Top 50 Armies Of All Time: #10-1

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The debate surrounding the ‘greatest armies of all time’ is one of the most contested topics in the history of CP and CPPS Armies. Of course, many base the answer to this question on their own experiences and biases. However, at CPAH, we will now try to objectively list the best fifty armies of all time, from 2006-2020, in what is the final part of an exciting five-part series.







In the last edition we posted our penultimate list of the Top 50 Armies Of All Time, as we named the 20th-11t most influential armies. The armies that made this list included some that had eras of dominance over the community, including the Army Republic, Night Warriors and Special Weapons and Tactics in 11th, 12th and 13th. This was followed by the Roman Fire Warriors/Ninjas in 14th, who were the number one army under Pringle and Pochoma. In 15th and 16th we saw the two ‘gold’ armies, in the Golden Troops and Golds, who both reached incredible sizes. The Help Force claimed the title of the highest ranked CPPS-only army in 17th, followed by the Hot Sauce Army, Watex Warriors and Elites. It was also noted that the entire list failed to include the Aliens of CP, who had a notable AUSIA division on CP Online, so they were definitely deserving of a shout-out. 

In this edition of the Top 50 we move onto the top ten most significant armies of all time.  The list order is defined by a mixture of three main factors: 1.) the peak sizes that the army reached, 2.) how sustained the size was over a period of time and 3.) the influence and impact that they had on the wider community. We are also continuing to add in the five most influential leaders of each army, which in most instances, where possible, has been decided in consultation with a senior figure in each army. As pointed out by IW Creator and Army Legend, Iceyfeet1234, he said it was important to note that in some cases not many CPPS leaders will be included, due to the short life span of some modern CPPS generations.

I hope you enjoy the final ten armies to be included on this list, all of which have had multiple eras of prolonged dominance on CP Armies, reached tournament finals, won the defining wars of their era and reached record-breaking sizes. Below are the top ten armies of all time, as decided by CP Army Hub’s panel of advisors.

10. Water Vikings

Five Most Influential Leaders: Kingfunks4, Bepboy, Zakdude, Change, Buddy

Water Vikings of CP | Water Vikings Army

In December 2010, the Water Vikings started off as a small/medium army. It was not until mid January 2011 when they first gained attention, after placing third on SMAC. Later, they made more of a mark by forming the Blue Taco Alliance, along with the Tacos. Their goals was to defeat the Team Gold. Their first generation came to an abrupt end after their site was mysteriously deleted. It did not take long for the army to come back, however, as after only three days, the second generation started. The Water Vikings propelled into CPAC’s lower top ten, hitting sizes of 25. However, after time, WV fell back into the middle of SMAC’s top ten. After being inspired by the Fire Warriors recent name change to the Ninjas, which brought great heights for the army, Zakster and Jed Pen changed their armies name to the “Pirates,” hiring Bepboy, as well as Skyfish, to lead alongside them. This change did indeed increase their sizes, and WV saw a rise to the tenth spot on CPAC’s top ten. This was short lived, however, as they ended up merging into the Sun Troops.

After a couple more generations, the Water Vikings became the army it is known today as. Brought back by Bepboy9 in November 2012, and later joined by Zakster and Brash Ass Dash, WV was led to their best sizes yet. After several wars and bit of a decline, Bluesockwa1 joined as leader and gained the army a lot of popularity. As time moved on, the Water Vikings quickly earned a reputation as a strong army. As the summer of 2013 approached, the Water Vikings climbed into the Top 5, where they became a constant presence until the end of that summer, reaching as high as 2nd in the Top Ten. During that time, they established their dominance by matching the Dark Warriors blow-for-blow in a malicious war between the two. After the “Blue Summer”, as the Water Vikings named it, they fell out of power and soon died. They were revived again in late 2013, though, where they quickly became a strong army once again after only a few weeks, topped off by a short war against the strong Doritos in which they claim to be undefeated in. After a long-term fall, the Water Vikings returned to power slowly throughout the latter part of 2014, battling with armies such as the Special Weapons & Tactics and the Golds. They rose into the Top 5 again in late November, maintaining a place inside the Top 5 for the rest of 2014 and all of 2015. During this time, they reached 1st for the first time in their history. They also revived their conflict with the Doritos in a series of well-fought battles and close finishes.

The Water Vikings, after placing in the collective Top Ten Armies of 2013 and of 2014, were then primed to be their highest spot yet in this same list at the end of the year as they’ve established themselves as one of the only consistent powers of 2015. The army, under the leadership of Bepboy, Change, Kingfunks4 and others, managed to reach back-to-back Legends Cup Finals in 2015 and 2016, reaching impressive sizes of 80+ in the initial final in a controversial defeat to the Rebel Penguin Federation. They also reached the final of the Christmas Chaos, but again came short. Through their final generation in 2016, they managed to dominate the year with an impressive spell of being ranked first for ten weeks in an eleven week span.

CP Army Central on Twitter: "Champions Cup IV: Nachos vs Water ...

