How They Began: 122344a and Army Republic

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Welcome to How They Began! A weekly segment here at the Army Hub that puts one army under the microscope, looking at their foundations and interviewing their creator. This week’s edition will take a look at the Army Republic and their creator, 122344a.

Many armies were created in 2007, the Army Republic was one of these, created August 18th during 2007. The Army Republic is known and remembered for its success under the leadership of many legends, such as; Burritodaily and 122344a. Unlike many Club Penguin armies, after the original shut down in 2017, they did not return as private server army. Despite many calls to reopen, 122344a has previously denied any possibility of the Army Republic coming back. Despite this, their history will live on.

The Beginning

122344a had a close relationship with Mr.Geggie. Mr.Geggie told 122344a about his dream of creating a CP army called the ‘Army of the Republic’. Little did he know that his dream was about to be made into reality by 122344a. Together, they created AR. AR, despite being known as a successful army, started roughly, they were involved in many wars after its creation. They also almost immediately found a rival in the Sun Clan. 122344a declared war on the army, despite the size differences. The Sun Clan peaked at 8 troops and AR averaged 6. While the Sun Clan was the favourite to win because of their sizes, they started to rapidly decline. They went from averaging 8 troops to 4. Soon after on September 20th, just over a month after the creation of AR, Sun Clan yielded.

This wasn’t the only war AR had to deal with in 2007 as the arrival of the Snow Troops soon came. A month later, after the war with the Sun Clan, another army walked on their turf and declared war on AR. The Snow Troops won many battles over a 5 day period, leaving AR weak. It wasn’t long after that Mr Geggie abandoned AR, leaving 122344a to lead alone.

Up until November 2007, AR was at war with Snow Troops. Their popularity was growing due to 122344a and his efforts within the community. They were able to find a new leader in Bluejays1236. Together, they led AR to victory, ending the war with Snow Troops.

The Dark Ages

The first year was filled will struggles and war. The leader who got them through this, 122344a, retired after the 2nd war, leaving Bluejays and Mooha15 to lead. However, this also ended in failure as Bluejays retired shortly after, after an internal conflict with Mooha. Under Mooha’s leadership, AR fell, leading 122344a to come back, overthrow Mooha and create a “1 leader rule”.

Despite 122344a coming back to lead AR alone, they again got involved in many wars against armies such as; Nachos, Rebel Penguin Federation, Ghosts and more. This led to the decline of AR, leaving many to think it was dead. They were declared as dead in November 2009.

While AR was dead, some troops were still active in AR, leading to the resurrection of AR in 2010. During AR’s time as an official army, 122344a retired and came back many times, this left AR at a loss many times. This era of AR led to the induction of many renown leaders, such as Buritodaily (Burr) and BartSimp52. However, even they could not save AR from certain doom, despite the success of Burr’s leadership. In January 2011, AR was once again declared dead. Despite it being declared dead, it was brought back in March, only to be turned into “CPA” by Vinny and Burr.

The 122344a Doctrine

The doctrine created by 122344a to maintain a solid structure in AR, as well as making sure the rules are simple. The doctrine went as follows;

The 122344a Doctrine

In 2012, the doctrine was put into place. Under the leadership of Burr, Vinny and 122344a they continued to lead AR. However, yet again, they started to fall once again as they attempted to join the Black Alliance. However, this was a failed attempt for AR as they lost many troops due to dual enlistment.

In June 2012, a war broke out between Special Weapons And Tactics and AR. This war lasted approximately 3 weeks with each army claiming that they won every battle. However, SWAT surrendered to AR. Despite this, AR was constantly at war with many armies.

The Finishing Blow?

During the start of 2013, former leaders Capncook and LBK, along with Austin, rebelled against AR, forming the Club Penguin Empire. Capncook held a grudge against Vinny and other AR leaders for going against a decision of his. Austin was banned by Burr as he was furious about the rebellion.  This led to many internal arguments between them. The Empire died yet AR was in and out of many wars.

Their war against the Dark Warriors and Pirates took them to a new low as they had to back out of it due to their UK division being weak. Light Troops, once again, after many years of disputes and wars, yet again declared war. At the time, AR was weak so couldn’t defend themselves against Light Troops who consistently maxed 35+. They took all of AR’s servers except Toboggan which was their capital. This left the Republic weak and distraught.

