Main Leader 32op Steps Down From The Doritos

SUMMIT, Doritos’ Empire – The Doritos have seen a great number of changes for the past few days. Following a disassociation with the league at CP Army Hub, and the retirement of long time leader and legend Meerrkat, today another leader has stepped down. Since the time of Doritos’ opening and their debut in the CPO Army League, Doritos and CPA Legend 32op has been an essential part of the army’s success. What was the legacy 32op left behind in the legendary army, and what were his reasons to retire?

Hours after Meerrkat posted his retirement from the army, 32op published his on the Doritos website. On the post which contains mainly screenshots of the memories he’s had since returning, the minimal text on there explaining his retirement said,

After 9 months of leading this legendary army, I have decided to step down. This decision has been on my mind for a long time and after seeing how much the other leaders are putting in work, I know for a fact that DCP is in good hands and will do amazing without me. It’s been an amazing 9 months and I’ll never forget my time here, I thank everyone whos been part of this journey.

After his brief paragraph, 32 went on to post pictures of notable events that occurred since he rejoined Doritos. The screenshots contain a variety of images, such as DCP’s biggest sizes on CPO, banter, and other chats with infamous members of the community such as Epic101 and Andrew24, and more. Although his return was motivated to leading Doritos alongside Freezie66, Mustapha10, Gingersnap, Kato, and other Doritos’ legends which he’s dubbed as the “greatest leadership”, 32op had greater involvement in the community.

Previously, he was appointed alongside other influential members of the community to join the Club Penguin Online’s Army League Board of Directors. The BoD’s involvement had to do with the management of the league and overseeing the armies involved. Andrew24 left his position as the Head of Board on May 22nd, 2020, and 32 was the inheritor. His work at the Army League was significant, but his greater role was being involved in the merger that unified the community. His time was short as Chief Executive Officer of the organization, but his work towards the merger will be remembered. With a Doritos maxing 100+, holding both Head of Board at CP Army League and Executive Producer at CP Army Media, it’s undeniable that 32op was one of the most powerful individuals at the time.

DCP’s event where they maxed 150, lockouts aren’t pictured. 32op believes this to be Doritos’s greatest event in CPO.

Despite Doritos’ going well under his leadership, his post was vague about why he left. To answer any unanswered questions, CP Army Hub had the privilege to inquire about the man himself.

Despite Doritos’ getting numbers, why did you choose to leave the army?

That’s exactly why I retired, DCP is in good hands. I’ve been wanting to retire for a while and DCP is now stable enough to continue without me and Meer. I’ll still be an advisor for DCP. Logically speaking, I beat CPA. I earned the CPA legend role, managed the community for some time, led DCP to 1st 12 weeks in a row, won Christmas Chaos etc. Theres not much I haven’t accomplished.
Do you have any plans to return to Doritos in the near future?
A return is possible, it just depends on if CPA still alive for a few more months and it also depends on how bad COVID-19 is
Your involvement of CPA was not only at Doritos but also heading the league and being involved with the merger that resulted in CPA Hub. What was your favourite moment during the 9 months spent in CPA?
My favourite moment was probably surprising the Ice Warriors in April. They were constantly invading us while we ignored them. Once Meer and I actually started to pay attention to the war, we outplayed them for a week and that was it. They gave up all their servers easily. That was my fav DCP moment. My favourite moment in terms of the community was couping Epic from his own creation.
Although Doritos’ will be losing both leaders who’ve established themselves as the heads of the army, 32op is confident that they’ll continue to thrive. With a powerhouse leadership of long-time troop Rah, former SWAT leader Maroon, and CPA and Doritos Legend Jester, the army will be in good hands.
What do YOU think? Will 32op’s retirement prevent the Doritos from rising any longer? Or will they continue to prosper in his absence? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!
CP Army Hub Executive Producer

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