Tymatt Reinstated As Water Vikings Leader

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Tymatt has returned to the position of Water Vikings Commander once again. Find out Tymatt’s history and successes with WV, and what he could bring to the table in 2020. 

On July 19, it was officially announced that Tymatt, a veteran and a member of the ‘Greatest Leaders’ of the Water Vikings, would be returning to leadership. The Water Vikings were created in December of 2010 through a merge of the Masked Vikings and the Water Troops, led by Jed Pen and Zak, respectively. The Water Vikings continued to thrive until 2016 when they shut down. In May of 2020, the army was reopened, rebranded as the Golden Guardians. Later in May, the Golden Guardians officially became the Water Vikings once more, and the Water Vikings were back!

In 2015, Tymatt’s leadership brought the Water Vikings to high places. The Water Vikings were at the number one spot on the Top Ten, WV just fell short of a championship win at the Legends Cup VI. At the tournament finals, the Water Vikings faced the Rebel Penguin Federation and maxed an impressive 80 penguins.

With all of this previous success, the question is, what next? CP Army Hub was able to get an exclusive interview with Tymatt, about his thoughts on his return and the future of the Water Vikings.

First off, how do you feel about being back with WV?

It’s certainly been a journey, but WV is a great army with rich history and it felt like the right time to return.

That’s great! How do you think the army has changed or grown as compared to your previous time as a leader?

Well wv will be entering a transitional period with two leaders ive previously worked with retiring and it’ll be certainly sad seeing them retire but I think we got a great group of people coming into the leadership and we will continue to try and improve day by day

Should the community expect any big changes from you as a WV commander?

Well I see this game how it is and at this point it is what it is. Big changes maybe, maybe not, I hope to enjoy the community this time around form bonds with other armies as well as the troops within my own.

That sounds great. Do you have anything else to add before we wrap up?

I think it’s interesting in a decade how this community has changed and evolved. From my point of view it’s bittersweet. Anyway I hope to get back into things once again and get into the fight.

What do YOU think about Tymatt’s return to the Water Vikings? Let us know in the comment section below!


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