Top Ten Armies [7/12/20-7/18/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters — A busy week in the community makes for an interesting listing, with some armies climbing the rankings and others falling off completely.

Click here for the S/M Top Ten Armies

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [123.33]

 2. Ice Warriors [87.16]

3. Doritos of Club Penguin [76.80]

 4. Help Force [76.72]

5. Army of Club Penguin [71.09]

 6. Dark Warriors [67.58]

[NEW!] 7. Redemption Force [63.00]

 8. Lime Green Army [52.21]

9. Water Vikings [51.68]

10Silver Empire [46.00]

Close to Top Ten:

 11. Army of Orient Seas [45.58]

 12. Special Weapons and Tactics [44.85]

 13. Red Ravagers [44.24]

 14. Black Order [42.16]

 15. Elites [40.00]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: Rebel Penguin Federation had an eventful week with a total of 8 events. They started off with a closing ceremony of the historical Summer Olympics and invaded Blizzard Armies where they saw sizes of 86. They continued their week with an Operation: In Shining Armor and Operation Evoker where they achieved the sizes of 51 and 92 respectively. The rebels successfully invaded Chinook and Frozen from the Doritos of CP maxing 111 and 71. The rebels logged on for the Operation Hammer Time and Operation Tidal Wave maxing 65 and 76. The war raged on with a debut of the Black Ice Alliance invading Doritos of CP maxing 79 rebels online.

2. Ice WarriorsThe Ice Warriors kicked off their week on Monday with a stamp event where they brought a max of 73! Their second and final event of the week was a successful invasion of Rocky Road where they brought a max of 97. IW ended off their week by participating in a BIA event where they brought together a max of 151.

3. DoritosThe Doritos had quite an eventful week. The first started off with a Stamp event maxing 56. They then had a successful invasion of Frozen peaking at 55 troops. Following up on that, they then had an unsuccessful defense of Rocky Road with 46+ troops. Later that day, they had a Tactics event maxing 57. The army then had a Pizza Takeover maxing 46. They then followed up with a Tip the Berg event maxing 43. The Doritos ended the week with a Naked Penguin Takeover, maxing 43.

4. Help ForceThe Help Force had an exciting week with a total of 10 events. They kicked off their week with a Knight Takeover where they saw the sizes of 36 and held a Branch Battle where 36 helpers logged in. They held a Jester Takeover peaking 50. Other events consisted of Miners Event and Pizza Takeover in which they maxed 44 and 46 respectively. They continued their helpful week with a Stamps Festival, Coffee Takeover, and a Blacksmith Takeover where they maxed 50, 34, and 47. They also had a Practice Battle with SWAT where they saw the sizes of 28. They ended their week with a Fish Takeover where 46 helpers came online.

5. Army of Club PenguinACP started off their week with a UK Tactical Boot Camp event, maxing 31. On Tuesday, they held a UK Jester Takeover, maxing 34. Later in the day, they held a US Fairy Takeover, maxing 33. On Wednesday, they held an AUSIA Drilling event, maxing 63. They later held an UK/US Pizza Takeover, maxing 43. On Friday, they held an AUSIA Coffee Crew event, maxing 39. For their US event that day, they held a training, and maxed 34. To end off their week, they held a SPEC OPS Civilian Takeover, where they maxed 60.

6. Dark WarriorsWith a total of 5 events, the Dark Warriors kicked off this week with an AUSIA training event where they maxed 38. Next, they had their NewCP opening event where they maxed 34. The day after, they invaded Snowy River achieving 48 troops online. Following this, the Air Force and Navy divisions faced off in a battle with a max of 33. Their final event was the invasion of Summit where they reached 37.5.

7. Redemption ForceJust after the force awoke, RF was able to have a large opening event with a max of 55.

8. Lime Green ArmyLGA had another week of action with a grand total of 11 events. They kicked off with their EU invasion of Antarctic with a max of 10. They followed up with an EU duck raid the next day getting 28 penguins. Next, they hosted a Find Four tournament with 9 people attending. Their next event, an unscheduled recruiting, maxed 12. They next held a beach party with a max of 24. Their SuperCPPS recruiting maxed 7 and their AUSIA duck raid got 18 penguins. They got 15 with their duck recruiting and on their Sled Racing tournament, they reached 16. In the defense of Bobsled against Templars, they maxed 13. In round 1 of the Beach Brawl, they reached 19 in the battle against the Golden Troops. This was an action-packed week with a peak of 28 in their EU Duck Raid.

9. Water VikingsThe Water Vikings kicked off their week on Monday with a UK Dragon Takeover where they maxed 30! 2 days later on Wednesday, they had a successful invasion of Magic and they brought a max of 20. On Thursday they logged on for an AUSIA Duck Takeover and maxed 21. The following day, WV had a UK/US Pizza Takeover on Friday which maxed 45! On Saturday they held a UK 2 Month Return Anniversary event that maxed 17 for their final event of the week!

10. Silver EmpireThe Silver Empire had an eventful week with a total of 7 events. They started off with a Card-Jitsu Tournament and a Fashion Show maxing 4 and 5. They successfully invaded Snow Avalanche and Sleet maxing 6 and 14 troops. Other events consisted of Star Wars Event in which they maxed 8, NCP Stamp Event peaking sizes of 11 and ended off their week with a Training Event maxing 6 troops online.


Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think about this week’s Top Ten in the comments below!


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