The Water Vikings returned once again in the summer of 2020, under former leaders such as Buddy, Funks, Tymatt, Pjayo and Adden, amongst others, to reach the Legends Cup Quarter-Finals, defeat the Templars in a short-lived war and place consistently in the major eight armies. They are also the first army to be born as a colony of another army and grow to surpass that army in magnitude, that army being the Ice Vikings. The army will be remembered for its dominant eras through the final period of original CP Armies.

9. Pirates

Five Most Influential Leaders: Waterkid1000, Epic101, Bidnow, Bucky, Twaseen

The Pirates were created in the spring of 2007 by Bid Now. It started off as a fairly small army. One of the troops, was a fairly good recruiter so he eventually became leader, Whaleoil, and under his leadership the Pirates approximately doubled in size and went from being a tiny army maxing 5 at best, to a medium army maxing around 10. They then fell again and then eventually they grew back to sizes of about 13, and managed to even defeat the Golds in a war. After this, Pirates Creator, Bid Now, left the Pirates for the Golds which led to a huge argument and a defacing of the site. The army was recreated under a new leadership and stayed medium, had a short war with the Ice Warriors and some other small armies, but overall didn’t last long and eventually died in mid-2008.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2011 that the Pirates started to show true potential. With the permission of former Pirates, the Water Vikings under the leadership of Zakdude and Jedpen changed their name to Pirates. They maxed great sizes of 25 and even reached the Top 5 on CPAC’s Top 10. The summer passed though, and the Pirates died with it. September came along, and a new name, Waterkid101, recreated the Pirates. They managed to reach sizes of 20, but in April of 2012 they went to war with the ACP and Nachos and, despite causing a lot of trouble for the ACP at the time and won several battles, ultimately faced a devastating loss and would die out after that. The Pirates would then make several noticeable returns, the most notable was in late 2013 during the war between the Black Alliance and the League of Justice. Waterkid had hired what was then and now known as “The Drew Crew”, and together the Pirates flourished to new heights and became a true world power and even reached 2nd on CPAC’s Top 10. Even though the future seemed bright at the time, it didn’t last due to disagreements between Waterkid and Andrew24, and he banished the them from the army and the Pirates merged into the Light Troops again, as they had done several times before. The generations that the Pirates went through saw them put together one of the strongest UK divisions under London-born Waterkid, making them a tough match in any war.

After their Golden Age in 2013, the Pirates did see several other rebirths in towards the end of the original CP Armies, but none as major as the previous ones. However, they would return in 2018 under the leadership of Epic101 to dominate on a scale not previously seen. Due to their relations with CP Online, the Pirates were able to hit sizes not seen since Boomer 20’s retirement in ACP, as they reached sizes of 135+ – an absolute incredible number. They reached several tournament finals, and quickly became the biggest army. The Pirates on CP Online, also led by individuals such as Bucky and Twaseen, were absolutely dominant and shocked the community with the sizes that they managed to reach in this generation. They did drop following the closure of CPO, with a short-lived spell on CP Armies: The Game. They were effectively ended when they were found to have multilogged in the Last 16 of the Legends Cup, seeing them get banished from the tournament.

They didn’t start off as the biggest army, but many of the people involved in the army have left HUGE marks on this community. Bid Now with the creation of the Pirates created a chain of events that I doubt he could have ever foreseen. The people that the Pirates have given birth to have impacted this community in various ways, and their unprecedented sizes in the CPPS-era sees them place ninth in the Top 50 Armies of All Time.

8. Underground Mafias Army

Five Most Influential Leaders: Pink Mafias, Wgfv, Eyes521, Trickster, Batista

Created by the legendary Pink Mafias and his trusty sidekick, Jtrotter, the Underground Mafias Army started out their controversial reign of terror on January 6, 2007 as they challenged the authority of the then sole dominant power, the Army of Club Penguin. Proclaimed as hackers and cheaters, the UMA were met with the difficult task of battling the ACP, something they were able to successfully do until being faced with a strong division from Commando’s Rebel Penguin Federation, a rebellion of the Underground Mafias Army. The ACP’s alliance would prove to strong for UMA, who were ultimately defeated.

After many years of being frowned upon, the UMA made a striking return in 2009 under the leadership of figures like Trickster and Batista, who returned the army to a solid state, and defeated their former enemies; the Rebel Penguin Federation. With even more turmoil within the army, RUMA spun the UMA to a point of weakness they’d seen before. However, there was a much more immediate relief, with the assumption of power from yet another legendary, controversial, figure, Wgfv. Under both Wgfv’s leadership and resulting dynasty, the Underground Mafias Army regained world power status and maintained a presence for much longer than it ever had before, along with being the first communist army, along with colonizing the Doritos (among many other armies). Following all this, nearly five years later and with countless leaders and legends, the UMA, though never truly regaining its stable place, was able to remain relevant and also make impressive returns over the summers that followed. There is no forgetting the Red Summer, led by Coolster, Derek, and Zak, or the NP3000 eras, which were decently strong, or even the UMA’s Great Revival in 2013, where they reached the top 2 and defeated the Doritos and ACP in respective wars.


