Top 50 Armies Of All Time: #20-11

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The debate surrounding the ‘greatest armies of all time’ is one of the most contested topics in the history of CP and CPPS Armies. Of course, many base the answer to this question on their own experiences and biases. However, at CPAH, we will now try to objectively list the best fifty armies of all time, from 2006-2020, in what is the fourth part of an exciting five-part series.





20-11 [YOU ARE HERE]

In the last edition we continued our Top 50 Armies Of All Time, as we named the 30th-21st most influential armies. There were some huge armies in this list, several of which have reached 50-80+ and dominated periods of CP Armies. The Water Ninjas and Pretzels defied expectations, moving from medium to major armies to clinch the 30th and 29th spots respectively. Founding armies in the Romans and Marines, 28th and 27th respectively, who also had successful later generations, were not out of place in this list. The Elite Guardians, 26th, and Templars, 22nd, are two of the highest ranked CPPS-only armies, showing huge strength in a short time spell to reach this list. Shadow Troops (25th), Chaos (23rd) and Redemption Force (21st), all showed their ability in original CP Armies, with periods of strength, but also through recent revival. The other army to make the list were the Purple Republic, a steam-based community that raided the whole of CP Armies to have an incredible impact on that generation.

In this edition of the Top 50 we move onto the 20th-11th most significant armies of all time.  The list order is defined by a mixture of three main factors: 1.) the peak sizes that the army reached, 2.) how sustained the size was over a period of time and 3.) the influence and impact that they had on the wider community. We are also continuing to add in the five most influential leaders of each army, which in most instances, where possible, has been decided in consultation with a senior figure in each army. As pointed out by IW Creator and Army Legend, Iceyfeet1234, he said it was important to note that in some cases not many CPPS leaders will be included, due to the short life span of some modern CPPS generations.

In this edition we include some quite historic armies, many of whom have had spells as the most dominant army in the community, and have harboured some legendary leaders. We hope you enjoy the penultimate list for the Top 50 Armies Of All Time.

20. Elites

Five Most Influential Leaders: 77 Ninja 77, Supperz1, Khimo, Cassius Brutus, LuciferStar

Originally created by 77 Ninja 77 back in May 23, 2008. They rose in power swiftly, matching some of the greater armies of that time. This great power, didn’t last long, as Ninja retired and handed his leadership over. Elites fell hard very quickly and then died. This continued for many generations, the next successful one being the third generation, which stayed strong for a summer under the leadership of Supperz1. The third generation didn’t see too many actual wars, mainly they just invaded servers that weren’t claimed, but in the end they were also crippled by the Elites’ curse to die, and ended as well.

It wasn’t until the sixth generation, created by 57to and Khimo, where the Elites truly exploded. Reaching second in the CPAC’s Top 10 and claiming the title of what was then known as “World Power Status”. They had a war with the Light Troops during the time which was fairly successful for them, maxing incredible sizes. Even though they reached huge heights, they would once again fall and then died. Since then they have had several other generations, presumably over ten at this point (some barely lasting a week), and have had many great leaders attempt to bring them back.

Legends Cup X: Round Two, Day Two Results » CP Army Hub

Elites returned into the CPPS community in the summer of 2020, under the initial leadership of Simmonds and CPAL CEO LuciferStar. The army quickly rose, and were a constant presence as one of the ‘major top 8’ armies. Their most notable battle was a controversial Legends Cup battle against the Water Vikings, where both armies progressed. Elites reached the Quarter-Finals of the tenth year of the Legends Cup, reaching sizes of up to 40+, but faced an unbeatable RPF. The Elites have influenced this community through many years of its existence, which has earned them their spot on this list, and the Elites are a huge fan of the quote, “If at first you don’t succeed, just try and try again”, and oh boy, they just keep trying.

