Agent 11 Announces Ice Warriors Retirement

SUBZERO, Ice Warriors Empire – After leading the legendary army Ice Warriors of Club Penguin and recreating it to its former glory, Ice Warrior’s most loyal leader, Agent11 has announced his retirement from the icy throne.

Agent 11, also known as What’s Up 11 and Captian 11 has been in the CPA community since 2012. He had joined the Club Penguin Pirates under the leadership of Waterkid100. Agent 11 chose to move to the Army Republic of CP in 2013 during one of their golden ages where he rose through the ranks rapidly to third in command. In the end, Agent 11 was terminated from the Army Republic and that is the point at which he led his first army, Team Blue alongside Wyoskyguy and Brain. He has led numerous armies to progress such as Doritos of CP, Dark Warriors, Golds and, Ice Warriors. During his time in 2013, he was leading the Golds with Andrew24, Flamez, and Final Chaser. However, that was only the beginning of his career. During his time in the Golds, they defeated the Army of Club Penguin in a tournament battle with a max of 35. Most recently, Agent 11 was leading the Pirates in February when he was directly promoted into IW leadership at the end of the month. Since then, he has been successfully leading IW.

Golds vs. ACP.

Unfortunate news had broken out on the 16th of July, 2020 announcing Agent 11’s official retirement from not only the Ice Warrior’s leadership but the army community altogether. Agent 11 is definitely an outstanding figure in the IW community as he helped lead, most likely one of the most successful generations of the Ice Warriors. With IW maxing 100+ multiple times, even hitting peaks of 165 in a tournament battle against the Doritos in April of this year. Agent 11 released a heart-felt retirement speech in which he made several notes to the community, as well as special notes to certain individuals that impacted his army career. Even though his retirement is saddening to most of the community, Agent 11 will not be forgotten as he is dearly loved and appreciated by everyone.

The conclusion of Agent 11’s retirement post.

CP Army Hub was able to exclusively speak with former Ice Warrior’s leader, Agent 11, to learn more about his retirement.

Hi Agent 11, the most evident question the community is tingling to pose is what was the reason for your decision to resign from the Ice Warriors, was this an unexpected or arranged retirement?

My retirement was arranged. I’ll be heading off to basic training soon, so I had to anyways.

With your takeoff, how would you feel the Ice Warriors will perform without you effectively present as a leader?

The rest of the leaders are fantastic, with or without me. I think IW will be fine, and our next line of leaders show great promise in my eyes as well.

Do you ever plan to return to the Ice Warriors as a leader, or armies as a whole?


CP Army Hub wishes you luck in your future endeavors! Is there anything else you’d like to say to the community?

Don’t stress too much about this stuff, in the end you’ll see it’s not worth stressing over.


As you can see, Agent 11 has had a long run in the community, leading multiple armies, making new friends, and overall making the community a welcoming place. Agent 11 will be dearly missed by not only the Ice Warriors but the community as a whole. We here at CP Army Hub wish all the best for Agent 11 and his future endeavors!


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