Arguably one of the most revolutionary and influential armies of all time, the Underground Mafias Army, after shutting down in October of 2014, have found themselves on the receiving end of several attempted comebacks with varied success across the final three years of original CP Armies. At points during return they dominated the Top Ten, with impressive sizes, but this has often been short lived or unsuccessful. Ehroyals and Zeke revived UMA as a CPR army following CP’s closure, but this generation did not reach the heights of previous ones. The army, however, stands as one of the most important in our history for their early influence on CP Armies.

7. Light Troops

Five Most Influential Leaders: Waterkid1000, Ioioluk, Roberto, Jessie, Epic101

The Light Troops were created January 10th, 2010, by CP Army Legend Ioioluk. They were originally called the Blue Miners Army, but Ioioluk wanted the army to rise from their medium army status, so the name “Light Troops” was coined. They continued to grow after this, being one of the only armies in original CP Armies to claim to reach over 100+, and were soon showing great might. The army had truly proven their might as a world power under the leadership of CP Army Legends Roberto and Ioioluk. Following Ioioluk’s retirement it seemed that the Light Troops were bound to fall, but this was not the case.

Even though the Light Troops would face many scandals, exposing corruption, multilogging, hacking, defacing, and more, they bred many powerful leaders and showed their might over and over again. They reached the number one spot on the top 10, faced the ACP and nearly brought them down on multiple occasions through 2012 and 2013. Under leaders like Waterkid and Roberto, the Light Troops proved absolutely relentless in the art of war. Even though they have given the ACP and other armies a run for their money, their own downfall would often tend to be internal struggles like mentioned before. Owners and leaders would change pretty often. At some points Waterkid, shut down LT and effectively merged them into the Pirates and then return back again. Even still, since their creation, they have been a near constant force in the Top 10, showing that till the very end. The Light Troops were also revolutionary in improving recruiting techniques in the final few years of armies, helping to sustain performances for their own army and CP Armies as a whole. In the final years of CP Armies, under the leadership of Waterkid, the Light Troops have been one of the most dominant armies around and have been uncontested in their fight for glory, with their most recent success seeing them unexpectedly reach the Legends Cup Final of 2017, in a close defeat.

The Light Troops of Club Penguin | Club Penguin Online: Light Troops

This was not the end of the Light Troops, who were revived by LT Legend Epic101 in 2020. While the Light Troops were not one of the more dominant armies in this era, they still managed to quickly reach 50+ and be a consistent presence in the top five armies. This quick rise meant that the Light Troops were once again an influence on CP Armies. The Light Troops, one of the most controversial armies of all time, has bred power, hatred, and warped sense of unity that others often don’t understand. Either way, the army has shown power like no other in the face of adversity and are always willing to prove that they run the scene.

6. Doritos

Five Most Influential Leaders: Mustapha10, Wwebestfan, Bam, Jester, 32op


The Doritos of Club Penguin were founded in early February of 2010, by Wwebestfan. A quickly growing army, the DCP was able to hit 40+ within several days of their creation. While they had several small wars over the DCP name, they had several larger wars with armies including the Army of Club Penguin, the Elites, the League of Lightning and the Ice Warriors, and all within a couple months of their creation. Although the army was continuously “hacked”, they still maintained their position in the middle of the Top Ten. In the Summer of 2010, the army became looked at as a World Power by the community. Eventually, in October of 2010, they went to war with the Night Warriors for picking on small armies, this lasted for a little under a month, but eventually NW ended the war. With 2011 came the return of the Orange Alliance and a war with the UMA and Nachos which lasted a good three weeks.

They had a few other big wars, but things really began to change for the army in 2012. They managed to reach first on CPAC’s Top 10 in October, but two months later in November, Wwebestfan retired from armies permanently. At this point they pretty much died until January of 2013 where they start off with sizes of about twenty, but they quickly rose to the top again. Their most monumental most of 2013 was in August, when the DCP defeated the ACP in CPAC’s Legends Cup. Since 2013 they have consistently been a powerful presence in the community, breeding many famous leaders like Mustapha10 who is arguably about as influential to the army as it’s creator. Even though they do have a history of short temporary deaths, they would always come back with such an incredible vigor that it would surprise the community. With 2015 the Doritos have continued to be a constant overwhelming part of the community, having the largest war of the year against IW.

The Doritos were one of the strongest armies through 2014-2016, with unmatched sizes that saw them dominate CP Armies. They did, however, get exposed for multilogging on multiple occasions in an army that became known for controversy and Top Ten deductions. They have had many eras of legitimate domination and this sees them make the Top Ten list of All Time. An enormous influence on the community since their creation, the Doritos have proven time and time again their power and persistence. In their eras of dominance, they managed to consistently be placed as the number one army, win several notable wars  (such as taking RPF’s capital Tuxedo in February, 2014, taking the Nachos capital, Fjord, in March, 2015, or invading DW’s capital Frosty in June, 2015) and prove their strength over the vast majority of the army community.

