Beach Brawl: Round One, Day Two Predictions

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters — On the second and final day of the round one battles, the next eight armies will battle it out for a spot in round two.

Yesterday saw the start of the highly anticipated Beach Brawl, with a whopping 16 small-medium armies taking part in the first round (click here for the times). Day Two will see the final eight armies go head-to-head in four intense battles. Who will emerge the victors? And who are the CP Army Hub editors placing bets on?

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Marines vs. Superstars

The first day two battle appears to be in favour of the Marines, who placed 13 positions higher their opponent, the Superstars, last week. With consistent sizes of 6-9 at their events, compared to the Marines peaks of 20+, this could prove a difficult feat for the Superstars to overcome.


Pookie, Chief Executive Officer: Marines

LuciferStar, Chief Executive Officer: Marines

Max, Executive Producer: Marines

Zamb, Executive Producer: Superstars

Koloway, Vice President: Marines

Cassie, Editor-in-Chief: Marines

Sarahah, Editor-in-Chief: Marines

Fighter Pilots vs. Pizza Federation

The second battle today could be much closer, as the Fighter Pilots and Pizza Federation are set to square up. While the Chefs placed 10th on the major Top Ten, the Fighter Pilots were just behind at 1st on the small-medium listings. Both sides have been known to recently achieve peaks of 15+, which is why this battle will be one to watch.


Pookie, Chief Executive Officer: Pizza Federation

LuciferStar, Chief Executive Officer: Fighter Pilots

Max, Executive Producer: Pizza Federation

Zamb, Executive Producer: Fighter Pilots

Koloway, Vice President: Pizza Federation

Cassie, Editor-in-Chief: Pizza Federation

Sarahah, Editor-in-Chief: Pizza Federation

Special Weapons and Tactics vs. Silver Empire

The Special Weapons and Tactics vs. Silver Empire is thought to be yet another close battle, with both sides recently achieving similar peaks. The SWAT ranked 14th on the recent Top Ten, and the Silver Empire were just ahead at 12th. But who will triumph later today?


Pookie, Chief Executive Officer: Special Weapons and Tactics

LuciferStar, Chief Executive Officer: Special Weapons and Tactics

Max, Executive Producer: Special Weapons and Tactics

Zamb, Executive Producer: Silver Empire

Koloway, Vice President: Special Weapons and Tactics

Cassie, Editor-in-Chief: Special Weapons and Tactics

Sarahah, Editor-in-Chief: Special Weapons and Tactics

Templars vs. Crimson Guardians

The final battle of round one will pit the Templars up against the Crimson Guardians. With the staff opinion split, there is again no guaranteed outcome. Despite the Templars ranking 10 places above the Guardians last week, both are known to pull great sizes during tournament events.


Pookie, Chief Executive Officer: Templars

LuciferStar, Chief Executive Officer: Crimson Guardians

Max, Executive Producer: Crimson Guardians

Zamb, Executive Producer: Crimson Guardians

Koloway, Vice President: Templars

Cassie, Editor-in-Chief: Crimson Guardians

Sarahah, Editor-in-Chief: Templars

With the second lot of round one battles taking place later today, there is no doubt this tournament is going to be a huge happening in the army community. But which of the staff got it right? And what do you think?

What do YOU think? Let us know about YOUR predictions in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


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