CPA:TG Closing Statement; My View on the Future of Club Penguin Armies


I, Superhero123, am writing this post as a closing statement for CPA:TG, as well as an article about my view on the future of armies.

Over a month has passed since CP Armies: The Game shut down. I was meant to write this post way earlier, but the combination of thinking about what this post should contain and the lack of free time due to my exams period made it take a long while. In the following paragraphs, I will go through a few questions:


  • Why did CPA:TG close, and who is responsible for it?
  • Do I have another CPPS or game project planned for the future?
  • What is the future of army CPPSes?
  • How do you see the future of Club Penguin Armies?
  • What position are you, Superhero123, going to have in the army community?

Without further ado, let’s begin this journey.

Why did CPA:TG close, and who is responsible for it?

CP Armies: The Game closed after receiving a DMCA copyright infringement notice from Disney Enterprises, Inc. It would be, therefore, easy to consider Disney the only one responsible for its closure. Though we cannot know for sure, there are a few in this community who seek to shut down what those of us hope to keep alive. In what I personally consider to be a selfish act, there are those that openly and publicly sought Disney’s attention in hopes to shut down the CPPS that we all loved and used, with claims that it was for the betterment of the community. These claims that the community was too toxic for it to exist any longer safely and aims to remove a platform through which it could continue to survive only came after the same people were removed from power within it due to their own irresponsible and toxic actions. Whether they are the reason for this shutdown or not, we will never truly know. However, there are still many in this community who treasure it and hope to continue to better it. There is no reason for those people to not continue doing what makes them happy, it’s an online gaming community like so many others. Actions speak louder than words and I hope those that continue to claim to be the unselfish guardians of CPA realize the true selfishness in what they may have contributed to.

Be careful who you give power to and trust with your projects, whether they are news hubs, armies, or anything you care about.

I won’t give further explanations or discuss this issue more.

Do I have another CPPS or game project planned for the future?

I don’t intend to work on another CPPS project. It’s honestly something that doesn’t interest me anymore. However, I am an aspiring indie game developer and I will be making non-CPPS related games in the coming years. You can keep in touch with me on Discord to learn what I will be up to at any time!

What is the future of army CPPSes?

I will most likely publicly release CPA:TG’s backend source code (nothing copyrighted though) at some point in the future, if no other proper army CPPS exists, because I believe it’s a special genre of CP remakes that deserves to exist. I will refrain from doing so until it is absolutely needed though, mostly for security concerns with other functioning army CPPSes.

How do you see the future of Club Penguin Armies?

Honestly, judging from the current community, it’s hard for one to say that it doesn’t look bright. The community has finally united at last, and organizationally it is run by highly capable and unbiased people, in my opinion. Toxicity levels are at record low in comparison to the past. In addition to that, the almost certain future existence of army CPPSes will make sure this community is never left without a home. Everything is in place for the community to run smoothly for at least a few months from now, if not longer.

What position are you, Superhero123, going to have in the army community?

My increasing responsibilities in real life, which would anyway force me into a retirement from the position of CPA:TG Administrator at the end of summer if the CPPS lasted till then, make it very hard for me to hold an important role in the community for the foreseeable future. I will, however, always be around on Discord to help out wherever needed such as judging tournaments, giving advice etc, and trying to publish a post every now and then when I find something I feel I should speak about.

In general, I consider the stance followed by the majority of original army veterans in which they totally cut ties with the army community after not having enough time to play a central role (a stance that even I fell a victim of), flawed. If one loves this community, they can always help even if they aren’t a central player anymore.

Now, in a totally predictable fashion, it’s time for thank yous! Please note I will only include people who played a central role in the creation and improvement of CPA:TG, which means I will not include people close and important to me that didn’t play a part in the operation of the CPPS.


Without Greeny, CPA:TG wouldn’t be a thing. He showed trust to a then unique and obscure sounding project, and by being an excellent partner he made my wild dream a reality. Thank you Greener so much <3.


