[EDITORIAL] Why Treaties Will Destroy Us

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Cassie’s Desk – Club Penguin Armies are meant for warfare and battles. However, since the formation of CP Army Hub, the number of treaties between armies has skyrocketed. What is a community of armies meant to do if they are choosing to limit who they can invade or battle with?

To discuss how treaties affect armies, we have to dive into our history. Even in 2014, a CP Army Central author expressed their dislike of treaties in a post linked here. The author cites their belief that within the specified treaty, one party can absolutely crush the other and not the other way around — a completely unfair position for one group to be in. Although not all treaties produce terms like this, the fact that this is something that can happen at all is a huge problem.

With each day that passes, a new treaty forms — sometimes more than one on a given day — and yet another army hangs up their uniforms in a piece of the map until September 1st, 2020. As far as CP Army Hub treaties go, there’s one army that bears the crown for the number of treaties it is involved in: Ice Warriors. That statement holds true throughout history. I did some digging through CP Army Central and found a few posts in different points of 2014 and one in 2015 wherein Ice Warriors sign or produce a treaty. For the purpose of this post, I cut it down to two. In 2014, they formed a treaty with Rebel Penguin Federation and Dark Warriors, found here. In 2015, they arranged another with Golds Army, found here.

At the time of this post, there are eighteen treaties under CP Army Hub format. Out of these, eight of them involve Ice Warriors. In fact, the first written treaty was Ice Warriors. Additionally, many of the armies involved in Ice Warriors’ treaties are small/medium armies. As a result, these armies are in a ceasefire until September 1st, 2020. This does not only limit the two or more armies agreeing to the treaty: it affects their colonies as well.

A situation like this leads to a kind of domino effect. When a significant army begins creating treaties with a particular set of armies solely against that army and its allies, it makes itself an aggressor towards, for example, another major army included in one or more of the treaties. This again leads to another wave of treaties until a new alliance begins to form.

To be clear, this occurred recently with the revival of the New Dawn Alliance. The treaty binds a set of armies to an alliance, and those not involved are left to sit and watch. This could set the stage for a mass conflict between the alliance and armies on the outside of it. The creation of the Small/Medium Army Alliance could add to the conflict currently brewing within the community, including the first wars started since the move to CP Army Hub.

While some may justify this as a mere strategy, a factor it is lacking is the sense of being in armies. We are no longer fighting it out on the battlefield — wars are now more likely to be merely proxy wars rather than an actual experience of the thrill of an invasion at the Iceberg, the thrill of having several people just like you log on to Club Penguin and face it off together as we remain immersed in the game for 30 minutes, maybe 40 or more for overtime.

Army of Club Penguin vs. Rebel Penguin Federation Holiday Championship Finals 2019

Even a year ago, things were different. We had more tournaments, we had tactics that poked fun at each other in a friendly way, we did not have all these treaties and alliances to separate us.

Club Penguin Armies have begun to adopt measures that arguably mirror real-life political events and wars. This desire to duplicate real politics, whether or not it is acknowledged as such, will be our destruction. Words thrown at each other in Discord servers will become the new norm, rather than armies doing tactics on the battlefield. Alliances will be the same as armies moving into formations. These treaties popping up are not the same as finding out the winner of a battle. They will be our downfall.

So if this is our new standard — if news sites and Discord chats are our new battlefields, if treaties and alliances are our competitors… who will be the judge? Who will change the norm?

What do YOU think? Will treaties bring armies to their demise? Or will they keep piling up? Let us know in the comments below!

CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief

2 Responses

  1. […] There are currently 24 treaties registered under the #treaties channel, and these treaties include multiple armies which means there are probably at least 15 or so armies involved in treaties against multiple armies. What that quintessentially means is that these armies are definitely not going to be seeing each other on the battlefield based on their treaties. What’s more is that these treaties are not two week long treaties. Most of them extend until September. Is this really serving the purpose of a game that was built on the premise of fighting armies? The subject of treaties has actually been covered thoroughly by Cassie in her recent report that can be found here. […]


  2. Does this have to be a bad thing? Political roleplays are fun too. Maybe we’re just evolving into something new. Also, you seem to think toxicity in armies is something new that’s surfaced because of politicization. This is not the case, armies have had toxicity issues for a long time.


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