Meerrkat Retires From Doritos of CP

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – Earlier today, Doritos of Club Penguin leader Meerrkat retired from his position and held his final event.

Meerrkat has spent most of his army career in the Doritos of Club Penguin, however he has also been in other armies starting his time in armies in Dark Warriors, but not as an active member. He moved to DCP in 2012 after his time in DW and left in 2015. He rejoined DCP in 2019 as a Leader-in-Training, while also helping Mayhem of CP grow. Meerrkat helped them get to second place in the Club Penguin Online Army League Top Ten and helped them jump from maxing 12 penguins to a peak of 45 in 1 month before they merged into DCP. He also joined the Army of Club Penguin for a few weeks in March.

Meerkat released his retirement post (click here to read) explaining that the reasoning behind his retirement is due to him needing an extended break from all electronic devices, including an apology for many of his actions in the community.

Meerrkat’s retirement speech

CP Army Hub managed to get an exclusive interview with Meerrkat to discover more about his retirement.

With you leaving DCP, where do you think the army is headed and how will they need to adapt without you?

I mean i’ve been inactive already this past week and DCP has been doing fine. The current leaders are focusing on building up the army and I believe they will be successful in doing so. I need everyone to stay strong while i’m gone and to be confident in themselves and continue pushing through

Do you have any plans of returning to the DCP or the community

I’m going to be gone for a while. No electronic devices. But once I come back I’ll probably come and say hi but when it comes to rejoining DCP. No. I haven’t had any time to be committed to an army and I don’t believe that’s gonna change anytime soon


Meerrkat believes that his leaving of DCP will not affect the army too much and that his time in armies has come to an end. His retirement reasons are certainly respectable, so CP Army Hub wishes him the best.


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee

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