How They Began: Ayan and the Help Force

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Welcome to How They Began! A weekly segment here at CP Army Hub that puts one army under the microscope, looking at their foundations and interviewing their creator. This week’s edition will take a look at the Help Force, which includes an interview with the creator, Ayan.

The Help Force was created by Ayan (KitKat89) in March 2018. It was created because Ayan found it hard to find other people to complete stamps that require a group of people. Therefore, to help other penguins complete stamps, the Help Force was established.

Era One

March 2018 – December 2019

From Helping Friends to Help Force

Helping Friends was an army created by Ayan on March 11th, 2018. However, this army did not last as Helping Friends opened, they closed the same day due to defacement. However, the closure of Helping Friends led to the opening of the Help Force we all know and love. Help Force CPO was formed on the 13th of March 2018. During 2018, Help Force was a new army so it was only maxing 10+. However, this didn’t stop them from entering the Legends Cup where they got to the second round, defeating Water Ninjas but losing to Elite Guardians. The start of the Help Force is considered a dark age as they were defaced. Not only that but they got themselves into many battles and wars. This led to some staff members retiring and many troops going inactive. Despite this, Help Force did not give up, during their war against Green Mercenaries Army, they were outnumbered but Help Force won the war against the Green Merceneraries Army regardless.

Drama and Wars

At the end of Summer 2018, after a misunderstanding within events, the Help Force and Elite Trackers And Activities had many fights. Because of this, Help Force troops began going inactive and staff members retiring. The army was pushed into a dark age as the max was dropping and the server becoming idle. But in September after hope was lost, a Help Force leader named Morty attempted to regain activity within the server, Morty was successful.

During the stressful time for the Club Penguin Armies community which was World War VII, the Help Force was hosting fun events for the community which helped them regain activity. Also, an alliance was formed between the Help Force and the Green Mercenaries during the world war. After a practice battle, the alliance was broken and resulted in a short term war. The Green Mercenaries merged into the Rebel Penguin Federation after losing to the Help Force.

Help Force vs. The Green Mercenaries

The First Golden Age or the First Dark Age?

Due to mass recruiting in January 2019, the Help Force peaked and began maxing 60 on Club Penguin Online under the leadership of Ayan. This lead to a short golden age, the Help Force was considered a major army in the Club Penguin Online Army League. But unfortunately due to drama within the Club Penguin Online Army Community with continuous blackmails and pressure, Ayan made a tough decision to move Help Force to Club Penguin Rewritten. This resulted in the Help Force being banned from Club Penguin Online. After Club Penguin Rewritten not being successful, Ayan decided to plead to Riley and Epic to unban Help Force. This resulted in Help Force losing many troops’ activity as they were moving from one Club Penguin Private Server to another. With this, a new generation of the Help Force began, under the leadership of Ayan, Spotty, Attacker, and Elpiojo on Club Penguin Online.

The Rebuild

The 2nd generation started with intense recruiting along with many battles and wars. The Help Force formed the National Armies Alliance alongside the Ninjas and Aliens. But due to some controversies, the Aliens left the alliance and sided with the Fashion Army and formed a rival alliance called the Modern Alliance. This resulted in a war with many battles. The National Armies Alliance won every battle and defeated the Modern Alliance. While the Help Force was growing fast and bringing in around 400 recruits a week, the Light Troops was conspiring against the National Armies Alliance. After Light Troops staff announcements were leaked, The Help Force invaded Light Troops’ capital Flurry. This resulted in the Pirates joining their ally’s Light Troops’ side. There were several battles between Help Force, Light Troops, and Pirates. The Help Force declared that the battle results were biased after losing them and they decided to state that the server map of the army league would not be considered from the army.