The Doritos returned to the community once more in 2019-20, where they would consistently be able  to show their ability to reach sizes of 80-100+ and become a world power alongside returning armies such as the Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors. They continued to be involved in leadership controversies, but the impact this had on the wider community only demonstrated their influence. The DCP continue to be one of the major CPPS armies post-CPO, and have proven their ability to be placed sixth on the Top 50 Armies Of All Time.

5. Dark Warriors

Five Most Influential Leaders: Ambrosha, SaW, Unknown, Freezie66, XxToysoldier

Created on October 16, 2007 by Army Legend Ambrosha, the Dark Warriors have created a rich history for themselves with several periods of sustained dominance. During 2007 and 2008, they remained as a medium army at best, but during 2009, they strengthened under the leadership of current legend SaW/Feephill and became a legitimate power. During their time in 2009, the Dark Warriors were able to come considerably close to being recognized as a world power, and although they didn’t truly reach it, they did make a name for themselves with strong war efforts, such as the war against the Fire Warriors. They did, however, suffered a devastating hack close to the end of the year, one that put the army in shambles. This ended in 2010 when Videogamer57, Thekid18, and Donut67890 brought the Dark Warriors back into prominence, becoming a consistent presence among major armies. One thing that escaped them, though, was the ever-coveted 1st spot on the Top Ten. Although they had achieved success, they were never recognized as the most dominant army of all. This would change in 2011 when Khimo joined the Dark Warriors leadership. In 2011, the unquestionable power was ACP, but Khimo and the Dark Warriors threatened and, eventually, overcame them and held the title of 1st for the first time in history. They also engaged in several conflicts, most notably with the Underground Mafias Army. Their future looked bright, but one issue was that they faltered constantly. In 2012, however, they answered these concerns by posing their most dominant year yet, holding 1st several times and being recognized as a World Power for a good amount of the year. Their peak came in December of that year, where they rode the momentum of several 1st placements in a row to win the 2012 CPAC Christmas Chaos tournament. During this era, though, the Dark Warriors were widely recognized as a sort of “antagonist” due to the DDoS attacks that were executed by their leaders, namely SaW and xiUnknown, but this in no way overshadowed their leadership, as is evident by their inclusion on the Legends page.

Their journey was far from over, though. Their 2012 dominance leaked into 2013, where they would remain a top power for the first few months. The departures of prime figures such as SaW, xiUnknown, and Khimo then caused the army to hit a large bump in the road, faltering greatly. Figures such as Pufpuf103, Flo Rida, and Crazy186 kept the Dark Warriors on their feet for a time, but they remained inconsistent. Their status changed when Dxdzn joined the Dark Warriors leadership, taking momentum from his successful generation of the Hot Sauce Army and giving it to the Dark Warriors. Under him, the Dark Warriors once again reached success, but this quickly ended once both he and Bearsboy10, his successor, retired. The Dark Warriors quickly fell to extremely low points, points they hadn’t seen for some time. Then, the famed Freezie66 rejoined the Dark Warriors as leader alongside previous leader Donut67890. The two of them brought the Dark Warriors back into a position of influence, but it was not until Spi101 joined the army that the Dark Warriors truly began to make magic. Together, Spi and Freezie made the famous “Spreezie” duo, bringing the Dark Warriors into an era of prominence that compared fairly well with xiUnknown and SaW’s era during 2012. At times, it even surpassed this. While the Nachos were the dominant army for most of 2013, there was a clear passing of power to the Dark Warriors once the Spreezie duo formed.

This famous duo soon disbanded, however, leaving the Dark Warriors in a state of turmoil. 2014 looked to be the end of the Dark Warriors’ reign of power, but this would be far from the case. In the spring of that year, the infamous Elmikey, after being overthrown from the Rebel Penguin Federation, joined the Dark Warriors after periods within the Doritos, SWAT, and other armies. This would be the beginning of a new era for the Dark Warriors. After Elmikey joined, several other figures such as Xxtoysoldier, Vo Yo, and Silverburg joined the Dark Warriors leadership, making their era known as the “Agents” era. This era would turn out to be the most successful in their history, as throughout a large chunk of 2014 they were recognized as the most dominant army in warfare. Though largely disliked by others, the Dark Warriors successfully maintained the 1st spot for weeks, sometimes months at a time. After Elmikey was usurped from power, older Dark Warriors legends rejoined, and as this happened, the community expected them to falter. But falter they did not, as they sustained the same level of success as before, if not greater. By the end of the year, they had won both the 2014 Champions Cup and the 2014 Christmas Chaos, as well as being recognized as the largest army of 2014 and the largest risen army of 2014, making 2014 widely recognized as the best year in their history. Their success continued into the beginning of 2015, but they soon fell out of power and, eventually, were surprisingly shut down in March of 2015 by xiUnknown.

