What Colony Belongs to What Army?

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – According to the CP Armies Wiki page, a colony is an army that operates under another army. The colony functions as a separate army, but all its servers go to the parent army and in return, the parent army offers assistance to the colony. The number of colonies owned by certain armies is increasing, which begs the question: what colony belongs to what army?

In comparison to major armies, small and medium armies are more likely to become colonies. Colonies are formed in one of three ways: a larger army negotiates with a smaller army to take them under the larger army’s wing, a member from the larger army forms a colony for that army, or one army will take over another by force. The first two ways are the most common.

An example of the second example of how colonies are formed is with the Doritos of Club Penguin. They own 4 colonies: Meerkats of CP lead by Leila, Brownies of CP lead by Marie and Wassim, Avengers of CP lead by Phoenix, and Toasters of CP lead by Bearbear. They maxed around 10-15 penguins for their recent events. All are owned and operated by Doritos of Club Penguin staff members and have a great relationship with the army.

Brownies of CP

Another major army that owns colonies is Ice Warriors. Their 4 colonies consist of Coup Crusaders, Janitors, Alberto Warriors, and Da Best Army. Coup Crusaders is led by Erick09, Storm, Alexandra, Flav, Coolguy and Fusion, and they have a clear relationship with Ice Warriors. Alberto Warriors, led by Alberto, have held numerous events with a steady max of 10+.

Coup Crusaders

Surprisingly, other major armies see no need to have plenty of colonies, so they own only one colony, such as Elites with Erika’s of CP as their colony and Army of Club Penguin with Undead Phantom Army. The colonies similarly max around 10+ penguins.  Both armies have a friendly and supportive relationship with their colonies.

Erika’s of CP

Half of the major armies are content with their colonies, but the other half of major armies have no colonies at all. Dark Warriors stated they don’t have any colonies at the time being and do not plan on getting them in the future. Water Vikings, Rebel Penguin Federation, and Help Force also have zero colonies at the time of this post.

Some armies prefer to open up to different armies, hence having colonies, and others like to keep to themselves with their ally-enemy relations. Each army has the right to run a certain way as long as it complies with CP Army Hub rules and does not violate others.

What are YOUR thoughts on colonies? Would you rather be part of an army or colony? Let us know in the comment section!

CP Army Hub Reporter


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  1. Reminds me of back in the CPO days, where Light Troops was a colony of Pirates, both of which are closed now.


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