Light Troops successfully invading the Army Republic

The Golden Age

During its time, AR was involved in many wars, a lot of these wars were with Light Troops as they would constantly declare war on each other. However, when Light Troops declared war on AR, took all their servers apart from Toboggan while they were weak, AR snapped. This was the last straw for AR and its leaders. AR decided to go on the offensive, attacking armies, declaring war on many and taking back what was rightfully theirs. On April 14th 2013, AR declared war on Light Troops once again with the intent to kill.

AR would max sizes of 26+ in the war against Light Troops, taking every server they owned away from them. AR leaders publicly ridiculed Light Troops’ leaders calling them incompetent of leading an army. Despite the continuing disputes between the 2 armies, AR claimed they won the war, despite Light Troops still trying to schedule invasions. Light Troops died soon after which AR takes full responsibility for.

AR’s war with LT escalates as AR successfully invade their servers

Army Republic vs. SWAT

This wasn’t the end of the war game though as SWAT declared war on AR on May 15th 2013. AR would consistently get sizes of 25+ which was a slight decrease from the previous war but this didn’t stop them as they gained a numerous amount of servers from SWAT including Great White and Glacial. AR used all of their divisions to strategically counter-attack SWAT, successfully invading and defending many servers. 7 days later, the war with SWAT came to a close as both armies agreed to end the war, keeping the servers they obtained. However, SWAT’s invasion of Toboggan, AR’s capital, still went ahead and AR was able to successfully defend it.

No army “won” the war between AR and SWAT, however, it turned out to be a massive success for AR as they were able to gain and defend many servers from SWAT, following their war with Light Troops and their past dark ages.

AR successfully invading/defending against SWAT

The Summer Wars

In June, after their successful war against SWAT and some internal problems, AR declared war on the Dark Warriors once again. However, as soon as the war was declared, AR’s chat is defaced and reset. Burr accused Dark Warriors of doing this as they were the only suspect, they denied all claims of this. AR went ahead in attacking, maxing up to 41+ in this war. They claim 3 servers from Dark Warriors as AR was the only army that showed up. Soon after they claimed the third server, AR and DW agreed to end the war without declaring an official winner.

The golden age for AR was only just beginning as they were reaching new heights as an army and they had a boost in morale after unofficially winning many wars. AR then declared war on the Army of Club Penguin, this war was from July to August. AR and ACP leader, Capncook had many disputes during this war declaring victory in many invasions, despite AR being bigger than them with maxes of 34+. Despite AR claiming many servers from ACP, ACP surrendered in August and AR agreed to return all servers that were owned before the war started back to their original owners, keeping Southern Lights as the only they gained from the war.

Army of Club Penguin surrendering the war

The Continuous Wars With RPF And The Army Republic Legacy

With yet another war victory, AR continued to strive, taking on the Rebel Penguin Federation and winning (read more about the declaration here). The two armies held many wars during summer/winter 2013, AR won most of these wars, taking their whole nation. However, in December, yet another war broke out between the two, lasting until January 2014, where AR decided to end the war.

The many wars between the Rebel Penguin Federation and AR were caused because of the many accusations made. Elmikey accused the Republic leaders of many things during his time as leader, including bullying others. Not only this but he accused them of trying to dox/DDoS other leaders of his army. This escalated the drama between the two armies, leading them into multiple wars.

Despite AR’s long dark age and continuous involvements in war, their leaders never gave up and they gained many legendary leaders during their time as an army such as Lord Pain, VinDaily, Burritodaily, 122344a, Vinny, Lord Jay, Rishron, BartSimp52, Fluffy Sheep and many more.

Ultimately, the Army Republic closed its doors for the final time on the 29th March 2017.

CP Army Hub Advisor Kingfunks4 contacted Army Republic creator and legend 122344a to ask him some questions about his army, and its creation.

How did the Army Republic come to be created?

Essentially, a friend of mine had the idea to start our own CP Army since it was back when armies were starting to become more relevant, prominent, and popular. However, he didn’t really have the motivation or time to follow through with his plan. However, I thought it was a good idea so I decided to put his plan into action and I created it with him.

How successful did you think the Army Republic would be?