19. Watex Warriors

Five Most Influential Leaders: Fever/Watex, Dialga80, Wii Mountain, Spaceybirdy, Lucario544

Created in late 2007 by famous Club Penguin cheats blogger, Watex AKA Fever. The army started as a party on the server of Tundra, and then later turned into a battle once Club Penguin Armies began to show up. Watex’s large fan base quickly requested more battles,  and soon began to defend Tundra in their orange uniforms. Several armies at the time also wanted more battles with the Watex Warriors, so the RPF, ACP, Nachos, UMA, IW, and the Golds created a plan to fight the huge army known as the Watex Warriors. This created one of the largest wars known to armies this day, the first day of battle saw a variety of armies fighting for almost the entire day. The first Tundra War was resolved after the second day, no winner was ever decided. Tundra continued to be a hub for armies, with wars breaking out daily. Another war soon broke out when the Fort Ghost Recon and the Black Bandits.

While, Watex created the Watex Warriors, the first leader of the army was Dialga80, the army continued to maintain massive sizes under him. After Dialga’s reign was over, a new leadership came into place consisting of  Wii Mountain, Spaceybirdy, and Lucario564. This leadership saved the army from a large decline. since then, the army has had several generations, but none coming close to the early days of the Watex Warriors.

Their influence on the landscape of armies is undeniable. Watex brought hundreds of recruits into armies via his cheats websites, and pathed the road for relationships between armies and other Club Penguin websites.

18. Hot Sauce Army

Five Most Influential Leaders: Dx, Hypermext (Glass), Lil Soulja, Monster, Bearsboy10

Hot Sauce Army

The Hot Sauce Army was founded by Lil Soulja and Hypermext (Later known as Glass) during the middle of 2009. By 2010 and into 2011, the Hot Sauce Army became major, consistently placing in the Top 5. Coming out of nowhere, they would rise with their close allies the Golden Warriors. They joined the OA against the Ice Warriors, as well as contributed to the death of the Club Penguin Crew – HSA was a major force in any war. HSA was nominated for and won ‘Rising Army of the Year’ and ‘New Army of the Year’.  As time passed, they consistently stayed as a Top 5 army until November of 2009, when an uprising amongst of the mods drove Glass to retirement. Even though the mods believed they had won, Dudex eventually retired and the HSA fell out of the Top 10 for the first time in months. Eventually new leaders were appointed and the HSA made it’s way back into the Top 10, but it didn’t take too long for them to hit rock bottom again, and finally they died.

The Hot Sauce Army would come back much stronger in 2012-13, where they became one of the biggest armies in the community alongside Nachos, reaching the number one spot four times, as well as winning the CPWI championship. The Hot Sauce Army would partner the Nachos and other armies to declare war on the Army of CP in 2013, forcing the removal of Kingfunks4 as ACP Leader. In this war, the Hot Sauce Army managed to hit sizes of 40-50+, which at the time was strong and put them as one of the major players in the community.

The HSA proved their might, over and over again, and even though they didn’t last, they changed the face of the community. Their first generation was truly glorious, and the many generations afterwards were not just something to casually laugh off. They would return and hit high Top 10 spots, play a significant role in several wars, as well as reaching the latter stages of many tournaments

17. Help Force

Five Most Influential Leaders: Ayan, Morty21, Kavacado, Spotty803, Tistle

The Help Force CP was created by Ayan on 11th March 2018 as the “Helping Friends”. Due to the Defacement of the server within a day , The Help Force CPO was Officially formed on 13th March 2018 running on the CPPS Club Penguin Online. Soon, due to Mass Recruiting , the Help Force got bigger and bigger and by the end of December started maxing around 40. This was the time when the Leader Morty retired from the Help Force. The Help Force soon got into their Golden Age for the first time lead by Ayan maxing 60+ on CPO. The January Drama was a setback for the Help Force CPO. Armies like EGCP and Templars started conspiring against the CPOAL and were deciding to move out of it. This was when DrFlen entered the community, who overthrew the google ranking for the Help Force Website and due to continuous pressure and blackmails, Ayan decided to move Help Force to Club Penguin Rewritten and the Help Force thus was declared as banned from Club Penguin Online. As it was never the wish of the Help Force Staff to move to CPR  Ayan decided to go against Dr Flen and talked back to Riley and Epic to get HF back into CPO. This Resulted in a loss of more than 50% of the Active troops in the Army and this Incident thus set the Help Force with a new set of Leaders and a new generation.

