expressed how they didn’t want to be near the Templars’ as they had defacement attached to their name. Templars is an army that averages consistent sizes of 20 were included as they are an important asset to the alliance, but their reputation with both armies and the community is questionable. Xing, the creator of Templars, is known too for banishment from the CPA Hub Discord. Despite Templars’ being a yielding army, other armies couldn’t be in good conscience with the Templars’ on the same side as them.

CSY, ACP leader expressing his thoughts regarding the recent defacement. ACP and Templars have had a historically shaky relationship, so seeing the events conspire, CSY was evoked to pull ACP out of the alliance.

After several questions raised from others in the alliance, the Templars’ came forward. They mentioned how they defaced the server due to Club Penguin Galaxy staff employing troops. Despite considering other options, they took the irrational route.

Templars’ leaders, explaining their reasoning for the defacement. Xing and Freedomist show their intentions were to combat the troopstealing conducted by the CPPS.

The Templars leaders continued to provide screenshots of AmazingAbe, admin of CP Galaxy. The picture below shows him taking responsibility.

AmazingAbe, CP Galaxy Admin, admitting to employing Templars troops

More screenshots were provided of AmazingAbe, taking the blame and apologizing to the Templars’ leaders of the recent events regarding the CP Galaxy private server.

Even after providing context, people in the alliance were still unsure whether they wanted to continue with them. Others expressed how the defacement was not the right decision to take. This led Jester, leader of the NDA, to put up a vote and decide whether or not to kick the Templars out of the alliance.

Prompted by a member of the alliance willing to leave after the Templars incident, Jester, leader of the NDA, conducted a vote to determine whether Templars can stay or not.

As seen in the screenshot above, the majority voted for the army to get kicked out. The Templars’ were soon to be booted out of the server, and are officially cut from the alliance.

Following the unexpected removal, CP Army Hub was able to sit down with Jester, organizer of the NDA, and ask him his thoughts regarding the situation.

What was your stance when you heard ACP wanting to depart from the alliance?

A mutual understanding, in the end, ACP stayed. What templars did was unacceptable and could have been avoided.

Would you reconsider the Templars to potentially come back to the alliance?

Yes but ultimately it’s up to a majority vote. I’ve been making a lot of decisions, asking for input but usually, I don’t get any which leads me to decide myself, I think I did what I did fairly in a vote consisting of NDA, HCOM and leaders.

Now that Templars are out of the way, what are your plans for the NDA?

Still to strengthen and bolster our allies, only time will tell our strategic maneuvers.

Any final comments you’d like to add?

This was NDA’s first test, and this is an example of NDA’s values as an alliance dating back to the beginning of NDA.


Despite the removal of the Templars, the NDA will continue to move on to its main priorities. Jester expressed that even though he usually ends up making the decisions himself, a major choice like this was something that he could not make himself. CP Army Hub is intrigued to see what plans the alliance has to offer, as they managed to go over that obstacle.

What do YOU think? Should the actions committed by the Templars be forgiven? Or be frowned upon? Comment YOUR opinions in the comments down below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

2 Responses

  1. cpg were fucking stealing our recuits we lost sizes becasue of cpg


  2. silmy, i wonder how templars lost sizes, only they’re leaders + kamen were on our discord


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