News Digest [July 11th – July 17th]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, News Digest Desk – Welcome to the latest edition of CP Army Hub’s Weekly News Digest, where we round up the main talking points of the last seven days! This week we’ve divided the news into the following sections: retirements/rank updates, wars and battles, army openings/closings, and finally the significant news that doesn’t fall under the other categories. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Retirements/Rank Updates

Romeo and Juliet Flee Black Order Leadership Following Drama

The leaders retired after being caught up with some drama due to the resetting of their ranks in the Pirates discord. Their final act as leaders was promoting Frosty and Heuremi to the leadership spot. The army is now led by Bread, Frosty, and Heuremi and is backed up by a stacked team of advisors who are all CP army veterans.

Agent 11 Retires From Ice Warriors Leadership

The army veteran announced his final retirement from the community on Thursday with a long heartfelt post in which he thanked his many friends in the community. He led many armies including but not limited to the Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors, and achieved amazing sizes with both. His retirement was due to real life and him not being able to dedicate as much time to armies anymore. We wish 11 the best of luck in his future!

Coolguy, Mare, and Aubz inducted into SWAT leadership

The three leaders were given their roles without an announcement but almost immediately Mare stepped down. Coolguy and Aubz remained as leaders as they now lead two armies. Coolguy is also Coup Crusaders leader while Aubz is also One Direction army leader. We wish them both the best of luck leading SWAT!

Wars and Battles

Ice Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation, and Dark Warriors Declare War on Doritos

The three armies declared war simultaneously. They all had their posts exposing the Doritos for a multitude of things including sexism, trash talk, troop stealing, and more. All three armies included the same list of terms and scheduled 3 invasions of DCP land at the same time.

New Dawn Alliance Reforms Against Warriors Alliance

The alliance’s return was spearheaded by the Doritos due to the impending war with the warriors. The armies who joined the alliance include Army of CP, Templars, Lime Green Army, Elites, and Army of Orient Seas. Each army also deployed its colonies to assist in the war.

Templars Enter War With the Lime Green Army

Following the removal of Templars from the New Dawn Alliance, the army decided to side with the Warrior Alliance by attacking one of the members of the NDA. Templars creator Xing scheduled 3 invasions of LGA land that will be occurring throughout the next week. The reason for their removal was due to their defacement of an up and coming CPPS.

The Collapse of the New Dawn Alliance

Just a few days after the alliance came back, it fell apart. The alliance’s fall began when the Army of CP pulled out due to multiple reasons mainly due to the sexism and trash-talking that DCP was already exposed for. AOS and Elites followed the Army of CP before PZF and LGA did too, leaving Doritos all alone.

The Orange Offensive: Day One Recap

In the first and only day of the war, the Warrior alliance and Rebel Penguin Federation successfully invaded three of Doritos’ servers and were only met with opposition on one server, the one Ice Warriors invaded. The two battled it out in an intense battle but in the end, the Ice Warriors emerged triumphantly.

Battle of the Warriors: Dark Warriors vs Ice Warriors

The brother allies faced off on Saturday, July 11th. Both had similar sizes with IW underperforming and maxing only 45 while Dark Warriors peaked at 44. The battle occurred in the Inside Mine, Iceberg, and Stadium, and an overtime room was called which was the Ships’ Hold. The battle ended with a score of 2-1-1 in Dark Warrior’s favor.

Army Openings/Closings

The Takis Return as a Lime Green Army Colony

The legendary army was recently brought back to aid in the NDA war attempts. The army was created in 2014 and was led by many legendary leaders throughout its history. The army’s return event saw sizes of 13 and allowed them to officially register in CP Army Hub’s league.

Three Dorito Colonies Join the Army Community

Doritos stacked up on colonies earlier this week to bolster their war attempts. Colonies have recently been used as a way to bypass the “one invasion per day” rule that CPAH has. These three colonies are called the Brownies, Toasters, and Avengers, and they are all led by Doritos’ staff members.

British Army Opens With Vengeance For Irish Republican Army

The army was created by Flav due to some comments that were made by the IRA. British Army is led and backed up by many DW members including leader and leader-in-training, Noa and Spotty, and also DW third in command Kris. They have shown hostility towards IRA already, IRA is an army that has been around for a while and is backed up by many important army members but they’ve recently become inactive. The two armies have since shut down.

Other News

Doritos of CP Isolates From CP Army Hub’s League

The army was going to shut down because that is what the creator Wwebestfan wished but they lived to fight another day. The troops and staff gathered to have one last event which turned out very emotional but as soon as the event concluded DCP leader Jester made a surprising announcement. He announced that the army was going to live to fight another day but away from any league activities just like the Army of CP has done in the past.

Army of CP Condemn Doritos For Attempted Troop Stealing

In a lengthy post written by ACP leader CSY, he provided proof of DCP and it’s leaders taking part in sexism, trash talk, troop-stealing amongst other things. Army of CP also announced that they’d be pulling out of the NDA and becoming neutral with their once allies DCP.

CP Army Hub’s Beach Brawl Tournament Commences

The tournament is set to kick off today, the 18th of July, with most of the S/M armies of the community taking part. This exciting tournament will sure turn out to be one of the highlights of this already exciting summer. For more information on the tournament check out this post!

Army of CP’s Orange Defects to Ice Warriors Higher Command

S/M army legend Orange who led the most recent and successful Chaos generation moved to Army of CP after Chaos’ shut down. Recently the veteran moved to Ice Warriors to reunite with his friends. He was part of the Army of CP higher command as a general or third-in-command and joined Ice Warriors for a higher rank of second-in-command. We wish him the best of luck in his new army!

What do YOU think about the second edition of the News Digest? Which headline caught your eye the most? Let us know in the comment section below!


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