What Would You Do: Defacements

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Often, one may find themselves asking what they would do in any given CP Army situation. In this instalment of What Would You Do, leaders of various armies are asked what they would do if their Discord server was defaced.

Discord defacements are not a new thing in the community. One’s who have been in the community longer have witnessed many Discord servers defaced, raided, deleted, etc. Some of the time a lot of the same armies have been defaced numerous times. Having one’s server defaced is most certainly not pleasurable as numerous members may never rejoin as well as many may lose trust in the staff of the server. On the other hand, many army leaders have prepared and came up with a plan on how to handle the situation.

Leaders were asked the following:

If your Discord server was defaced, what would you do?

Tsanami, Crimson Guardians’ Leader

Well, first I would look through the server myself to see what damage was done, and then I would check the audit log for further investigation. I’d make a note of who all was involved in it and what they did, then I’d take action as appropriate after that, likely by by banning anyone who contributed to the damage. Afterwards I would work with higher staff to get the basic things set up again asap to prevent further issues.

Regan, Ice Warriors’ Leader

We’ll we’d have to find the culprits first then establish a game plan on how we could get our troops out ex. Through our website, including a link to either a new server or the same one once its safe to return to

Dingy, Lava Troops’ Leader

I would ban the ‘defacer’ and then unban ppl who were banned, unmute ppl who were muted, etc. I would also be on the lookout jic the ‘defacer’ comes BACK. I would maybe (and probably) host a giveaway or some special event to say that we’re sorry and welcome back!

Simmonds, Elites’ Leader

I would do my best to make sure there was an in-depth investigation to the matter. With the ultimate goal of finding out what had happened and how it happened. However, the safety of my troops would be my primary focus. I’d ensure that they were correctly guided throughout the whole process. After which, I’d work on recovering the server.

Crazzy, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Leader

Damn, if we got defaced first off I’d definitely reach out to my higher ups in the Rebel Federation community, outside of Discord, to see what we can do moving forward. Our community as a whole is pretty close knit. Yeah it’d take a hit on our overall size of our Discord and that would suck, but I at least have faith in our overseeing community hub to help restore RPF.

Coolguy, Coup Crusaders’ Leader

This has happened to me before so you picked the right person. While I didn’t own the server, I still put a lot of work into it. What I did/would do is try to rebuild. When Coup Crusaders was defaced, everyone was banned and the most channels were deleted. However, this gave us the opportunity to fix the server up a bit. No server is perfect so if you’re going to rebuild a server that’s been defaced, you want to show that you can rebuild it and make it better than it has ever been. Remaking some of the old channels is crucial, especially for important information because it tells the members what we do, what they can/can’t do etc. Also think about that faults of the old system, roles, channels and categories. Once evaluated, try to fix and replace some of the things that caused problems. The most important part is getting that group of people who you trust and who can/will help you. 1 thing I would also do is find out who defaced it and ask them why. This may sound a bit stupid but you will never understand if you don’t know their reason for doing so. If it was due to an internal reason, you can keep it in mind and try to fix it in the future. Also, unban and re-invite those banned. Life will throw you many obstacles, you have to overcome all of these and stay strong.


Obviously many of these responses have shown that while no one would want this to occur, many prepared for this “What if?” scenario by coming up with a plan on how to tackle this issue if it were to ever arise!

This begs the final question…
If your Discord server got defaced, what would YOU do?


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


3 Responses

  1. Thank you for telling us, this is very important to know


  2. When Coup Crusaders were defaced. Coolguy and I were confused. Why? Who? It ended up being our friend Storm. We were hard on Storm but really looking back, it was a good move. As Coolguy said it was an opportunity for us to make the server better. And also allowed us have independence, at the time Myth (outsider) was controlling Coup Crusaders. Storm gave us independence. Storm is now back in leadership and we have moved on. At the end of the day, without that defacement I think Coup Crusaders would have been shut down by now. When the server was defaced everyone gave up on it. Without Coolguy, Coup Crusaders wouldn’t be where it is today, maxing 40 in an invasion. Thank you Storm and Coolguy 🙂


  3. Wow, whoever wrote this did a great job!


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