Army Of The Week: The Silver Empire

ALASKA, CP Army Headquarters- In the third edition of Army Of The Week, we once again focus on a small/medium army that has made an eminent hop in the Top Ten. The army who has earned the spotlight is none other than the Silver Empire for their massive jump from 2nd of the s/m top ten to 13th of the Top Ten.

On April 20th of this year, the Silver Empire was formed with someone of the most active members of the Gold Empire: Jimmy11, Chloe, Electrumm, Daniel20448, Mangoclaw4, esilverm, Stevie101, Shadowlover. The entirety of the 8 founders was confronted with the ban hammer from Golds and Club Penguin Online. A discord server was made to simply have a fabulous time since the CPO and Golds drama occurred, they chose to turn the discord server into an army as a joke to go up against golds and that was the way Silver Empire was conceived.

Silver Empire’s first event hosted in Penguin Saloon

After the creation, they had no Club Penguin Private Servers to have events and that is when they pursued PSAL (Penguin Saloon Army League) and facilitated events in Penguin Saloon. When Penguin Saloon opened, they began enrolling, and in the long run, they began recruiting an ever-increasing number of troops. Their first battle was with Metal Warriors in the Challengers Cup tournament where Silver Empire tasted triumph. The Silver Empire continued to the second round and lost to the Crimson Guardians. Since their foundation, they have facilitated numerous practice battles and events with their allies. Silver Empire’s next large step as an army was the point at which they succeded in a merger with the Sky Troops.

Silver Empire emerging victorious against Metal Warriors in the Challengers Cup.

Following their sharp increase in their maxes and various events conducted, they were able to make a noticeable jump from 2nd in the s/m Top Ten rankings list, to ranking 12th in the recent edition of the Top Ten rankings.

Silver Empire find themselves close to the Top Ten

The CP Army Hub team was able to speak exclusively with one of the current leaders of the Silver Empire, Jimmy11, with their thoughts on their recent performance.

First, congratulations on the huge jump from S/M top ten to 12th in the top ten, did you expect Silver Empire to achieve a huge leap from the S/M top ten?

I did expect this big jump in the rankings because through our constant hard work, determination, and desire to become a better and stronger army, we achieved our well deserved results. We hosted an event every single day of last week, some days even included two events and for every single one, we put our full heart and soul into making it the best it could possibly be. Our hard work eventually paid off and we achieved the rank we deserved on the top ten.

That’s wonderful, what might you say would be your objectives later on? What does the future hold for the Silver Empire?

I would say our main goal for the near future is to increase our size in events and battles. Our army has worked super hard over the past weeks and we have done so much in trying to perfect battle tactics and formations. That work has paid off and though we aren’t perfect, our most important thing to focus on right now is increasing our max. Once we can start maxing larger numbers, I think we can be one of the top dogs and easily earn a top seven spot on the top ten. The future of Silver Empire will be very bright as long as we all stick together, stay active, strive for new goals, and have a fun time, each and every day.

Since the Beach Brawl Tournament is right around the corner, mind giving us input on your preparation for the tournament?

Generally before battles and events, Silver Empire does all that we can in ensuring that we are super well prepared. This means that we brainstorm more than enough tactics, possible formations for every single room, and backup plans. For the upcoming Beach Brawl Tournament, we will do the same as we always do in battle preparation, as well as hyping the battle up in order to gain the most members possible. We are a very competitive army and we will do whatever it takes in order to achieve success. Best of luck to all the S/M armies in the tournament!

Well said, I wish you luck in your future endeavors! Is there anything else you’d like to say to the community?

I would like to wish the best of luck to every army in the future, just stick with your goals and you will eventually achieve them through hard work and dedication.

At the end of the interview, it’s evident to all what the Silver Empire has in store for the Community. Jimmy11 also states that constant hard work, determination, and desire motivates them to become a better and stronger army. The current leadership of the Silver Empire is confident that the army’s future will be very bright as long as they all stick together, stay active, strive for new goals, and have a fun time, every day. The question is, will the Silver Empire keep up with the current success and emerge victorious in the upcoming Beach Brawl tournament?

What do YOU think? Will the Silver Empire keep up with their current success? Will they add the Beach Brawl trophy to their cabinet? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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