Summer @ CPAH: Sun Hunt Results

ALASKA, CP Army Headquarters, Administrative Office – As Beach Brawl commences, our Summer Sun Hunt comes to a close. Congratulations to everyone who participated and successfully found every sun on the site and Discord, as well as came up with the correct number at the end. Wait, but who won the various prizes offered as part of this event? Let’s find out!


Apparently, there was various miscommunication about how prizes would be distributed. Before we announce the winners, we want to clear up this confusion. We apologize for any inconvenience this miscommunication may have caused. The first three people to submit the correct answers will receive the following in order of submission:

First Place: Nitro Classic, Discord Role, CPArmies Nameglow + Name Color

Second Place: Discord Role, CP Armies Name Color

Third Place: Discord Role

Anyone who submitted answers after this point have been added to a consolation raffle which took place in announcements. The winner will be “CEO for a day” and obtain the CEO role for 24 hours. This role does not come with any authority of admin permissions, only the role itself and its duration will be at some point within the next week or so. The first raffle accidentally included placed winners, so we removed those people from the role and re-raffled to participants without prizes.

We apologize to those of you who were inconvenienced by the fact that our league page was inaccessible from the homepage. We’re aware that this complication frustrated those of you who participated in the first few hours of the contest and were unaware of the issue at time of the contest’s launch. However, the league page was still accessible if you typed /league into the URL or used our search bar to find it. Keeping this in mind, and with no way to fairly resolve the disadvantage that early hunters had without randomly giving away prizes with no regard to skill, we promise to make sure issues like this don’t occur in future competitions similar to this one.


The answers for those who wanted them:

  • 841 – 32op’s poll
  • 2 – British Army post
  • 571 – Emcee’s pin in concerns
  • 4 – Armies page
  • 5 – Ask the Administration post (Top Ten calculations)
  • 998 – Pookie’s announcement
  • 7 – League page
  • 86 – Treaties
  • 9 – YouWrite page
  • 10 – Family Forever post
  • 16 – Server Rules
  • 40 – Da Best Army invite
  • Grand total: 2589


The winners who submitted the correct answers the quickest are…

First Place: Jacob S.

Second Place: Snork

Third Place: Light

A raffle was recently held in #announcements to determine the 24 hr CEO. This winner is…



This concludes our first ever Summer Sun Hunt! Congratulations to our prize winners and thank you again to everyone who participated. The prizes will be discussed and distributed with prize winners soon. We know this was a difficult contest and we look forward to hosting more activities (with revisions, considering the frustrating circumstances) like this one. Summer @ CPAH continues with the current tournament, the BeachBrawl.

Stay tuned for more Summer @ CPAH to come!



CP Army Hub Advisor


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