The Dark Warriors returned as a CPPS army in 2019-20, and under the guidance of Freezie managed to become a world power on CP Online, reaching sizes of 100 and above – an incredible feat for the army. The Dark Warriors continue to exist today as a major army. Though they’ve been an antagonistic figure during a large part of their existence, there is no denying that they’ve been one of the most dominant armies in this modern era of Club Penguin warfare.

4. Nachos

Five Most Influential Leaders: Puckley, Person1233, Shadow4446, Tanman, Ads354

Undoubtedly one of the most important armies in warfare history, the Nachos place just outside the Top Three purely for not having a CPPS era. Created in the early ages of armies, specifically during WWII, by Jamesbond1, the Nachos’ earliest history is widely unknown. It wasn’t until Tom Wolf founded the Nachos’ first website that they began recording their history. Known as a warmonger, the Nachos got their start by going to war with the upstart Underground Mafias Army. After a long, drawn out conflict, the two armies agreed on a treaty and became close allies, which became important later in their history. Their lack of involvement in WWIII, however, brought upon a depression due to a general lack of interest. Their lack of involvement was mainly due to them being allies with both the ACP and the UMA, the former of which would soon become their rival. After the retirement of Tom Wolf, Zippy500 took the throne of the Nachos, beginning an era that would reach higher heights than its predecessor. It didn’t take long for Zippy to make a large impact, as not long into his term, he started the conflict with ACP that would last for ages. The first war between the two was over a dispute in the terms of an alliance, which was later agreed upon. This would come into question later, as the Nachos’ questionable decision to remain uninvolved in a conflict against the Gugu Pengu Romans made Oagalthorp and the ACP angry with the Nachos. After a conflict with the Golds, the Nachos found themselves at war with ACP again, this time over Oagalthorp’s leadership. ACP and UMA began fighting again, causing the Nachos to side with the ACP. After a treaty was decided between the two, Akabob22 began an unofficial “cold war” between the ACP and Nachos, sending flame posts back and forth. This soon elevated into another war, one that ended with the Nachos claiming victory. They once again met in conflict in WWIV, as the ACP went up against the famed “Great Alliance”. Although the war appeared even at first, a rebellion inside the ACP would spark a victory for the Nachos and the Great Alliance in the end.


After a period of time, the leadership changed a couple of times, with important figures such as Shadow2446 holding office. Soon, though, one of, if not the, best leaders in Nachos history would come to power. Near the end of 2008, Person1233 became the Nachos leader, sparking an undeniable golden age. Beside him was Puckley, who would go on to gain his own fame in the future. The Nachos grew through the end of 2008, but in 2009, they reached their pinnacle in the Winter Fiesta party. On the night that the party began, the Nachos rushed on Club Penguin to buy their sombreros and ponchos, and afterwards, began recruiting. After all was said and done, they recorded an absolutely astounding number of 150+ on Club Penguin, which is still a record for the Nachos. This would spark an age of dominance for the Nachos, one that would continue for quite some time. The retirement of Person1233 brought about sudden change to the Nachos, but they were fully prepared to handle it. Under leaders like Ads354 and King Kinz 10, the Nachos were able to maintain a level of dominance throughout 2010, one that went on for years. In this era of success, they won the first ever CPAC Legends’ Cup. They were highly involved in the heated WWV, siding with the Night Warriors in a war they would go on to lose. In 2011, they went back to war with the ACP more than once, but failed to secure a true victory. Despite this, the Nachos remained a large force throughout CP armies.

Once 2012 came, the Nachos would begin one of its greatest ages under the leadership of figures such as Puckley, King Kinz 10, Chrisi Blule, and Dashing Snow. 2012 was truly when ACP began to show cracks, and this could be somewhat attributed to the dominance of the Nachos from 2012-2013. This was epitomized in the summer of 2012 when the Nachos went up against the ACP yet again. This time, however, would prove to be different. After struggling to begin the war, the Nachos overpowered the ACP, and after some time, the Nachos were met with a swift victory over the ACP. During this time, they also were involved in the famous WWVI, fighting alongside their long-term rival, the ACP, against the Black Alliance. They also won their second Legends Cup in 2012 in a spectacular showing. 2013 proved to be an even more dominant year, as the Nachos won the CPAC March Madness tournament to begin the year. As time went on, their dominance proved to be rarely matched, being overtaken only by a few armies during a large part of 2013. During the summer of 2013, the famous Nachos/RPF war began, as Puckley and the Nachos went head to head with Elmikey’s infamous RPF generation. There would be several instances of this war throughout 2013 and 2014. At the end of 2013, the Nachos’ dominance would be reaffirmed, as they won the award for the largest army of 2013, as well as Puckley winning the leader of the year award. After Puckley’s retirement, however, the Nachos would fall out of power and into a depression, which they have been in and out of since the end of 2013. Though they were not at their most powerful, the Nachos still have made strides from time to time, winning the March Madness II tournament in 2014 and coming very close in March Madness III. They’ve also done consistently well during conflicts, gaining a multitude of victories during this time. They won the final Legends Cup tournament in 2017, seven years after their first triumph, performing well to beat the Light Troops in one of their biggest victories of modern years.