Help Force vs. Pirates

Templar War

Soon after, the Help Force and the Pirates decided to enter neutrality and the Pirates joined the National Armies Alliance. The National Armies Alliance now consisted of the Help Force, Pirates, Royals, and Aliens. The National Armies Alliance went against the Templars under the leadership of Ayan, Spotty, Sacha, Romeo, and Bucky. After some controversy, the Templars were banned from Club Penguin Online. By the end of the generation, Spotty, Ayan, and Elpiojo brought many new things to the Help Force like a Spanish community and 3 zonal recruitment. This strengthened the army. The Help Force defeated the Pirates in a practice battle, they also achieved the number one spot on the Army Top Ten for a month. This introduced the second golden age. The Help Force won the Summer Bash tournament as they defeated the Pirates in the finals. After this victory, Ayan sadly retired from the Help Force and club penguin armies as a whole. The army was put into Spotty and Elpiojo’s hands to lead the third generation.

The Growth of the Help Force

As the Help Force was under their new generation of leadership they continued their golden age. The Help Force were able to reach their new max of 88 under the leadership of Spotty. The Help Force declared that this generation is not just an army in a golden age but a superpower. As the Templars returned to Club Penguin Online, war broke out between the two armies, they had battled back and forth for 2 months. Due to the prolonged duration of the war, Spotty and Xing agreed on a draw, which started an alliance between the two armies.

Candy Takeover (Max 88)

The Helper Exodus

The Spanish division was a big division within the Help Force. But, the Spanish penguins were always breaking rules repeatedly, they were continuously mass pinging and spamming chats. After being warned several times, Spotty banned the Spanish penguins which resulted in huge controversy. After all the drama caused, the Club Penguin Online Administration decided to remove Spotty from her moderator position. After discussing with her fellow Help Force leaders she decided to step down from her leadership position. Ayan decided to shut down the Help Force due to the Help Force discord being constantly raided and members joining to cause trouble. All of these incidents resulted in Epic101, a Club Penguin Online and Army League Administrator, to harass the Help Force staff team especially Spotty and Ayan. Due to this and other drastic bias measures taken by the league, the Help Force decided to move back to Club Penguin Rewritten, which resulted in losing half of their active members but the army was free from oppression, starting a new era.

Era Two

December 2019 – Present

Exodus Aftermath

From maxing 90 on Club Penguin Online, the Help Force’s max dropped dramatically to the 20s. Their new strategy was to not only recruit hard but to host consistent rogue events. The Holiday Championship was only around the corner, 8 armies were chosen to take part. The Help Force defeated the Templars and the Lime Green Army while maxing 40. They reached the semi-finals and they were up against the Army of Club Penguin, they lost this close battle. Although the Help Force was not victorious they knew they were ready to achieve more. By the end of January, the Help Force managed to obtain the number one spot on the Top Ten.

Help Force vs. Army of Club Penguin

The Coup

After Ayan’s retirement, the army started to decline. Fewer events were happening and with the leadership becoming frustrated the army started to max below 20. On February 5th, the Help Force staff team decided to coup Spotty and Lottie from leadership. After this incident, huge controversy broke out with some agreeing and disagreeing with the removal of leadership. This lead to the new fifth-generation as Moon and Juanita were given the leadership position and soon to follow was Tistle.


What inspired you to create Help Force?

Thank you to those people who didn’t help me with stamps, which pushed me to create the Help Force.

Did you expect Help Force to strive this far?

I didn’t even know what armies were when I created the group. But yeah, once everything became transparent, I did expect HF to be one of the powerhouses of this community.

Who inspires you in the army community?

The troops who religiously check their discord and spend their time on something which won’t pay off. The staff members of each army who handle their jobs, without getting paid. The activity in this virtual community is what has always inspired me.

Will you ever return to the army community?

I am not entirely sure, but I have promised 32op that I will join Doritos of CP in 2021…so


Despite Help Force being mostly known for their golden age surges, they, like many armies have had their fair share of problems; going through many dark ages and losing many leaders. However, Help Force continues to strive as they recently grabbed the 3rd spot on the top ten.

What do YOU think of Help Force’s history? Will they reach the top of the Top Ten? Or will they have another downfall?
Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

CP Army Hub Reporter

CP Army Hub Reporter

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