The Second Generation started off with a Rebuild and Regain of activeness among the army. Through thick and thin, Handling wars with various armies and introducing mass recruiting methods, The Help Force was able to topple the Major Armies at that time under the Triads Reign [ Ayan, Spotty, Elpiojo ]. This Generation saw huge Maxes and a number of Wins but it ended with the retirement of Ayan which was felt allover the army. With the Retirement of Ayan, the Help Force was for the first time into a totally new Main Lead, Spotty. With a continuous effort of recruiting and hardwork, the Army started to average above 60 in almost all events and also made their way to have a 90+ Event at the Candycorn Takeover under Spotty. The Templars Army came back, and a 2 Month Tiring War set it’s foot in this generation which in the end, had no outcome and was acknowledged as a draw from both the sides. After a long while of Oppression under the CPO AL, The First Era ended with the Helper Exodus from CPO into CPR under Ayan and Spotty in December 2019.

After a massive Helper Exodus into Club Penguin Rewritten, sizes were scheduled to drop, this generation saw the return of Ayan back into leadership joining Spotty, Lottie & Tistle. Several changes took place, and the army rose again, achieving victories against the Templars & the Army of Club Penguin. In the summer of 2020, the Help Force grew once again and reached sizes of 60+ in a sudden growth during the Legends Cup X. They incredibly beat the Dark Warriors and Doritos to reach the final, but could not match RPF in the final. The Help Force, on this list, win the title as the best CPPS-only army of all time. 

16. Golds

Five Most Influential Leaders: SaW, Antonio960, Andrew24, Flamez, Bay20

The Golds were created May 10, 2007, at a very precisely remembered time, of 10:30 EST by Johanwillfir. The Golds began to rise, and had several noteworthy troops amongst them including Lorenzo Bean and Shaboomboom. The Golds were mainly known for having random raids on armies such as the UMA and Vikings. Other then that they didn’t do much until August of 2007, when they declared war on the Gugu Pengu’s Romans alongside ACP. Turmoil followed later after, site “hackings”, new leaderships, but this didn’t stop the Golds. They helped the ACP in a war against the Nachos and would later to lose against the RPF. After the loss they started to fall again, announced a merge with the Nachos, and then three weeks later the Golds were reborn. This generation did not last long, and it soon looked like the Golds were doomed to die.

Everything changed April 2009. Lorenzo Bean came riding across the snowy fields of Club Penguin to save the Golds, and that he did. Bringing in many famous former troops, Lorenzo led the Golds in a rebellion against the Ice Warriors. It was one of the strongest generation the Golds would ever see, and largely thanks to the CP Flyers merging into the Golds. This brought in the legendary leader, Feephill aka SaW, and with a powerhouse of seven leaders, the Gold Rush returned. A great war raged on, the Golds against the Ice Warriors and Nachos, who were hellbent on making sure the Golds stayed dead. The war eventually ended, and the Golds stayed in power for some time, until August 2009, when they decided to become the Dark Warriors. They did not return again until 2012. They saw a great comeback, until they once again merged back into the Dark Warriors. They returned once more in September 2013, when the army made it’s return under Golds veterans Andrew24, Jack/Donut67890  and Jujuflower. Soon after the army was switching between going into lockdown or staying alive, with what was called the Golden age of Golds where leaders such as Flamez64, Agent 11, Final Chaser, Torie helped to lead Golds with Andrew & Jack into huge wars against armies like SWAT, DCP, Metal Warriors hitting sizes of 30+ consistently and making tournament finals. Golds had successful generations in 2015 and 2017, before CP’s closure, including reaching first on the top ten.

