What Would You Do: Multilogging

ALASKA, Koloway’s Office – Often times, one may find themselves asking what they would do in any given CP Army situation. In this installment of What Would You Do, leaders of various armies are asked what they would do if members of their command were caught multilogging.

Multilogging is when a troop, officer, or leader log on multiple accounts for the same event. Multilogging is done in an attempt to unfairly inflate sizes and gain a competitive advantage over other armies. Multilogging has historically been looked down upon in the CP Armies community, but that has not stopped people from continuing the trend of multilogging. On occasion, leaders of few armies will instruct members of their command to multilog.

Leaders were asked the following:
If you caught members of your command multilogging, what would you do?

Megann, DW Leader

We would take matters into our own hands and talk to whoever was multilogging. We would warn them first, but if they continued to multilog, we would execute demotions accordingly. Multilogging is unacceptable here at DW because we want to compete against other armies in complete fairness and honor.

Sidie9, PIC Leader

If I were to catch a member of my army multilogging it would depend on circumstance. I am strictly against multilogging, as demonstrated when I overthrew my fellow ACP leader Trader for multilogging. However, if anyone in my command multilogged during a regular event (and it happened to be their first offence) they would be given a firm warning and would be expected to not do it again. Under any other circumstances, I would find it hard to not demote them several positions at the very least, or at most have them resign from their rank.

Kingfunks4, WV Leader

If we caught members of our higher command multilogging they would be removed immediately from the army – as we showed previously. We would be totally honest and transparent with the community, as we are against any multilogging.

Pjayo, WV Leader

I mean we’ve been through this before haven’t we? Even when I was on equal standing I took control of the situation and removed them myself. If it happens again I wouldn’t even hesitate

Hidcre, PZF Leader

i’d strip them of rank. give EVERYONE a public announcement, if they did it again a ban

Crazzy, RPF Rebel Commander

I’d demote and/or fire anyone in my command who was participating in multilogging. I’d rather us not hit our size goals than cheat our way there.

Judging by the responses of these army leaders, it is apparent that multilogging is no joke. If someone is found to be multilogging, whether instructed to do so or not, it will not end well for them.

This begs the final question…
If you found someone multilogging, what would YOU do?


CP Army Hub Vice President

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