S/M Top Ten Armies [7/12/20-7/18/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters — Alongside the launch of the small-medium Beach Brawl tournament this weekend, we bring to you the official S/M Top Ten rankings.

 1. Templars [39.25]

2. Fighter Pilots [37.45]

3. Pizza Federation [34.80]

4. Coup Crusaders [34.73]

 5. One Direction Army [32.50]

 6. Golden Troops [31.50]

[NEW!] 7. Brownies [28.00]

8T. Mango Corps [27.50]

[NEW!] 8T. Hold Bugs Army [27.50]

[NEW!] 10. Takis [25.5]

Close to Top Ten:

 11. Water Troops [24.50]

[NEW!] 12T. Undead Phantom Army [23.50]

[NEW!] 12T. Toasters of CP [23.50]

[NEW!] 14T. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics [22.50]

[NEW!] 14T. Shadow Troops [22.50]

[NEW!] 14T. Avengers of CP [22.50]

17. Crimson Guardians [21.95]

18. Lava Troops [21.70]

19. Superstars [20.83]

[NEW!] 20. Davi Dog Army [20.50]

21. Janitors [14.50]

22. People’s Imperial Confederation [13.00]

↓ 23. Sorcerers [11.50]

Click here to see the calculations!


1. TemplarsTemplars started their week with a training, maxing 18. The next day, they held another training, maxing 21. On Wednesday, they held their last training event, maxing 26. Their last event of the week was the invasion of LGA’s Bobsled, where they maxed 18.

2. Fighter PilotsThe Fighter Pilots held a total of 4 events this week. They started off their week with an NCP Stamp Event where they saw the sizes of 14. They continued their week with a friendly Practice Battle with Coup Crusaders peaking the sizes of 18. The other week events consisted of a Ghost Takeover where they maxed 14 and an AUSIA U-Lead where they maxed 8 pilots.

3. Pizza FederationThe Pizza Federation held a total of 5 events this week. They kicked off their week with back to back Training Sessions where they maxed 12 and 11 chefs. They held an exciting divisional battle between Coup Hidcre vs Coup Retro peaking the sizes of 14. They hosted a Training session for the chefs where they saw the sizes of 14. They ended their exciting week with a Training Event preparing themselves for the Beach Brawl where they maxed 11 chefs online.

4. Coup CrusadersThe Coup Crusaders started off their week on Sunday with a Training Event where they brought a max of 13. Their next event was on Wednesday where they held a Hide n Seek event and maxed 11! The same day, they had a practice battle against the Fighter Pilots in which they maxed 13. Their final event of the week was their first round in the Beach Brawl where they went up against the Sorcerers and won with a max of 6! Good job and best of luck in the next round of the tournament.

5. One Direction ArmyOne Directioners had three events this week. They held two Tactic Practices, the first maxing 14 and the second maxing 12. Beach Brawl finished their week off where they maxed 13 and unfortunately lost.

6. Golden TroopsGolden Troops had a slow week with 2 events. They started off with a Training Event peaking 14 troops. They ended their week with a loss in the Round 1 of the Beach Brawl Tournament maxing 15 troops online.

7. Brownies: The chocolate army had one Practice Tactics event where they maxed 15 troops.

8T. Mango Corps: With a very slow week, Mangoes managed to hold only two events. Their first being a training with a max of 12 and the next was a US training where they maxed 13.

8T. Hold Bugs ArmyThe Hold Bugs Army opened this week with 3 events! They opened on Thursday with an Opening Event of 12. Later that day, they had an Unscheduled US Event, maxing 11. For their third and final event of the week, they maxed 7 at a Find Four Tourney and Mini Tactic Practice Event!

10. Takis: The Takis held one event this week, even though it was a short Practice Tactics they were able to max 13.


What do YOU think of this week’s small-medium Top Ten Armies? Comment below with your thoughts!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


CP Army Hub Chief-Executive-Officer


Top Ten Committee Manager

Top Ten Committee

Rocket, Sarahah, Fatchicken, Austin, Rah, Regan, Flav, Sarah, PINK

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