To end with Golds history, their last return came in 2020 when Club Penguin armies continued to exist on private, yet also popular, servers where Golds legends Andrew24 and Flamez gave permission for Golds revival under a brand new leadership, also introducing for the first time a full-female line of Golds commanders, including CPO moderator Bay, that brought the army to numbers never seen before. The army challenged some huge major armies at the time, reaching sizes of 50+, and managing to become a staple part of the Top 5. Golds have impacted parts of the community on and off since 2007, leaving their mark through history.

15. Golden Troops

Five Most Influential Leaders: Sercan 4444, Jerry2cool, Ganger 90, Riotors, Tap Dancer36

Created by Ganger90 (SWAT Creator), Flipper7706 (CPA Legend and former ACP Leader), Saiyaman Xc, Sklooperis (CPA Legend and former CPA Central CEO) and Riotors, after a merge between the Golden Warriors and the Sun Troops, both top ten armies at the time, in 2010. Only weeks after the merge, the Golden Troops placed second on the Top Ten. The army’s first big war came with the Ice Warriors. A massive war, both armies closely matched. It seemed to be in a standstill with neither getting the upper hand. The war went on until a peaceful solution was found by owners from each army. Following the war, the Golden Troops participated in a CPAC sponsored tournament. While they did not win, they went very far. Shortly after, Golden Troop’s creator, Saiyaman Xc retired. After this the army went on a slow decline and eventually died out. The second generation came and was almost as successful as the first. However, it was not until the third generation that the Golden Troops became dominant. During this generation, the army hit sizes of over 55 troops on Club Penguin. In the August of 2011, the army was able to grab the first spot on CPAC’s Top Ten. Due to their higher placement on the top Ten than the ACP, the ACP immediately declared war. Aside from the declaration of war from the ACP, many accusations were made against the GT ownership, most notably botting accusations. The matter was dismissed by CPAC because of no evident proof. This would eventually lead to the death of the third generation.

GT would then have several other attempted revivals, with several notable leaders and legends at the helm, but they would all wither out. The eighth generation would do better than the other attempts, they were able to reach 40+ troops and second on CPAC’s Top Ten, but would then also die out. Then came the Summer of 2014, under the leadership of Golden Troop Legends Jerry and Sercan, along with Tempahh, Sidie, and Vivek, the army became a powerhouse in all three divisions. A top 3 contender throughout the Summer, at times rivaling the sizes of the dominant Dark Warriors. Then on August 31, the army was able to achieve first for the first time this generation. However, as the season of Fall would begin, and after several retirements of key leaders, the army came to a close.

Golden Troops – Rising Super Power – ll Paragraphs of Wisdom ...

The Golden Troops have returned as a CPPS army under TheMightyA in 2020, and have been a credible medium army, but have yet to reach the heights of their previous generations. The Golden Troops produced several army legends over the course of it’s history, and was able to continuously show their strength. This was only ever to be expected from such a legendary army that had a major influence on the community.

14. (Roman) Fire Warriors/Ninjas

Five Most Influential Leaders: Pringle64, Pochoma123, Trickster, Woton, Mikester

The Fire Warriors were originally created as a UK-based army in 2007 by Wwe09. The original army stayed in the small/medium size range, and did not have much influence in the wars of its time, having a few rouge battles with some of the armies of that time like the Golds, CP Clones, ACP, etc. Thus, this part of the Fire Warriors’ history is largely forgotten. The army closed in June 2008 when Wwe09 retired. Since then, a few brief generations of FW have existed and had temporary success.

