Four Dorito Colonies Join The Army Community

Update: We can confirm the Takis are in fact a Lime Green Army colony being used for NDA efforts, while the Toasters are a Dorito “proxy army”, also being used to aid the NDA. 

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – Four new armies joined the community as colonies under the Doritos of Club Penguin. Was it inspired by the recent surge of Ice Warrior colonies and their use to claim a significant amount of servers on the new Army Hub map?

The first two colonies to establish themselves were the Brownies and the Toasters. While the Brownies are led by Doritos higher command members Mariee and Wassim23, the Toasters are headed by Zamb, MermaidBri, and Bearbear2020. The Avengers entered the community two hours later, sporting fun Marvel-themed uniforms. Again, this army is led by Doritos staff members Phoenix and Vivala.

Avengers of CP verification event

None of these new armies mentioned above have held any events following their official verification, which gained them the ‘CP Army Hub army’ status. This has left many in the community question what the Doritos could be planning. However, this was some-what cleared up when Toasters leader Bearbear released the following Discord statement:

Click to enlarge.

It is evident from the Toasters announcement that these colonies will be utilised by the Doritos and the newly-revived New Dawn Alliance.

The fourth and final Dorito colony to enter the army community was Takis. Unlike the other three newly created armies, the Takis already have some history to them, dating back six years. This new generation of the Takis is being led by Meerkat, Karma, Greeny, and Marshon – all of whom are New Dawn Alliance leaders. 

Takis of CP verification event

While it is too late for them to use these colonies to mass-invade the server map, it is likely they could be utilised in a potential conflict with the Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors, which has been rumoured for some time now. But will they be successful in their exploits? 

What do YOU think? How will these colonies be used to benefit the Doritos in the future? Do you think the Doritos and NDA are planning for some invasions very soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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