Templars Enter War With the Lime Green Army

WALRUS, TEMPLARS’ EMPIRE – After the triad consisting of the Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors, and Dark Warriors collectively declaring war on the Doritos, another war has emerged. The Templars, formerly associated with the New Dawn Alliance and removed abruptly following the leaders’ deface of a CPPS, has declared war on current NDA member, the Lime Green Army. Why did they declare war on an army they formerly associated with?

On July 13th, the NDA, consisting of the Doritos of CP, Lime Green Army, Army of CP, and Templars voted to remove Templars because their leaders were involved in defacing CP Galaxy, an up-and-coming CP Private Server ran by AmazingAbe. Although they were kicked out, they didn’t leave empty-handed. Xing, Templars creator, and legend stated that prior to their removal, he took screenshots of information regarding the TWA and sent it to their alliance, implying that he’s joined the opposing alliance.

Xing is shown in this screenshot admitting to taking pictures of everything in the chat and sending it to IW leadership.

Two days later, news breaks out about not one, but THREE armies declaring war on Doritos. Those three being the Rebel Penguin Federation, Dark Warriors, and Ice Warriors, who have all shown their might through maintaining the top 5 spots on the Top Ten. The Templars may not be involved in NDA, which is active as the alliance serves to retaliate only when they’re threatened, but they’ve begun a crusade with the Lime Green Army. Xing took it to the Templars site and made his declaration (which can be found here) against the green army. He believes that the war will escalate to a world war as it’s not one, but four superpowers involved. Templars chose to support the TWA and assist in defenses, stating,

 Today we embark in our first Holy War in many months. Today is a momentous occasion as today is the day we began World War 8. Nonetheless, our focus moves towards the East of our lands. Towards the LGA . Once a brother ally, but now corrupted by the demons we have fought against those many months ago in January 2020. Our mission is to assist TWA aka The Warrior Alliance in holding the Southern Front against the Marauding LGA.

In attempts to learn more about their intentions, I initially reached out to Freedomist, leader of Templars for an interview. Freedomist said that although the leaders were on board, it was mainly Xing’s decision to wage war. To learn about their motivation on why their former brother allies became a target for invasions, CPA Hub was able to grab an interview with none other than the warmongering Templar himself, Xing.

Thank you for conducting this interview. Was the Templars’ decision to enter the war influenced by the current TWA and RPF’s waged war against DCP?


After removal from the New Dawn Alliance, are the Templars’ affiliated with the TWA, or are they maintaining a neutral stance?


Is the motivation towards the war revenge for being removed, or is there another outcome that the Templars seek?

both. land and revenge.

Based on the interview, Xing not only wishes for the Templars nation to expand but to have the last laugh following their removal. The Lime Green Army will be defending Bobsled, Belly Slide and, Yeti in the next week. The terms state that the alliance isn’t allowed to intervene and it’s a one v. one war between the two small-medium armies, so some thrilling battles are soon to come.

What do YOU think? Was the Templars’ removal from the NDA enough justification to declare war? How will the LGA handle the upcoming invasions? Will Templars’ invasions benefit the TWA and RPF? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer

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