For the first couple of years not at all. I remember being discouraged at the fact that people didn’t even know the name AR and I remember as time went on if I got even one person to remember the name AR on Tundra or Mammoth it was a huge victory for me. It wasn’t until 2009 that I even attempted to make a website, but then in 2010, I started having higher hopes for AR due to its official website beginning with some help from friends who were in the army.

What was the most successful generation/year for the Army Republic and why?

I’d say honestly 2013 was the best year for the army. The years preceding it had been decent but I feel like they were buildup for 2013. That was the year AR was reaching tremendous sizes of 50 or 60 (which was big in armies back then, I know now that’s like nothing). It went very far in the Legends Cup, I think even getting to the Finals I don’t remember. It also was the year AR beat RPF and ACP in war during the summer and got 1st in the CPAC top 10 a couple of times. Finally, it was the year AR asserted itself as a new world power I believe.

The Army Republic has been involved in numerous wars, such as the Black Alliance/White Alliance war, what one was the most memorable for you and why?

For me personally, I’d say AR’s 2013 war against RPF. For years before 2012 and 2013, RPF hadn’t been very relevant for a couple of years, and that was around the time they were starting to come back and become a world power again. However, Elmikey’s strong will was greeted with Burr and Vin’s determination. I don’t remember how long the war lasted, but I remember we would constantly invade each other back and forth, with Elm launching a series of invasions (I think it was 35 or so invasions in a single day. Starting at 6 am and ending at 6 pm).

Luckily we managed to defend about 33 or so of our servers and RPF kind of pulled the plug on that operation after the first 10 invasions or so. But that was probably the most memorable due to the amount of time and effort that was required from both parties

You mentioned Burrito and Vinny, what impact did they have on the Army Republic, was their impact under or overstated and what were they like to work with?

I think their impact is fairly under-appreciated nowadays in the army community, with not many still remembering them. A decent amount of people still remember me for being the AR creator, but the truth is I wasn’t as good of a leader as those two. Burrito had a natural gift for incessantly recruiting and being able to convince just about whoever he wanted to join AR, and Vin was essentially a natural leader and good at confrontations and making arrangements with other armies. They were dedicated to the army more than anyone I knew and I don’t think it would have been the same without them. And they were both easy to work with, we were essentially all friends so we had some arguments here and there but things ran smoothly between us.

The Army Republic went through many cycles of being dominant and then, at times, closing again. Why was that?

Mostly because I tried to leave I think. I was involved in armies for practically a decade and as time went on I started to lose interest and wanted AR to be able to manage itself. Usually, when I’d see AR was doing well, I’d retire and walk away. Only to come back several months later and see it was falling apart and/or closed. Then I’d come back and pick up the pieces and the cycle would continue. Many creators are allowed to simply make their army and leave, but I had to stay involved in it from the beginning to the end so it didn’t just become a memory

As the creator of the Army Republic, were there any individuals that you inspired to be like as a leader?

To be honest not really, for much of my early involvement in AR and armies as a whole, army websites and chats were just taking off but I was a bit late to the party. So for several years, AR was essentially a rogue army on various battle servers. As a result of this, I was unfamiliar with who was the leader of what at the time, except for some ACP leaders who I had seen back then. And by the time AR finally got a website and a xat chat. I oriented myself around simply helping AR reach its full potential and I didn’t want to copy what anyone else did. However, there were a lot of people who helped me along the way adapt to the new way armies were operating such as Blueswill

Why has the Army Republic not been recreated as a CPPS Army?

Mostly because a vast majority of AR people and those on our Discord Server are older now and we have moved past from it. I appreciated armies for what they were, but the truth is by 2017 I was almost anticipating CP to close so I would have a reason to stop being involved in armies. For many years prior to this, I had been wanting to leave, and in 2017 I got my wish. Now I’m in my final year of University studying Mathematics & Computer Science, working part-time, and starting an internship soon as well. And armies just aren’t something I’d have time for anymore.


AR is an army that has gone down in CPA history for what they have done in the community. However, there have been many struggles for AR as they have been consistently in and out of wars with many armies. 122344a seems to be an inspiration for many, however, does not discredit his fellow leads who have put in a lot of hard work. While AR is a much-loved army, it is unlikely that we will see it return to CPA in the future.

Stay tuned for next week as we will be looking into the history of SWAT and talking to its creator Ganger90.

What do YOU think? Have the Army Republic gone down in army history? Do you think that they will return in the future? Let us know in the comment section below.


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