Know Your Meme – Pizza Federation

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Associate Producer Rocket is back to give all the latest insight on meme culture across the army community as well as explaining a few classics!

In this issue, we explore the memes and insider culture of the Pizza Federation! I contacted R3TR0, Alex_202, Bolio, Hidcre, Lightningmc, and snork as long time members of PZF for their input on their memes within the community.

What are some of your favorite memes in PZF?

Bolio: There’s coup Hidcre/Retro.

Alex_202: We had a whole coup Hidcre vs coup Retro event.

Bolio: ..and we played Tee K.O where the only thing we wrote was like “Coup Retro”.

Hidcre: The Coup Saga of PZF is basically me and Retro sharing our hate for each other, so like whenever I say I have a special announcement, Retro is like “her retirement post?”. Then, we had a coup Retro/Hidcre which ya gurl obviously won.

Lightningmcj: Yeah, we had a branch battle where one side was coup Retro and the other side was coup Hidcre.

Snork: I’d say Fang the Sniper because of how prevalent he’s become in PZF, but he isn’t just a meme – he just exists in everything we play now… he’s important me (and he better be important to y’all too. He shows up a lot 🙂

R3TR0: I’ve been in PZF for about two years now, and I’m not sure what my favorite PZF memes are because all of them are pretty good and I like them all. What I like about the memes in my army is that they are memes that only PZF know about (except Puffel Pizza).

What does “Maybe but I can” mean?

Bolio: It was a battle against the Templars.

Snork: One of their troops was there while we were battling them, just them.

Bolio: There was one templar left, and the entire PZF army got into a line down and said, “XING CAN’T LEAD”.

[The one templar then responded by saying “Maybe, but I can”]

What’s the story behind Puffel Pizza?

Snork: So, puffel pizza started as a random thing I said when I was helping PZF defend against the Rebel Penguin Federation last year. It was then memes by both PZF and RPF, and since then it’s been a big running joke in PZF: We do E+P E+Z tactics, we have emojis, one of our HCOM made puffel pizza merch. We’ve evolved into vuffel vizza now.

Snork: I put it in my yearbook. I didn’t ruin my school rep for nothing :sob:.

Whoa, how did vuffel vizza evolve?

Lightningmcj: So, vuffel vizza kind of evolved from puffel pizza when we were in a V formation, and Hidcre said in orders that “V stands for Puffel Pizza”, and all of us were like :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

Speaking of Hidcre leading, any memes there?

Lightningmcj: There’s “flead by Hidcre”, where Hidcre was doing a tactic and she was trying to say “lead by Hidcre” but said flead accidetnally, so now we all say flead by Hidcre.

Did any memes start from the recent PZF Games?

Lightningmcj: The PZF Games was this mini-game tournament we did, and one of the games was musical chairs on cp. Snork was sitting, but he sat down and didn’t realize there wasn’t a chair there. He was actually just sitting on Hidcre instead of a chair – so now we say Hidcre is a chair.

Lightningmcj: There was also – lol and -Fernando. For the PZF Games, Snork would write a recap for every day of games on our website, so when people were eliminated, Snork posted pictures of the results with dumb captions.

Lightningmcj: So this is Takoz losing to McBruh, which knocked him out of the competition, and Snork put the caption – lol. So, whenever Takoz gets a big head we just say “- lol” to knock him down a notch haha.

Snork: If we’re making fun of me we’ll say “- banana”, and “- fernando” if it’s Fernando, and “- lol” if it’s Takoz.

I’ve heard R3TR0 is a funny guy, any other memes about him?

Lightningmcj: Retro being funny and getting everything pinned – there’s kind of a joke that Retro is the funniest one of us and almost every pin is him saying something funny. Oh, and when we maxed 20 for the first time, Retro went in Voice Chat and read the entire Bee Movie script as a reward, and his voice was wrecked for a whole day.

Bolio: And it was a voice reveal as well.

Alex_202: We made a role called “R3TR0 VOICE REVEAL WITNESS”.

Thank you so much to all of the PZF Staff that helped me with the making of this post: Alex, Bolio, Hidcre, Lightning, Retro, and Snork!

The Pizza Federation is for sure a close community of people that are proud of the memes they make, and they have a lot of fun with what they do! It was incredibly fascinating to talk with them about their army and the memes that are part of it!

What do YOU think is the sauciest meme of PZF? What armies’ memes do YOU want to see covered next? Comment YOUR opinion down below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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