3. Ice Warriors

Five Most Influential Leaders: Iceyfeet1234, Albert417, Andrew24, Kingfunks4, Ghost

ounded in June of 2007 by Iceyfeet1234 and his 2ic, Ice Burgh. They participated in some of the earlier wars against armies such as the GPR. They began to grow stronger in power, becoming one of the strongest armies of the early age. They participated in the Tundra Wars, which was basically all armies against the Watex Warriors. IW ended up hitting a huge height in December of 2007 when Ambrosha decided to merge the Dark Warriors into IW. The sizes were huge, and even though DW came back shortly after, many troops remained in IW, keeping the army powerful. Near the end of 2007 and early 2008 IW was part of “The Warriors Army”, which consisted of them and DW, FW, AW and the Romans. It ended due to feuding with IW and FW, but with January 2008 coming to a close, IW saw it’s first rebellion. Several high ranking IW troops rebelled against Icey due to him becoming inactive, and they seemed to be winning. Even though it seemed that the rebels had the upper hand, it soon ended and IW was restored to normal. Following this, IW’s next big move was in the legendary Order 67 on July 9, 2008 along with Nachos, ACP, RPF, and UMA. This led to the biggest unifcation of small and medium armies against armies considered as “world powers”. IW continued to thrive, their next large war being World War IV. IW joined in with the Nachos and just about half the army community against ACP. This led to a series of battles against ACP, including a two hour long battle for IW’s Capital of Sub Zero, in which they managed to pull off a win. The war eventually ended after several days of endless battling, with IW and all the other allies coming out victorious due to overwhelming sizes. With 2009 the Ice Warriors consistently stayed amongst the Top 3 armies and they had several wars through the year. With the year 2010 came more wars against RPF and the newly powerful GT in the summer of 2010. The war with GT ended peacefully as both armies didn’t seem to be gaining any leeway, but IW hit their max of over 80 troops that summer, it being the biggest sizes ever seen by IW to that date.

IW fell a little after their huge height in the summer, but they continued to be one of the strongest armies around. In the summer of 2011 they maxed out at over 80 troops once more, and even won the Second Annual Legends Cup. They were also constantly butting heads with the Night Warriors, the two armies were both fighting to take the number one spot on CPAC. IW saw one of their biggest changes in June of  2012, when after leading the army for about five years, Icey passed his leadership title to Albert417, thence making Albert the 2nd Leader of IW. Under Albert the army consistently had sizes of 50-60 troops through the rest of the summer through winter of that year. With 2013 IW started by winning a war against the Light Troops, beating the Pirates, and they were also part of the White Alliance. In the summer of 2013, Bearsboy10 became the 3rd IW Leader. They won the Legends Cup once again and later won the Army Warfare League Tournament against DW that year. When Bears retired a few months after becoming leader, Tes7 became IW Leader alongside Surferyboycs. Ben later retired in 2014, and Tes ran the army solo. At this time IW fell the most, and for the first time ever they fell out of CPAC’s Top 10. Then Kingfunks4 and Albcoolio became leader after Tes left. They would win the Legends Cup and another tournament, while dominating the Top Ten and army community. Once Funks retired, Gtudsd took his spot. IW went on to beat LT again at the end of 2014 and onto early 2015. IW would then go on and do something that shocked the community, they hired the “Drew Crew”, Andrew24, Spyguy202, Final Chaser, and Ghost into the army. Andrew and Spy became leaders while the rest were owner ranks. This led to the biggest war of 2015 to date against the Doritos. There was lots of controversy over this decision and the war with DCP, but since then, Spy has retired and Ghost became leader. The army died out during 2016, due to a lack of interest remaining in the army, but they returned for one final run in 2017 and performed well to be one of the most dominant forces yet again in CP Armies.

Defense of Brumby [Tuxedo] RESULTS | Ice Warriors of CP

The Ice Warriors returned into the CPPS-era in 2019-20, and hit incredible heights that they had not seen before after Andrew24 and Iceyfeet decided to reopen the army on CP Online. The army managed to hit sizes exceeding 100 on several occasion, and became a world power in CP Armies once more. The Ice Warriors narrowly lost to the RPF in the Legends Cup Semi-Final and have also dominated the server map. One of the original armies, and the first to use “Warriors” in their name, IW has planted their name in army history. Out of all the large armies, they have the shortest list of leaders – a truly remarkable showing of how much loyalty is valued within the army.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation

Five Most Influential Leaders: Commando717, Elmikey, Silverburg, Ultipenguinj, Popsiclebeak

