The Return of Redemption Force

UNKNOWN, Redemption Force Empire  After a prolonged silence, the Redemption Force of Club Penguin opens their doors once again. The force has awakened.

The Redemption Force was created on August 14th, 2013 by Reacon and Blaze. Commendable people like Prince B, Konrad, and Tax1 have strived to keep this army alive throughout their seven-year journey, but it ended on June 3rd, 2020.

After the main leader of the most recent era, Konrad, ventured down and their primary CPPS, Club Penguin Online, shut down people lost interest. This appeared as though the lamentable finish of the Redemption Force, yet there was still an expectation. The main leader referenced in their shut down declaration that the army has greater plans for the future and they were right.

They officially reopened and are now part of the major armies of CP Army Hub as of today, July 19th. Their opening event was held on July 18th and led by their current Panel of Guardians which comprise Reacon, Prince B, Konrad, Tax1, and their Commander Otter. Their first event saw the sizes of 55+.

RF’s Opening Event

The CP Army Hub was able to speak with The Force Himself (Reacon) and one of the Commanders, Otter, to find out what the future holds for the Redemption Force.


Were there any reasons behind the revival of Redemption Force? What’s the motivation?

Well it all started when RF legend and former leader Tax1 finally made his way to Discord after CPO and RF had shut down and he reached out and asked about RF and we had told him about the sizes RF had been achieving and he said something about bringing RF back but we really didn’t think too much on it at the time and so a couple weeks passed and then New CP opened up and suddenly gained fast popularity so I went to the people on our Panel Of Guardians and asked them if they thought the time was right and they agreed that it was so we unleashed The Force once more.

Does RF have any major plans for the army to grow in the unfamiliar CPPS and League environment?

We have the greatest team in all of CPA, we just gotta keep doing what we’ve been doing and there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

With the already unified community, is the leadership planning to negotiate for allies?

We are here to do our own thing, however the lines are open for any army who wants to possibly discuss becoming an ally of Redemption Force


Do you plan on leading Redemption Force differently than previous leaders?

Currently they’re still leading with me haha, but yeah definitely. Every leader has something new to bring to their army to help it improve, so I’m building on what they’ve created to make it even better than before

What would you say is Redemption Force’s biggest strength?

One of our strongest points is how we’ve got some of the hardest workers in our army. Especially on our staff like I’m so proud of all of them for everything they’ve been doing this past week to help us start up again

What would you say is Redemption Force’s biggest weakness?

I’d say in the past one of our weaker points was really just our troops feeling like they weren’t doing enough if they didn’t constantly do everything perfectly. It’s something I’m working on fixing because they deserve so much love for everything they’ve been doing. They’re capable of more than they think

From the interviews, it’s clear that the Force is excited to have their army back in action. The Panel of Guardians and Commanders are ready to show themselves as the largest force in CP armies. With a promising start, time will tell if the Force will succeed or fall.

What do YOU think about their return? How far will they go? Let us know what YOU think in the comment section!

CP Army Hub Reporter

CP Army Hub Associate Producer

CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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