The second generation of the army began under the re-branded name “Roman Fire Warriors” in 2009. Woton (CPA Central creator), Trickster, and Pringle64 brought together several armies to form a new world power. Despite its multiple merges and name changes, RFW was almost constantly at war with other armies. Their size often fluctuated, but at their peaks, RFW was one of the largest armies of its time. Pringle and Pochoma123 started designing better graphics for the army’s site and chat, and thus the army became the first to use “modern” graphics. Shortly after the original Doritos merged into RFW, the army seemed to start falling out of power and merged into the Nachos. This didn’t last long, and within a month the Fire Warriors were brought back by Pringle64. Several armies merged into them and their name fluctuated between “Fire Warriors” and “Roman Fire Warriors”.

Pochoma and Pringle decided that the army needed a change to the name once again in order to attract recruits. So, they started the Ninjas in May 2011, and immediately the army reached sizes of 35+ and even managed to take the 5th place in the CPAC Top Ten after their opening event. The Ninjas dominated armies for a long period of time, including reaching the Legends Cup final and consistent top three placements, but died out upon the departure of key leaders such as Pochoma and Pringle. Since then, FW, RFW, and the Ninjas have been attempted at times to be brought back, but have all failed. Either way, they created an undeniable legacy, created new standards for graphics in CP Armies, and were really good at convincing armies to merge into them.

13. Special Weapons and Tactics

Five Most Influential Leaders: Ganger 90, Tacodaily, Badboy, S Cargo2, Reece

SWAT Recruiting Regime | SWAT Army Of Club Penguin

Founded by Godplayer123 when he changed the name of the Dark Warriors to SWAT, although the name was changed back to DW later. Ganger90 resurrected the SWAT army in 2009. While not much is known about the army from 2009-2011, it is known that they participated in several large wars, and hung around the bottom of the top Ten. Their hatred for the Army of club Penguin was alive in the army’s early days. The modern era of SWAT took off in 2012, where they frequently were placed in the middle of the top Ten. This era of SWAT was led by Cargo2 and Cul8rsl, without the help of Ganger90. They challenged the ACP successfully for the control of Mammoth, and were able to hit the second spot on the top Ten, with sizes of 35+.

In 2013, SWAT made history after gaining the first spot on the Top Ten. SWAT also took place in the Black Alliance Vs. White Alliance war in 2013. This makes sense as the Black Alliance’s goal was to kill ACP, and SWAT and ACP have been enemies since their creations. SWAT tumbled around in the top Ten for the majority of 2013, falling out and then returning to the top 3 was common for the army. They were able to max their largest sizes in their history in the Legends Cup. Under the leadership of Ganger90, Tacodaily, Reacon, Paco, and Badboy, SWAT was able to max 45+ in the Legends Cup.

SWAT returned as a CPO army under Zuke and Ganger and were involved in controversy as there was a major power struggle within the leadership (mainly with Badboy and Sweater, who tried to form an alternative SWAT). While they were around, they quickly hit sizes of 60+ (including some events as seen above with sizes of 90-100+). SWAT returned later that summer and are now just outside the major eight armies. SWAT had many generations, an unknown amount, and continued to rise to prominence and become a major army time and time again.

12. Night Warriors

Five Most Influential Leaders: Vendetta, Tomb147, Drake, Cowboysfan13, Xxtoysoldier

Created by Cowboysfan13, the Night Warriors started off as a fairly moderate army that, according to a submission by the Night Warriors, had been formed by old armies and groups coming together in July of 2009. The NW, however, didn’t reach their main potential, sadly, under their creator or his immediate successors. It wasn’t too long after though when the Night Warriors began their truly revolutionary age under the leadership of the revered Tomb147 and Vendetta.

In a true story of making something from nothing, Tomb and Vendetta built a powerful empire that, during its peak, was one of the largest armies of all time, strong enough to challenge the also intensely powerful ACP in a series of extremely close battles, representing the ideas that the ACP wasn’t undefeatable, and that all it took was enough courage to overcome them. This era of strength, along with implementing new ideas like the “one-army rule,” (today known as the no dual enlistment rule) met an unfortunate demise as they were eventually beaten by the ACP, their chief adversary. In the years to come, the Night Warriors never again did return to their spot of former glory, but did have a continued presence throughout the history of our community. Under the leadership of people such as Dj Slides and the infamous “Drew Crew,” the Night Warriors were met with brief stints of stability, followed by a quick following death, quite unfortunate for any army to suffer from.