The RPF was founded on May 8th, 2007, when Commando717, a UMA 2ic, rebelled from the army with a few other troops. Commando became the leader of the army with Elmikey as his 2ic, and one of their first acts was to aid ACP in a war against UMA. The combined forces of ACP and RPF led to the defeat of the UMA. The time following this event is still considered the Golden Age of RPF. Following Commando’s first retirement, RPF went through a string of leaders, including legends like Kg 007, but they didn’t see the heights they had previously seen and would eventually die and didn’t return until Commando came back in December of 2008. After Commando retired again, many troops went with him, but this time RPF slowly began to rise again thanks to the help of Furbur27. Soon a very hostile war with UMA began, and it didn’t help that ironically there was a rebellion occurring in the RPF. This hurt the army and resulted that through most of 2009 RPF stayed a medium army. The army didn’t start to make a real comeback until November of 2010, under the leadership of Cewan. The RPF destroyed the Tacos and several other prominent armies at the time, and things were starting to look good for them. After this they stayed steady for quite some time until late 2011 when they started to fall. Things didn’t truly begin to look good for RPF until May 2013, when Elmikey returned.

Elmikey’s return brought the Club Penguin Army Community to a halt as jaws dropped and all eyes turned to RPF. The army that had been trying to make a comeback for over half a decade was now hitting more than 80 troops on CP – an incredible feet at the time. They went on to win several CPAC tournaments such as the Legends Cup, and the Christmas Chaos as seen below, and went on to win several major wars against armies such as the Dark Warriors, the Ice Warriors, Nachos, and more. This insane rise was believed to be because of the “autotyping revolution” that Elmikey began, which brought in countless of new troops to the community. This began to end when Elmikey was exiled from RPF, due to some believing he had become too extreme. This, though, led to a fall in RPF. Elmikey didn’t return to RPF until March of 2015, and RPF has worked their way from medium army size to dominate the army community through 2015-2017 by becoming the first army to win back-to-back Legends Cups, while Elmikey gained the title of CP Army Legend due to his work in RPF.

When CP closed in March, RPF made the move to Club Penguin Rewritten. Silverburg took the helm and RPF rose throughout the Spring to sizes of 70. He retired in May, promoting Popsicle to lead alongside Chip, Elmikey, and Junie. RPF moved to Discord in June, which vastly improved chat functionality and troop retention. Twitchy also rejoined for leader around this time. As the Summer wore on, Junie stepped down and Twitchy had to retire. Despite Elmikey’s inactivity, RPF did not miss a beat and went on to max well over 100+ in August at Operation: Jet Pack. Chip retired in September and Left was promoted to lead alongside Popsicle. RPF’s dominance continued through the Fall, hitting consistent numbers of 70-100+ every week. However, the leaders had grown tired of Elmikey’s inactivity and inappropriate behavior. Popsicle, Left, Chip and Tom formulated a plan to remove Elmikey from power. After they got the go-ahead from Commando, they asked Elmikey to step down peacefully. Elmikey did not agree and attempted to remove all four from power. He was unsuccessful, and Elmikey was banned on December 7th, paving the road for a new era of RPF. RPF was plagued with attacks hitting the site offline and enacted Operation Olympia to gain intel on the attackers and to ensure RPF stayed the dominant army in CP warfare. The operation was a massive success, as the site was restored and RPF’s main challenger and culprit behind the attacks, RPM, was swiftly destroyed and forced to shut down. Despite the site issues, RPF continued to thrive. Maxing 90+ in January, RPF cruised until CPR shut down. RPF eventually moved to a new platform, CPU. Despite the lack of popularity of the CPPS, and thus a lack of recruits, RPF rallied and defied the odds again, maxing 100+ to continue this golden age.

The RPF have been the top dog, untouchable, through the CPPS era (2017-2020), seeing the dominance akin to that the ACP had from 2008-2011. The RPF would switch between CPO and the returning CPR, until they settled on using CPR as their permanent platform. In June, 2019, RPF returned to the army scene by joining Club Penguin Armies, a league comprised of multiple different armies spanning many different Club Penguin Private Servers. RPF would go on to reacquire their historic capital of Tuxedo for the first time since the closure of Club Penguin in 2017. This era would also go on to see RPF routinely place first on the Top Ten Armies and win multiple tournaments such as the Summer Circuit against EGCP.  RPF territory would also expand thanks to the Strike Force, which operated on CPPSes besides Rewritten.  Army sizes overall would grow drastically, crossing 100+ towards the end of the Generation, largely thanks to the leadership of CP Army Legend Ultipenguinj. Through 2020, the RPF would continue to be the number one army, winning the Legends Cup X with ease against Help Force in the final.

An army true to their name, they have been proving that they will never back down since day one. They will “Fight The Good Fight” until the day they die, and then they’ll just come back and try even harder. Even though their lows put them as a medium army before 2012, their peak was beyond incredible.

1. Army of Club Penguin

Five Most Influential Leaders: Oagalthorp, Boomer 20, Shaboomboom, Mchappy, Flipmoo

Battle Thingy | ACP: The Official Army of Club Penguin | Club ...

