Recon Federation Declares War Against Templars

WALRUS, Templars Empire – On the afternoon of July 21st, the Recon Federation issued a warning to the Templars, giving them 24 hours to adjust to their demands, or feel the wrath of the Recon Federation.

The Templars have been known in the past for their threats/execution of doxxing both members of the army and outsiders. Screenshots provided by Recon Federation‘s commander, Prior Bumble, have also shown that the Templars have made discriminatory slurs, antisemitic remarks, and more.

a screenshot taken from the main chat of the Templars (#commons),

a swastika formation executed and praised during an event

The Recon Federation has given a 24-hour warning to the Templars. Among their demands were for the Templars to cease doxxing threats, stop making insensitive and racist remarks, and to make their army a better place for their members on the younger side. Soon after RFCP released their warning, the Templars responded with a post of their own.

The conclusion of the Templars’ response post, posted by Cobra.

It’s important to add that right before this post was released, CP Army Hub welcomed Recon Federation back to the league as a registered army as they weren’t one before. This means that they will now be included in the Top Tens and will also appear on the map if they wish to do so.

Sha of RFCP registering the army to CPAH

Right after Sha joined she also posted an invasion of Templars land and announced that RFCP has now entered war against the Templars. The first battle of the war will proceed on July 22nd at 10:30pm EST and will occur on the server Yukon.

After these remarks and accusations were made, CP Army Hub was able to obtain an interview with the commander of the Recon Federation, Prior Bumble. 

 First off, What was the first thought that popped into your head when these things that the templars have been involved in came to your attention?

CPA doesn’t need to be this toxic.

Do you think that the Templars will make any changes before the set 24 hours are up?

They deleted the slurs and doxxing we asked them to delete, and at first we were very pleased that they were being cooperative. Then, immediately after we came to an agreement and I thanked them, Xing and Cobra joined our group chat and flooded in more hate speech. We realized they were trolling us all along, and have no intention to correct their cruel behavior.

Open the link to view the screenshot clearly

This screenshot was taken moments before Xing and Cobra entered and started trolling and insulting.
At that point, I said we would proceed with the war, because our terms were not just to delete the offensive content, but to cease its continuation as well.

Wow. After the war, do you think the Templars will make any changes at all, or do you believe they will continue with the same behavior?

After the war, they will be gone. We are ending them.

What do you mean?

I mean RFCP will wipe them off the map.

That’s intense. Thank you for your input. Do you have anything else to add to the community before we conclude this interview?

RFCP is living what we preach. We stand for the end of cruelty and inhumanity in Club Penguin Armies. We hope one day TCP will become real soldiers–soldiers that stand for that too.

The Recon Federation did not come to play. Will the Templars rise to the challenge, or will the Recon Federation triumph?

What do YOU think about this war declaration? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

3 Responses

  1. Bit hypocritical from Recon Federation they are even worse


  2. […] have been making headline news since their re-joining of the army community just days ago. They successfully invaded the Templars server Yukon with a strong force of 32 penguins, and even formed an alliance with former enemies the Lime Green […]


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