Possibly the best admin across any league I have been part of. He showed trust in CPA:TG from day one, and handled every difficult situation with incredible diplomatic skills. Thank you DMT, so much <3.


Outside of the fact he was, alongside Greeny and DMT, one of the first that believed in my project, he is the sole reason a ton of CPA:TG footage exists from its earlier days. Only now, I realize how incredibly important that is. Thank you Mem so much <3.


No browser game can be done well without a website developer. Flen made tons of awesome designs for CPA:TG’s website, assisted greatly in system administration, and made sure that everything always ran flawlessly when I couldn’t be around to check myself. Thank you, papa.


The creator of Houdini, the amazing CPPS source that allowed me to easily and quickly implement new features without having to reinvent the wheel. He also provided me with a ton of technical support when I needed it. Thank you Ben, so much <3.


Co-developer of Houdini and old friend of mine, he was always there to provide me with technical support when needed. Thank you Ro, so much <3.


 The best drunk Irish dude I have ever met, and surprisingly an amazing moderator too. Thank you Funky, so much <3.


Emcee showed trust in CPA:TG immediately after all my older partners had to go, and became a great moderator and friend whose advice I always sought regarding how to handle tough situations, as well as when I needed my piles of incorrectly written English fixed. Thank you, mom Em <3!


Da boss. Tough on the outside, an immature teen like all of us on the inside. Thank you for believing in CPA:TG alongside Emcee after I was out of partners. Thank you, Ayan, so much <3.


Amazing mod, and a very humble person as well! Thank you Flypin, so much <3.


The craziest head moderator possible. Sole reason Poosuper is a thing. Thank you, Pookie Cookie <3.


A kind, unbiased, amazing Spanish-speaking person, making an excellent combo for an individual capable of moderating the Spanish speaking player base! Thanks, lilox, so much <3.


Another amazing person, supporter and moderator, without whom CPA:TG would be a worse place. Thank you, Sirplus, so much <3.


A supporter worthy of a unique hoodie, and an amazing moderator too. Thank you, Zoomey, so much <3.


One of the best employees moderators ever, what a crazy dude! He knew how to show appreciation to a baguette. Thank you so much, Myth <3.


Best graphics money. Thank you so much, Kolo, for the awesome GFX <3.


One of the oldest players of CPA:TG, he showed real trust on the project to the point he got RPF to frequently host events there, an army that until that point almost solely used CPR. Without him, a ton of very important Beta Testing experiments would never have happened. Thank you, so much, Ulti <3.


Icey loved the project from the first moment he learned about it, and was instrumental to the merge. He also helped greatly in the army trivia game, and is in general one of my personal mentors in CPA. Thank you so much for everything, Papa Icey <3.


To be honest, I still barely know Freezie. He is one of the main reasons the merge happened though, and for that, thank you so much Freezie <3.

Outside of these people, there are literally tons of players that constituted the main daily player base, some even originating as far back as the opening in June 2019. I really really wish I could mention you all here, but there are way too many of you for me to even recall, let alone to write down. I sincerely wish you can forgive me. Thank you all so much <3.

Alongside those players, I need to give special thanks to each army leader that decided to host even one event on CPA:TG. Without you, all of this would have no point. Thank you so much, army leaders <3.

In the end, it all boils down to one thing. I am often receiving “thank yous” for creating CPA:TG, and while I am really honored to hear it and blush irl every time I read such a message, the truth is it is each and every player that is to thank for the amazing thing CPA:TG was. The passengers are the important thing, not the vessel.

Thank you so much for playing CPA:TG <3, each of you, the 12,430 registered users.

The vessel will change, the captain will change, but you will stay and carry on this amazing thing called the Club Penguin Army community.

PS: Feel free to reply to this post if you want to reach out to me!

Happy Summer Holidays! Please don’t spend the whole thing on CP Armies :P.


CPA:TG Administrator and Developer


Awesome person who makes sure my English make sense



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  1. sick post, best of luck 🙂


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