As it lived off the last of its days in peace, bands of “army hoppers” and “career leaders” straggled to save the legendary army and preserve it’s legacy. The Night Warriors last original CP generation was under Xxtoysoldier and Drake, where the army reached great success and were one of the most successful armies of 2015-2016, in an effective renaming of the Dark Warriors of CP.

The army would return briefly as a CPO army under the guidance of Epic101, quickly reaching sizes of 50-60+ – before being taken over by Flen and moved over to CPR. The army would once again close its doors, but will particularly be remembered for its generation under Tomb and Vendetta.

11. Army Republic

Five Most Influential Leaders: Buritodaily, Vinny, 122344a, Austin, Ace

Created on August 18, 2007 by 122344a and Mr. Geggie, the Army Republic began its days as a relatively small army, having small wars with armies such as the Sun Clan and Snow Troops. With victories over these armies, the AR began to develop for itself an interesting reputation. With a number of small skirmishes and not many notable conflicts for the first few years, including battles with Fever’s Watex Warriors and the RPF, the AR never really gained relevance (and it’s true power) until they reached 2010, with leaders such as 122344a, BartSimp52, Juliansk8, Grand123tx, and TippyTyler. During this time, they had a small war with an army called The Squid, whose leader at the time was Buritodaily, and following the end of the war AR convinced Buritodaily to join AR, not knowing how much he would change their future. The Army Republic eventually reached the CPAC Top Ten and truly began to show their strength. Under the leadership of Buritodaily, Grant42, and Austin, the army flourished and hit it’s peak in December of 2010. Only a month later, the army died, and it wasn’t until March 2011 that they came back with 122344a, Buritodaily, and Vinny at the helm. Reaching another great height over the summer, AR seemed to be on the right track, but they passed once more due to problems in the leadership.

It was then in 2012 when the AR had a true reboot, following “The Doctrine,” a new set of rules to bring about change in the army and the Army Republic truly began to soar, setting up a stable leadership and managing to reach the CPAC Top Ten once more. They continued on up until 2013, in which they were able to top the Top Ten on several occasions, as well as participate in several Black Alliance conflicts during their existence. Originally, they were on the side of the Black Alliance, playing a major role in attempting to eradicate the ACP. However, after deciding to side with the ACP, Waterkid’s Black Alliance were soon halted, with the consequences present today.

Despite spending a brief portion of their lifetime in a powerful prime, the Army Republic was still one of the strongest and most notable armies of all time. They have consistently performed at a decent level for the years following the Vindaily era, making them a constant presence in CP Armies. Without the AR, we’d be without many inspiring and crucial moments of many army’s histories. The Army Republic closed with the closure of CP, and would not return as a CPPS army.

That brings to the end the fourth lot of ten armies to be included in the Top Fifty Armies of All Time, with the Army Republic and Night Warriors just missing out on the Top Ten. Make sure you keep an eye out for the next instalment, where we name the 10th to most significant army of all time. What do YOU think about this list? Did you agree with our most influential leaders, did we have these armies in the right order? Comment YOUR opinion on the Top Fifty Armies of All Time.


CPAH Advisor & Army Legend

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  1. Anyone who creates an army under the name “Help Force” is probably not going to lead a very successful life in the future. A very soft and sensitive boy/girl comes to mind, and anyone who enjoys being part of HF probably gets offended super easily and wouldn’t be able to manage himself around people who are considered disrespectful and ruthless without throwing a massive fit.


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  3. Justice for aliens. Aliens deserved to be in top 50. They were major army in club penguin online. Aliens used to max 25-35+ on average. JUSTICE FOR ALIENS


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