Get To Know The Lime Green Army Colony: The Takis

GREAT WHITE, Lime Green Army Empire Following the introduction of the New Dawn Alliance, a surge in colonies implies that many new members are joining CP Army Hub. Brownies, Toasters, and Avengers may be newer, but a familiar face of the past have made their reintroduction. Why are the Takis back, and what are their intentions in the community?

The spicy Takis began in 2014, created by Memmaw, and has since had six generations, each one gradually showing greater sizes than the one before. Their first rise to prominence was when the Takis’ opening event scored them the 5th spot on Small-Medium Army Central (SMAC)’s Top Ten. The next generation of the army began in December of 2014, with not only Memmaw but Takis Legend Nitrohammer and Bigmail stepping up to the leadership. Shortly after their second return, Takis entered a war with the Elite Federals and declared their invasion a victory before another disappearance.

Later, another generation arose, where Memmaw and Nitrohammer again led and made their mark on the Top Ten. Another notable leader to join the Takis leadership was Badboy, who was removed from Doritos’s leadership. Moving from one chip army to the other, Badboy pledged to increase the size of Takis from an average of 15 to 30, which was seen as Major sizes. Takis continued growing and later had army veterans Trader and 13yearoldn00b take the helm, which brought the Takis to a major army status.

Kingfunk’s list on the Top Ten armies of 2017 (statistically) and Takis is shown making the 15th spot.

Unfortunately, the website was defaced in a later generation, which rid the site of their history. Disagreements between the leadership led Badboy to leave, and following his leave, the site was defaced and multiple posts/pages were deleted. The deface led Memmaw and Nitro to retire from the Takis and later join the Lime Green Army. Although their site posts were deleted, they’ve made their mark on history as Kingfunks declared them the 15th best army of 2017 in his CPAC post found here. After the long hiatus since 2017 and an event that officiated the army minutes after it’s opening, the Takis has returned as a colony to the Lime Green Army. Historically, the leaders of LGA have been connected to the history of Takis. Takis and LGA coexisted before, but now the Takis are apart the new colony craze started by the NDA. 

Taki’s of CP opening event, where DCP staff and LGA leaders can be seen.

To find out why LGA leaders Snapple, Greeny, Karma, and hippieFRESH reestablished the former army, CP Army Hub has conducted an interview with LGA creator and Takis leader Greeny.

Rather than creating a new colony similar to Brownies and Avengers, why did you revive the Takis?

Well I’ve had permissions to re-create Takis since I lead the final generation in 2017. We attempted a revival not too many months ago, but it didn’t go too well. I thought this could possibly be the final chance to have a solid Takis generation before club penguin shuts it’s door

After the New Dawn Alliance, do the Takis intend on remaining open?

If we gain traction it’s very possible. I’d like to make this generation be as great as it can be, and if that includes keeping Takis open until the end of this year then I’ll do what’s in my power to accomplish that.

Do you have any specific plans or goals for the Takis?

I’d like to reach our previous heights of maxing 20-30 by the time we close our doors

It can be seen that Greeny is up for the challenge to make the Takis succeed and he seems to have some great ambitions and plans for the army!

What do YOU think? Will the Takis be the next army to take over the top ten? Or will they quickly close again? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer

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  1. Fear the Spice!


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