LuciferStar Retires From Elites To Focus On CP Army Hub

AVALANCHE, Elites Empire – In a surprising turn of events, LuciferStar, the leader of Elites, has resigned. Today was his last event as leader of Elites. 

LuciferStar joined the Club Penguin Army Community in November 2019. His first army was the Doritos Of Club Penguin. Lucifer later joined the Ice Warriors; where he would truly understand what armies were all about and reach 4th in Command. Soon after, Lucifer joined the Crimson Guardians for a moderator position, but he would later resign from armies for a brief period. SWAT offered him 3rd in command, but after spending two weeks there, he revived the Elites of CP with the help of Simmonds and Mythic. Luciferstar’s role in Elites led him to become a notable figure in CPA. In his last event as a leader of Elites, he led a retirement event in their capital, Avalanche. Soon after, he shared this short announcement in the Elites discord. 

Hello, not gonna ping for this but,
It’s been an absolute wild journey for me serving as your Leader. When I decided to revive this army with Simmonds and Mythic back then, I never really thought we’d come so far.
I’m not one for long goodbye messages, because it’s never really goodbye now, is it?
There’s so many people I need to thank for this that if I were to do this individually, then we’d be here for quite a long time. So this is it, my love isn’t limited to any one of you and I love all of you for not only being by there for me through this ride but also for their contributions to this army in my absence. Guess this is it. See ya later lads

LuciferStar’s Retirement Event

CP Army Hub managed to get an exclusive interview with LuciferStar to learn more about his retirement and the upcoming future of Elites.

Hi LuciferStar, the question that the entire community asks is why you chose to retire from The Elites of CP, was this a sudden decision or a planned one?

It’s definitely something I’ve given some thought to, for a while now, so yeah you could say it was planned.

With your departure, How do you feel The Elites of CP will perform without you as their leader?

We’ve got a powerhouse of a leadership, and I’m sure they’ll take Elites to even greater heights.

Do you plan to join any other armies?

No, in fact, this departure from leadership was essential in setting a precedent at CP Army Hub, it’s been decided that the CEOs would not be affiliated to any army in particular. So I’m a very expensive free agent right now haha.
As you can see, LuciferStar made a name for himself in the community by moving up in armies while also a major contender for CPAL and CPAH. Despite being new to the Club Penguin Army Community, he was able to accomplish so much. He shows great faith in the current leadership of The Elites and believes that it will bring them to even greater heights. His reason for retirement is very well respected in the community, and CP Army Hub is grateful to have him put even more effort into the Hub.
What do YOU think? Will LuciferStar’s retirement affect Elites leadership? Or will they continue to rise without his presence? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments down below!
CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee

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  1. Happy Retirement Lucifer


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