The Army of Club Penguin was the first organized Club Penguin army ever created, have had eras of complete dominance and have been an almost ever-present in CP Armies, making them the most influential army of all time. When Oagalthorp started the ACP on September 29, 2006, the standard structure for all Club Penguin armies was established. The army was first based on the Miniclip forums with the mission of defending Club Penguin from their capital server, Mammoth. Since their birth, ACP has found itself at the center of nearly ever major conflict in Club Penguin armies, starting with a war against Explorer7777’s Romans. With the aid of the Vikings and the Nachos, they were able to declare victory, and the army began growing at an exponential rate. In December 2006, Oagalthorp discovered the Underground Mafias Army, learning that they were hacking the game and attacking ACP. Thus began WWIII, the conflict where ACP truly rose to become a world power. The fighting started in January 2007, and ACP employed a guerrilla style of fighting. Despite their best efforts, UMA was able to capture Mammoth in April 2007. The tables turned when ACP formed an alliance with the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Club Penguin Air Force, and eventually Pink Mafias backed down. Peace was disturbed once again at the end of 2007. The largest armies at the time had agreed to splitting into their own nations of servers. Prior to this, almost all warfare was exclusively on Mammoth. ACP ran into trouble with the Golds, and decided they needed to liberate the Australian Club Penguin servers from the yellow army. After just one battle, they forced the Golds to surrender and agree to their terms.

Zippy500 wanted to expand the Nacho Empire, feeling that they had gotten the short end of the stick when the nations were divided among the top armies. He led the Nachos in several invasions of UMA territory, and ACP quickly responded. A new rivalry formed between ACP and the Nachos, which lasted several years and ended up becoming the most famous rivalry in Club Penguin army history. On April 1, 2008, Oagalthorp announced his official retirement from his army, passing the reigns to Fort57. During his leadership, Order 67 was established, and ACP was at the forefront of the movement to eliminate smaller armies. There were some breaks in their competition with the Nachos, but things came to a head in the breakout of WWIV, fought between ACP and the Great Alliance. Just a few months after Mammoth had been neutralized, ACP attempted to reclaim the server, and a massive coalition including the Nachos, UMA, RPF, Ice Warriors, and Watex Warriors, formed to stop them. Although they fought fiercely, ACP was unable to overcome the incredibly stacked odds against them. In 2011, the Night Warriors and Nachos began attacking the Doritos, ACP’s close ally, provoking another war. The conflict grew to a World War when ACP began helping the Doritos defend their servers. NW and their allies then turned their attention to ACP’s nation. Losing several servers at the start of WWV, ACP pulled through with a comeback victory against NW on Fog, reaching over 100 troops online. With the Dark Warriors switching to their side, they were able to march through the NW Empire and force NW’s surrender.

A Message to the CP Army Community, Why Armies today Suck | Club ...

Throughout the years, ACP has experienced many dips in performance, but have often been dominant in CPAC’s Top Ten, particularly under the leadership of Kenneth1000 and Flipper7706. The army has produced some of Club Penguin armies’ finest legends, including Boomer 20, who led ACP to reach the largest size ever recorded in Club Penguin army history: During his retirement event , he rallied 175 troops. Under his leadership, ACP also had over 500 active troops according to their active count in May 2009. For many years, their Xat chat has been a hub for all members of the community to congregate. Towards the end of original CP Armies, the army has struggled for performances and has found themselves losing influence on CP Armies and have generally not performed to a high standard, with the army being outside the Top Ten for the final weeks of Club Penguin. Throughout most of their history, however, the Army of Club Penguin has been an influential and powerful entity.

The ACP returned to the CPPS community, with a particular high point being when Koloway managed to overturn RPF dominance and return the ACP as a world power. More recently, the ACP have been led by solo-leader CSY and have consistently been a top five army. Many would consider ACP to be the gold standard; the pinnacle of Club Penguin armies, which is why they placed first on the Greatest of all time list.

That brings to the end the Top Fifty Armies of All Time, as ten incredible armies make the final list, with the Army of Club Penguin the top of the bunch. This was closely followed by the Rebel Penguin Federation and Ice Warriors. What do YOU think about the final ten armies? Did you think the Army of CP should be first, or should another army have taken that spot? Comment YOUR opinion on the complete Top Fifty Armies of All Time.


CPAH Advisor & Army Legend

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  1. oagal is daddy


  2. This list is honestly terrible


  3. swat should be 1. ik cant but xD


  4. Water Vikings and Nachos being on there is the only good thing about the top 10-1 armies.


  5. Aliens is like a tiny bit


  6. Where is Aliens? That was a big and active army too.


  7. Read the post


  8. Water Vikings shouldnt have even been on the top 20

    RPF should be number 1, they had much more impact in the later years and without them we probably wouldnt even be cpps armies now, ACP isnt relevant for years they just live of their old glory, they could have been called number 1 of all time until 2017 but now I believe it is totally different


  9. Good post


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